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MaxRavenclaw's Ascension Perk Compatibility
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Oct 8 @ 2:21am
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MaxRavenclaw's Ascension Perk Compatibility

Most of the other mods that do things similar to this haven't been updated, so I decided to take things in my own hands.

This mod makes it so that the Biological Ascension Path is compatible with everything else. I don't see why you couldn't genetically modify cyborgs or psychics. The Synthetic and Psionic Paths are still excluding each other, though, to prevent complications.

No longer overwrites the ascension perk file. Now it just overwrites Mind over Matter, The Flesh is Weak, and Engineered Evolution.
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Целовашка Nov 14 @ 6:15pm 
mod dosnt work , i take psionic path and cant take biological after
MaxRavenclaw  [author] Oct 24 @ 1:00pm 
I meant that I didn't test the mod for gestalt consciousnesses. Feel free to tweak it as you see fit, but I'm afraid I'm a bit short on time to update this unless urgent.
Cray935 Oct 24 @ 11:33am 
It's easy, you just need to replace

has_authority = auth_machine_intelligence


has_government = gov_machine_empire
has_government = gov_machine_research
has_government = gov_machine_industrial

for both biological ascension perks ... :)
MaxRavenclaw  [author] Oct 24 @ 11:03am 
I don't know, I didn't play them, but in theory they should be able to unlock it, I think.
Cray935 Oct 24 @ 10:22am 
Is there a chance to open the biological ascension for driven assimilators ? because they can research gene modding...
MaxRavenclaw  [author] Oct 24 @ 7:48am 
The entire biologic path is compartible with the other two. Yes, you can have Biologic 2 and Psionic 2.
Lord Monarchus Oct 24 @ 7:37am 
How does this affect the Tier 2 Ascension Perks? For example can you be a tier 2 biological while still having a tier 1 psionic? And I guess you cant use 2 tier 2 Ascensions?
Cray935 Oct 16 @ 12:39pm 
Good to know, hopefully they fix this before 1.9 ^^
MaxRavenclaw  [author] Oct 16 @ 12:24pm 
It's actually simpler now. I'm not sure if before 1.8 this was possible, as I hadn't checked, but now you can overwrite without duplicating. Sadly, they didn't fix the duplification for traits.
Cray935 Oct 16 @ 12:14pm 
"No longer overwrites the ascension perk file" - Good job so you did it way better than me.. subscribed ^^