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(--ExOverhaul: Armies--)
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Oct 8 @ 10:07am
Nov 6 @ 10:16am
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(--ExOverhaul: Armies--)

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This mod overhauls vanilla armies and attachments.

What does this mod do?
  • It completely overhauls all the vanilla armies and attachments, changing their stats and prices.
  • It adds new units: an advanced and superior assault/defense army units for the mid and late game. An extra machine unit. A synth commando unit that is up to par with psi-/gene-warrior armies, and an advanced slave army.
  • It overhauls the army related technologies.
  • It fixes multiple issues with the vanilla army files (e.g. egalitarians being able to build slave armies on a world with slave processing facility).

Important Info
The ExOverhaul series of mods is a collaborative community oriented modding project, aimed at offering high level mods that enhance and improve the vanilla game experience, AI performance and design paradigm.

If you'd like to report a bug, request support or participate in the modding process, please use our discord server[].

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Oct 8 @ 10:57am
PINNED: Changelog
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Rough, iirc that is vanilla behaviour.
Rough Nov 7 @ 5:10pm 
Is this the mod that made planetary assault when ignoring fortifications so painful? Invaders getting 98% of their damage ignored =.
ExNihil  [author] Oct 13 @ 11:52pm 
Look at my tweaks mod. Its impossible to limit the number of assaulting armies,but I changed the restriction on defending armies.
DeadEyeTucker Oct 13 @ 2:51pm 
Is it at all possible to mod in a limit to assaulting armies? I feel that with the x2 damage when fortifications are down and no cap on invading armies, ground defense is always going to be a crap shoot.
ExNihil  [author] Oct 9 @ 9:36am 
You're welcome. I agree attachments is a very badly designed part of the game. I made them both a lot cheaper and much stronger, so it might be worthwhile to bother.
Skyspace Oct 9 @ 9:25am 
I read better changelog: no units missing :)
Thanks for listening and for your hard work!
I hate only useless features in games like attachment. In fact i use them only at the beginning with few units.
ExNihil  [author] Oct 9 @ 7:35am 
@Tibbnak, I might do this. Basically Im making one giant mod, but in pieces, to allow players maximum flexibility.
ExNihil  [author] Oct 9 @ 7:32am 
@Skysoace, I'm afraid I can't change the GUI. You could perhaps do this with a script tied to an edict but its too much work. Regarding other units- whats really missing?
Skyspace Oct 9 @ 6:50am 
Hi! Can i hope in a botton where i order to pc that all new units have a particular attachment? So we can skip 1-click per unit for attachments. Or can i suggest a "novus orbis" way (no attachments but more units)?
Tibbnak Oct 9 @ 12:09am 
I hope some day you make an all-in-one merged version of all your mods.