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RealityMachina's War of the Chosen Mods
A collection of mods that I know 100% works with War of the Chosen, Firaxis's expansion for XCOM 2. Will include both previously made mods and new ones as I get the time (and sleep) to work on this.

And sometimes more minor stuff like making blast padding scale with armour tech level or just adding more cities for the game to use.

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More Traits
Created by RealityMachina
Positive Traits! More negative traits! You can have them all here!

Currently adds in traits that were cut from the expansion pack, along with some reworked abilities from Potentials.

Positive traits work on a bit of a hidden system: they can only be ...
[WotC] Revival Protocol Fixes
Created by RealityMachina
Things Revival Protocol does in War of the Chosen: bring your soldier out of dazes, not be allowable on soldiers being carried because that could go very badly depending on how the game handles it

Things Revival Protocol still does not do in War of the ...
Scientist Staff Slots: WotC Edition
Created by RealityMachina
Converts the Resistance Ring, Psi Lab, and Infirmary slots to use scientists instead of engineers.

Scientists still decrease research time when slotted in.

Restored SITREPs
Created by RealityMachina
Restores the cut SITREPs of War of the Chosen. May cause crashes.

Specifically this restores:

Fireteam - squad size limited to two. Mission is adjusted accordingly.

Priority Objective/Ambush - ADVENT will launch multiple reinforcemen...
Covert Action Missions
Created by RealityMachina
Essentially a re-imagining of Start Your Own Missions: this adds in the ability to start Guerilla Ops, Supply Raids, Resistance Ops and Soldier Rescue missions (for soldiers captured by ADVENT: the game already has a covert action to rescue soldiers captur...
Allies Unknown: War of the Chosen Edition
Created by RealityMachina
Humanity isn't the only species willing to fight against the long reign of terror and servitude the Ethereal Collective has brought to wherever they went, XCOM just needs to spend time (and resources) finding them.

In order to actually utilize this mod,...
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Turians
Created by RealityMachina
The militaristic natives of Palaven are ready for the real war. With a base recruitment price of 60 supplies, they may not bring any special abilities to the table, but sometimes all you need is someone that can endure on the battlefield.

More Resistance Ops
Created by RealityMachina
You know those cool missions with multiple personnel rewards? This lets you have more than the vanilla limit of 3 mission in a campaign....
Rend The Lost
Created by RealityMachina
Rend (and Sword Slice) are now considered valid for the headshot mechanic. Go crazy with it!

Now supports Arc Wave too....
Ruler Nerf Nerf
Created by RealityMachina
Adds in an exception to the LOS requirement for rulers in War of the Chosen: if they take any damage from XCOM (excluding abilities that retain concealment or were free actions), even from a out of sight sniper, they will gain an action point instead of ju...
Wear Armour on the Avenger (for WotC)
Created by RealityMachina
Forces soldiers to wear armour on the Avenger. Does this through a IsSoldier check to catch all soldiers that could be used in game....
Gravely Wounded Scars
Created by RealityMachina
Soldiers get scars when they're supposed to.

Specifically, Firaxis changed it so when a unit gets gravely injured, they get a chance of getting a scar, as a replacement for Shaken being turned into a status for the Will system.

They did not, however,...
Custom Soldiers Evac Zone Fix
Created by RealityMachina
Avenger Defence, the Final Mission, Strongholds, and Lost and Abandoned now support soldiers using mod-added character templates properly, instead of breaking or leaving them behind.

This may result in some things being considered evacable that shouldn'...
Biotic Class Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Warp your surroundings with dark energy with the Biotic Class! Spec yourself as a Vanguard that charges into the fray, an Adept that can attack from afar, or a Guardian that can take a lot of incoming fire.

Biotics are somewhat akin to psi-operatives, t...
Metal Over Flesh Redux
Created by RealityMachina
No will drain. No fears. No mercy for ADVENT.

Adds in Proving Ground projects that upgrade your SPARKs, because sometimes the best way to solve a Chosen problem is via 2 tons of badass. Also adds a utility slot to SPARKs, though they carry the restricti...
Skirmisher Rebalance
Created by RealityMachina
Reworks some of the Skirmisher's abilities and fixes a pretty bad bug too:


Fixes a bug with Battle Lord causing it to only proc on the first two actions on the enemy turn, and then ignoring the rest. (This mod's config ini includes an o...
Chosen Dark Events Fix
Created by RealityMachina
Dark Events related to the Chosen will no longer fire if you killed them all. The Loyalty Among Thieves events already do this, this is just me finishing it up.

Due to how Dark Events work, this will most likely require a new campaign to take effect....
Recruit Multiple Heroes From All
Created by RealityMachina
Actually gain your second (or more) faction hero from all factions.

Context: the vanilla check for the extra faction hero reward has the requirement that the faction that offers it must be the first faction you met. This means if you met the Reapers fi...
Tracking Shot Defence
Created by RealityMachina
Hunker Down (and other defensive abilties) actually do something against the Hunter Chosen's Tracking Shot.

Specifically, Tracking Shot by default has the "deadeye" (this is the internal name for it) to hit calculation, which means it always hits. (And ...
Robots On Covert Actions
Created by RealityMachina
Allows robotic units to be staffed on Covert Actions....
Stiletto Rounds For XCOM
Created by RealityMachina
Adds in Stiletto Rounds as a potential ammo reward for XCOM. These rounds are a copy of the Hunter's Bleeding Rounds, which...do exactly as they say: they can inflict bleeding on a target for a number of turns.
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Asari
Created by RealityMachina
The biotic natives of Thessia are back, and ready to serve at 50 supplies each.

