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Cato's WOTC Gameplay V3
An overhaul collection of gameplay mods for War of the Chosen, adding weapons, classes, cosmetics and quality of life fixes.

I have spent 500 hrs with WOTC finding the right blend of mods which provide stability, difficulty and synergy. The result is a challenging, unique experience - you will be severely punished for mistakes, yet rewarded for clever gameplay.

- New weapons, ammo and equipment to research
- LW Beam & Coil gun vanilla tier replacers
- 8 unique classes, adding much deeper choices at mission loadout
- Hero class rebalance to scale in the late-game correctly
- Dozens of new terrifying new enemies, with a new AI suite.
- New, stable map parcels and plots
- WOTC cosmetic items
- Immersion mods; ranks, nicknames, soldier backstories.
- Photobooth functionality greatly expanded
- Major UI upgrades and 'F1' targetting
- Bug fixes & Quality of Life items.

** REQUIRES: War of the Chosen, Alien Hunters, Shens Last Gift and Reinforcement DLC **

This collection is intended for Legendary difficulty.

This means a really tough start to get the resistance moving, but survive your first month and then the experience balances out to be satisfyingly difficult. Operatives will die, but you will pull off some amazing victories along the way. Heroism, drama, fate, death... that's XCOM baby.


For best results always clean install XCOM 2 and delete your XCOM .ini files in My Documents before subscribing to the list. I only endorse the mods on this page, if you use other mods there may be conflicts.

Collection last updated: May 21st 2018

This collection replaces Resistance Warfare V5, which is pre-WOTC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673321467
Items (79)
(WOTC) UI Mod for Defense/Mobility/Psi
Created by PZ
Mods the UI to show some useful (at least to me) information.

- If you have equipment or an ability that boosts or penalizes your (normally hidden) Defense stat, it will appear. This also shows the Defense stat for SPARKs.
- If you're using a katana or...
A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen
Created by DerBK
-- A Better ADVENT --
-- Enemy Overhaul for War of the Chosen --
-- by DerBK --


A Better ADVENT is an ambitious enemy and AI overhaul for XCOM2: War of the Chosen, introducing new enemies with their own abilities, behavior and ...
A Better Campaign
Created by DerBK
-- A Better Campaign --
-- Plugin for A Better ADVENT --
-- Mod by DerBK --

A Better Campaign is an optional plugin for the "A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen" mod.
The plugin adds changes to the mission and pod composition that go further than wha...
Add Part Names
Created by robojumper
Base mod to allow other mods to add localization to Torsos, Arms and Legs.


There is a quirk in the base game that doesn't allow Torsos, Arms and Legs as Body Parts to have their own display names like Helmets do, for...
Alien Hunters DLC Icon, Name Support and Empty Arms and Legs [WOTC]
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
13/09/2017: Well that was pointless, I'd rather not break compatibility with firaxis's (and other mods) implementations, instead of adding CharacterTemplate="Soldier" to the firaxis made stuff, all Alien hunter armour mods should remove CharacterTemplate="...
Anarchys Children Extra Options
Created by Jsleezy
Adds some of the "hats" for Anarchy's Children DLC as upperface and lower face props to be used with other hats, hoods and helmets.

Also adds the DLC's torsos as separate torsos that can be used with the default arms. These do not have the DLC icon next...
Birthdates [WOTC]
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Increases the range of birthdates soldiers can get, and sets reasonable age ranges for specific backstories or soldier classes. Skirmishers are no longer born well before the invasion.

The default age range is changed from 25-35 to 18-50. Backstory-spec...
Bullpups Use Rifle Range Table
Created by Charmed
This changes Bullpups to use the Medium range table (Rifles) rather than Short (Shotguns/pistols).

Do not use with ADVENT Avenger's New Weapon Range Tables!
Calmer Colors - Armor (WotC compatible)
Created by Beaker
After using a mod that randomized the look of rookies, I noticed that too many of them reminded me of deranged cartoon characters. In an effort to tone things down a bit, I made changes to the color palettes related to hair, eyes, and armor for my own game...
Calmer Colors - Eyes (WotC compatible)
Created by Beaker
After using a mod that randomized the look of rookies, I noticed that too many of them reminded me of deranged cartoon characters. In an effort to tone things down a bit, I made changes to the color palettes related to hair, eyes, and armor for my own game...
Capnbubs Accessories - WotC
Created by Capnbubs
Non-WotC version available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618977388

Adds several new customisation options. See the images above.

It is my ambition to make this pack of comparable quality to an official DLC, hope you all...
Chosen Dark Events Fix
Created by RealityMachina
Dark Events related to the Chosen will no longer fire if you killed them all. The Loyalty Among Thieves events already do this, this is just me finishing it up.

Due to how Dark Events work, this will most likely require a new campaign to take effect....
Chosen Dialogue Tweaks
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Adjusts the triggers for some Chosen tactical dialogue to make it less rare, and allows them to recongize modded psi soldiers as Psi Operatives.

- Psi Operative lines are no longer hard-coded to check for soldiers with the vanilla class. It c...
Coilguns for War of the Chosen
Created by KnaveOfSpades
Coil Guns in War of the Chosen

What is it?
This mod ports the coil guns from Long War 2 by Pavonis Interactive into War of the Chosen.

How good are the guns?
You decide! The guns' stats are fully customizable ...
Created by MrShadowCX
want to say THANK YOU to Grimy for this mod!! Not sure if hes even modding anymore for Xcom 2 but I have not seen any of his major mods being updated. I loved this mod as did many others. Very simple mod but GREAT mod. I changed the name of his Stiletto R...
Created by Destroyer1101
Finally finished consolidating all my hairs into a single pack, please take plenty of pictures I want to see all your awesome girls kicking alien butt.

If you like the Hair styles that I made here be sure to give me a
Thumbs UP!
DLC Breakthroughs Support
Created by RealityMachina
Lets SPARK rifles have the upgrades of cannon-based breakthroughs, and has Alien Ruler Armours be affected by the relevant light/heavy armor breakthroughs.

If you don't have both DLCs, the mod will work fine with just one of them....
Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix
Created by RealityMachina
the Defense Matrix is supposed to lower the chances of the Chosen action Sabotage from successfully working.

So of course the vanilla code never calls upon XComHQ.SabotageChanceModifier.

This fixes that, letting the Defence Matrix properly lower th...
Disable Random Posters
Created by michiakig
This mod allows you to selectively enable and disable the random posters that are auto-generated by the game.

WARNING: This mod conflicts with the "Psi Overhaul" mod in such a way to cause the game to crash. See discussion below.

Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
13/Sept/2017: Fixed Alien Hunter's empty WOTC slot implementaion x2

12/Sept/2017: I've made this to fix some issues with alien hunters armour and added the empty legs shoulder...
Expanded Mission Names (WotC)
Created by I_Burner
Ever feel like there just isn't enough variety in the mission names churned out during your campaign? I sure did after being offered "Operation Spider Killer" in three consecutive campaigns. So I decided to do something about that. 

This mod adds over ...
Free the Hood - WotC
Created by Lex
Well, it's done. Free the Hood - WotC Edition
For the vanilla version look here: Free The Hood

What it does:
Adds more customization options using vanilla assets

This Ve
Gravely Wounded Scars
Created by RealityMachina
Soldiers get scars when they're supposed to.

Specifically, Firaxis changed it so when a unit gets gravely injured, they get a chance of getting a scar, as a replacement for Shaken being turned into a status for the Will system.

They did not, however,...
Immersive Names WotC
Created by james.h.tanner

IMMERSIVE NAMES replaces character names in XCOM2 with namelists that are considerably more robust, accurate, and proportionate than the ones that ship with the game. This mod expands every default characte...
Insider Knowledge Fix
Created by -bg-
Fix a bug with Stocks and Laser Sights not benefitting from Insider Knowledge, despite all descriptions claiming so.

Adds another ability to all stocks, including any custom weapon upgrades that have bonus damage using 'Miss' tag, and the ...
Long War Laser Pack - WotC (unofficial)
Created by NStriker
By Pavonis Interactiver; rekajiggered for WotC by NStriker.

If Pavonis ever updates the official mod, use that instead.


To play:
Check the LW_LaserPack mod in the launcher.

This mod adds a pulsed las...
Long War SMG Pack - WotC (unofficial)
Created by NStriker
By Pavonis Interactive, rekajiggered for WotC by NStriker.

*Updated to use WotC values for schematics. The original mod used the same cost for SMGs as assault rifles, so I've maintained that.
If and when Pavonis update themselves you're better off usin...
Maps by Vozati [WotC Edition]
Created by Vozati
This mod adds 33 Plots, 8 parcels to the XCom2 map generation pool.

This is the War of the Chosen version. If you want the Vanilla or Long War 2 version, CLICKHERE[/b...
Missing Packages Fix + Resource
Created by ∑3245
For some reason unbeknowest to us, some packages (FX_, dev packages, clearcoat) are not loaded in WotC, or rather, do not exist at all, breaking a lot of mods that use Particle Systems. This is intentional to reduce the size of WotC.

This ...
More Cities WotC
Created by RealityMachina
Adds in more cities for the game to use as locations, and gives them a global x offset to adjust them from 3d globe coordinates to XCOM 2's 2d map projection. Hopefully preventing missions in London on the other side of the Channel or other absurdities.
More Effective Blast Padding
Created by RealityMachina
Makes explosions from cars and other destructible objects (think gas tanks) be affected by blast padding.

Should work in any situation except when loading into a tactical mission (you will need to complete the mission before it'll take effect.)...
More Traits
Created by RealityMachina
Positive Traits! More negative traits! You can have them all here!

Currently adds in traits that were cut from the expansion pack, along with some reworked abilities from Potentials.

Positive traits work on a bit of a hidden system: they can only be ...
More hair colors - WOTC Compatible
Created by carmau
This mod allows you to select all the colors from the armor tints palette + some of my own colors

Added 5 new teal / cyan colors

Hit the subscribe button

Sometimes the game does not remove conf...
No Hunter's Lodge
Created by robojumper
Reverts the Hunter's Lodge from the Alien Hunters DLC back to the Hangar....
Photobooth Quotes
Created by Cato Heresy
A major expansion to the selection of quotes generated within Photobooth, drawing inspiration from cult sci-fi, literature and historical propaganda.


- 166 new solo operative quotes
- 182 new deadly duo quotes & callsigns
- 341 ne...
Post Process Status Effects
Created by robojumper
Adds post-process visual effects for when a soldier is affected by Fire, Acid, Poison or Disorientation so you immediately notice that.

Tip: Look at the screen edges....
Propaganda Poster Pack (14 new backgrounds)
Created by .vhs
This little pack contains currently 14 hand-made backgrounds for your photobooth. Most of them are based on already existing propaganda posters. Enjoy.

I'll probably add more in the future.

Main code was originally written by robojumper.
Recruit Multiple Heroes From All
Created by RealityMachina
Actually gain your second (or more) faction hero from all factions.

Context: the vanilla check for the extra faction hero reward has the requirement that the faction that offers it must be the first faction you met. This means if you met the Reapers fi...
Recruits Conserve Character Pool
Created by SaintKnave
This mod conserves your Character Pool so that you can continue to receive Pool soldiers as mid- to late-game rewards.


The game's default behavior is to pull five Character Pool soldiers into your Recruit Soldiers list every month. By mid- to...
Resistance Warfare Ranks WOTC
Created by Cato Heresy
This mod changes the default ranks in War of the Chosen to more reflect a future resistance movement. You can use my ranks or set your own using this mod.

Consider my ranks an alternative to being a paramilitary force. Now you can send in a squad of Res...
Reward Decks Refresher
Created by -bg-
Refreshes the reward decks array when you enter the avenger screen. Why does this matter? Because when a mod adds a new item to the experimental proving grounds project, it won't get refreshed immediately, as the reward deck only gets generated the first t...
Row-Based Scrolling Speed Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
Makes scrolling lists much easier :
- When pointer is on the list : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one row.
- When pointer is on the scrollbar itself : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one page.
(Alternativly you can click on the tiny scrollbar's up...
Created by TeK DeLorean
// Update 3:
  • General material/mesh and tint mask tweaks
  • Standard Ops Arms split to left and right with shoulder plates.
  • Added XCOM shoulder plates.
  • Added Black and Holo Shades.
  • All suits are tintable to some degree. (I left the
Created by TeK DeLorean
A port of the EXCELLENT SAITO armor from Ghost in the shell: First Assault Online

I still have no idea what I'm doing.

2 SAITO Outfits,...
SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC
Created by Mertius
Second Wave Remastered: Full Crew Avenger (Updated V.2.1)

Ever notice that the Avenger doesn't seem to have as much crew walking the halls as before?
Well, now you can have back your Avenger teeming with Activity!

***Notes***While this works with V...
Skirmisher Rebalance
Created by RealityMachina
Reworks some of the Skirmisher's abilities and fixes a pretty bad bug too:


Fixes a bug with Battle Lord causing it to only proc on the first two actions on the enemy turn, and then ignoring the rest. (This mod's config ini includes an o...
Soundtrack Restoration - WotC
Created by Krzyzyk
Reuses soundtracks exclusive to Shen's Gift, Alien Hunters, Lost and Abandoned missions in addition to few others from the base game that are rarely used.


Mission Soundtracks (Customizable):
  • Lost missions: Now
Starting Traits
Created by RealityMachina
Soldiers now have a chance of spawning with already active traits, to make getting new ones a bit more flavourful.

By default, it's a 20% chance to spawn with a negative or positive trait (split evenly across the 20%) for a new soldier.

For reward so...
Stenchfury Modular Helmets WOTC
Created by Stenchfury
Stenchfury Modular Helmets WOTC edition:

The aim of this mod is to make a serie of modular helmets with interchangeable Head\Upper\Lower face parts of sci-fi inspiration.

-Tried to work with both vanilla content and Capnbubs headgear to get around a...
WOTC Even More Backstories
Created by Cato Heresy
Did you know the base game has only 9 soldier backstories? This mod changes that. Massively.

Thanks to a huge community effort this mod proudly gives you 505 total new backstories, all with male/female descriptor variants, all carefully edited to stay l...
Created by Jsleezy
---WOTC Version----
This mod aims to add/edit/combine a few unused or unfinished props made by Firaxis.

The vanilla version is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650809111
Do you like my mod, or enjoyed my custom
WotC TheAxeMod
Created by Musashi
Adds a battle axe and a hatchet for every tier

WotC Edition

Higher tiers are unlocked when you buy the coresponding sword tier. There are no additional costs.

There is a config value if you only want cosmetic variants which have...
WotC: More Photobooth Options
Created by robojumper
Adds 6 new Filters, 4 new Effects, and 2 new Background options to the Photobooth in War of the Chosen.

Overrides: None.
Epilepsy Warning for the "Glitch" Effect.

Anyone who has trouble getting their Photobooth content into the game has permission t...
WotC: Sting charges removal
Created by Zamster
Removes the one time charge on missions to reapers sting ability, allowing sting to be used indefinitely.

NOTE: This does not affect the default 4 turn cooldown time on sting....
WotC: robojumper's Squad Select
Created by robojumper
My personal take on a vanilla Squad Select Screen! Completely built from the ground up!

The very basic idea is that all slots are arranged on some kind of ellipse and you can scroll (infinitely in either direction) when you have more than 6 soldiers to ...
Created by x2communitycore
Note: this version of the Highlander is for Windows ONLY. If you're on MacOS/Linux, we maintain a separate workshop entry for your version, found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1184500704

What IS the X2CommunityHighlande
XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 1 Helmets and Armour [WOTC] (Stuck Torso fix in description if required)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
If you need have empty slots, use this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127014384

Modified tint and dif textures of arms and legs to more resemble EU/EW

09/Sept/2017: T1 update time, fix for torso just below this...
XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 2 Helmets and Armour [WOTC] (Stuck torso fix in description if required)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
06/Sept/2017: Decos being stuck for Resistance DLC and Alien Hunters DLC Armour is known, trying to figure out the best way to make those slots show up.

If you want to have empty slots, use this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127...
XXL Tattoo - War of the Chosen
Created by Mantid
A collection of 50+ tattoos, ranging from the small and silly to large and elaborate.

Base XCOM2 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723546573...
Yet Another F1
Created by robojumper
This mod is compatible with War of the Chosen.

Adds an XCOM EU/EW/LW style unit information screen to the game. Stats. Equipment. Equipment Stats. Abilities, Passives, Buffs, Debuffs!

How do I use it?
Press F1 (or press the left cont...
[WOTC] Advent Flashlights
As seen in many of Xcom 2's cutscenes Advent have Flashlights on their weapons, the game does not reflect this in missions, this mod aims to fix that. As well, it adds a few minor graphical additions related to light sources listed below.


[WOTC] Impact FX
This mod aims to provide increased immersion by adding and modifying the scarring to the map that occurs during engagements with Advent


-Disabled Impact PhysX Particles have been restored and now properly spawn

-Some Re-enabled PhysX par...
[WOTC] LW2 Secondary Weapons
Created by shiremct
Long War 2 Secondaries for WOTC

Brings Long War 2's new secondary weapons out for use with custom soldier classes in WOTC! Includes weapons, upgrade schematics, and all associated abilities as of LW2 version 1.5.


[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
Created by MoonWolf
This will only work with War of the Chosen!

War of the chosen has two promotion interfaces. The old and trusted two column one and the slick new horizontal one that you get for Resistance Heroes and from the Training Centre....
[WOTC] New Target Icons
Created by .vhs
Adds more target icons for regular, WOTC and modded enemies

30 new icons for the targets designed by me. I tried to match them as close to original icons as I only could. It's up to you to decide if I succeeded in this task. robojumper is the aut...
[WOTC] Titanfall Sparks
Created by Greenman
Uncle Gunman's Titanfall Sparks mod updated for War of the Chosen.

This version is for XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen, for the original mod go here:

Special thanks to Derejin for his ex...
[WotC] A Better Advent: Enemy Reskinner
Created by Lago
UPDATE 13/05/2018: Added chryssalids to the reskinning options! Also fixed a couple of issues with the default settings.

Ever wanted to make the Muton Prime look like Muton Elite from LW2? Now you can.

A Better Advent: Enemy Reskinner is a mod for A ...
Created by Dor
Port of my MEC customisation mod for War of the Chosen....
[WotC] BobBricks' Facepaint Pack
Created by BobBricksDA
Based on the positive feedback from my previous mod and my relative experience on artistic fields, today I bring to you a pack of different facepaints, tattoos and patterns based and inspired on the various LEGO themes released over the years, for your sol...
[WotC] Coil Weapons - Plasma Tier Replacer
Created by Lago
Replaces the Plasma Tier with Pavonis Interactive's Coilguns and edits the descriptions to fit them into the game's lore and story.

This mod is a patch for KnaveOfSpades's port of LW2's Coil guns to War of the Chosen and requires it. It disables the new...
[WotC] Expanded Callsigns and Nicknames
Created by Lyrae
This mod adds over 800 carefully curated new entries to the pools used to generate callsigns for your XCOM operatives when they reach the rank of Sergeant or above.

One of my favourite parts of XCOM has always been the procedural storytelling and this ...
[WotC] Gotcha Again
Created by Chaser324
This mod improves on the Line of Sight indicators that are shown when previewing moves in the tactical game.

This version is specifically for use with War of the Chosen. The original release that works in the base game without War of the Chosen can be f...
[WotC] Laser Weapons - Magnetic Tier Replacer
Created by Lago
Replaces the Mag Rifle, Mag Pistol, Gauss Rifle, Shard Gun and Mag Cannon with Pavonis Interactive's Laser weapons and edits the descriptions to fit them into the game's lore and story.

This mod is a patch for NStriker's port of LW2's Laser Pack to War ...
[WotC] Military Camouflage Patterns
Created by Bistritean
Vanilla XCOM 2 version here


Note: the images are there for reference only, as colors are much brighter in WotC and ...
[WotC] Mod Config Menu
Created by guby
This mod (MCM) is a shared settings menu. Some mods require this mod in order for you to use the in-game configuration menus.

For full details on using this mod, troubleshooting, or even building your own mods to use this menu, visit: https://github.co...
[WotC] Richards Classes Redux (Plus LW Weapons) [WiP]
Created by Richard
A collection of my classes combined to work with the WotC Expansion. This pack condenses the previous 12 classes I made into 8 more focused ones and I have tried my best to overlap as few abilities as possible. Please note that this pack will stay combined...
[WotC] Richards Hero Classes Rework
Created by Richard
This mod makes tweaks to the WotC Faction Heroes. I felt they had become underpowered compared to custom classes in the game, especially my own. When the game first launched I used the Reaper all the time now my pick rate for them is really low, this mod a...
[WOTC] Weapons Bundle
Created by elolugo
It currently adds 26 new weapons, with custom sounds. The weapons work exactly like vainilla upgrades, so if you buy the magnetic rifle upgrade, these will upgrade too.

Works with Grimmy's Loot Now

The weapons are:

-M4A4 from CSGO
Linked collections (2)
WOTC Voicepack Vault
Contains 86 items
In 2 collections by Cato Heresy
Resistance Warfare Collection V5
65 items
WOTC Voicepack Vault
86 items
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Cato Heresy  [author] May 21 @ 12:16pm 
CWG V3 - May 2018

Changes after two satisfying campaigns:

- Added Richards Hero Classes Rebalance
- Added Votazi Maps
- Added LW Beam & Coil Gun vanilla tier replacers
- Added new ammo types
- Added Starting Traits chance for rookies
- Multiple bug fixes and new UI target icons.

To combat mission load-time lag:

- Removed Resistance Firearms (3.7gb) - (I will miss it)
- Removed Halo Weapons Hi-Res Medley (1 gb) - (Regular pack is only 125mb)
- Removed Halo Armor mods (2 gb)
Cato Heresy  [author] Feb 25 @ 4:01am 
CWG V2 - February 2018

After 3 campaigns of testing, I have settled on the following core gameplay changes:

- Added 'Richards Classes Redux'
- Added 'A Better Advent'

I tried every single class mod on the workshop, for me this is the perfect strategic balance.

Note that over a dozen mods have been removed from the list due to core changes above. Subscribing to this new list will require you to clean install / repair XCOM 2 first.