Asari come with the Biotic Barrier ability, enabling them to have a 2 point (by default) shield at the start of every turn. They can also regenerate that shi...
[WotC] The MOCX Initiative
Created by RealityMachina
Because the Chosen appearing on missions that could muck up your battles wasn't enough. (This means they fight with the aliens)

The MOCX Initiative introduces humanity's worst enemy to the game: itself. Starting by default with May, you run the risk of ...
More Cities WotC
Created by RealityMachina
Adds in more cities for the game to use as locations, and gives them a global x offset to adjust them from 3d globe coordinates to XCOM 2's 2d map projection. Hopefully preventing missions in London on the other side of the Channel or other absurdities.
Blademaster Momentum
Created by RealityMachina
Buffs Blademaster by adding an equivalent to the Templar's momemtum mechanic to it.

Allows for movement after slashing, and allows a Ranger to try slashing again. This second slice will do halved damage....
Buildable Hunter Weapons Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Build multiples of the Hunter weapons, but it'll cost you.

Projects to build more of the hunter weapons should appear once you have either completed the Experimental Warfare tech and the first Proving Ground tech for that weapon, or once you have comple...
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Salarians
Created by RealityMachina
The amphibians of Sur'Kesh join the real war.

With a 60 supplies base recruitment price, these soldiers excel at reacting to enemy movement, moreso than they do in standard combat.

Salarians have access to Salarian Reflexes, w...
Additional Mission Types Redux
Created by RealityMachina
The expansion added a lot, but there's still a couple spots that could use filling.

Currently adds:

Emergency Extraction - Council Mission Type
A resistance operative has been made and has requested for an emergency extraction. The good news ...
Restored Chosen Traits
Created by RealityMachina
Restores some cut Chosen Strengths and Weaknesses. These will be added to the pool of randomly selected abilities.


Mark - Chosen attacks now holotarget their targets.

Beyond Earth - Chosen is now imm...
DLC Breakthroughs Support
Created by RealityMachina
Lets SPARK rifles have the upgrades of cannon-based breakthroughs, and has Alien Ruler Armours be affected by the relevant light/heavy armor breakthroughs.

If you don't have both DLCs, the mod will work fine with just one of them....
Buildable Geth Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Can't tire out these machines.

Geth Primes are now buildable by XCOM! After researching Mechanized Warfare or completing Lost Towers, Geth Model: Prime will show up in the Proving Grounds.

They are similar to SPARKs in terms of class and design (they...
Additional Dark Actions
Created by RealityMachina
Ports over a couple dark events, and adds a new chosen activity.

Smart Rounds - provides some ADVENT troops with better accuracy.

Holo Rounds - provides some ADVENT troops with rounds that mark their targets.

AP R...
Allies Unknown Species Redux: Krogans
Created by RealityMachina
The battle-hardy species from Mass Effect is ready to serve...at a high price of 150 supplies.

They have three special abilities:

Wallbreaker, which is a free action ability that lets a Krogan smash through cover, walls, tree...
Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix
Created by RealityMachina
the Defense Matrix is supposed to lower the chances of the Chosen action Sabotage from successfully working.

So of course the vanilla code never calls upon XComHQ.SabotageChanceModifier.

This fixes that, letting the Defence Matrix properly lower th...
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Quarians
Created by RealityMachina
The suited inhabitants of the Migrant Fleet join the fight.

With a 75 supplies recruitment price, the Quarians a XCOM Commander can recruit are quite useful with a high enough hacking skill...

Quarians have access to Sabotage, ...
Allies Unknown Redux: Buildable HK Droids
Created by RealityMachina
The meatbag-insulting droids from a galaxy far, far away can now be utilized and constructed by XCOM for their guerilla operations.

Unlike most AU mods, HK Units do not have the option to be recruited through the Avenger, instead to replace that, they c...
Always Recruit and Rescue
Created by RealityMachina
Forces the Recruit Extra Faction Soldier and Rescue Captured Soldier covert actions to always appear if their rewards are available.

May require a refresh via the end of month report to take effect....
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Twi'Leks
Created by RealityMachina
The oft-trodded upon natives of Ryloth join the fight against the Ethereals.

With a base 60 supply recruitment cost, Twi'leks may not seem that different from humans at first, but they can make up all the difference at the right time.

Non-Skirmisher ADVENT Hybrids
Created by RealityMachina
Not all hybrids rescued muster out to be part of the Skirmisher Corps, but they can still make good soldiers for XCOM.

A reimagining of the original ADVENT Hybrids mod, these are hybrids recruited through Covert Actions from the Skirmishers (along with ...
Explosives Destroy Corpses
Created by RealityMachina
Commander, you may want to instruct your men to exercise restraint when using explosives...

A rebuild of Grimy's Explosions Destroy Corpses mod, so it works with War of ...
AP Grenades Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Adds in anti-personnel grenades that obey cover rules with their explosions, but have bigger explosions radii to compensate.

AP Grenades will auto-upgrade to Alloy Grenades when you research Plasma Grenades, ala Frag to Plasma.

The default stats
Avatar Buffs
Created by RealityMachina
Chosen and Rulers are great and all, but the final of final enemies you face should get a bit of love too.


Hardened - Both the Commander and normal Avatars get a -40% chance to being critted. This is not just so the Ranger at close range...
Plot Gated Chosen Missions
Created by RealityMachina
Locks the Chosen missions behind the plot.


Revealing the Strongholds requires that either you have killed a Codex, or that you have completed the Black Site.

Unlocking the Stronghold Missions proper, requires either killing the d...
Fulton Rewards
Created by RealityMachina
Gain rewards from fultoning stunned enemy units. This is an add on to what Extract Corpses does: this does not make any alteration to what the fulton does.

Specific rewards for capturing specific categories are:

Advent - 50% for some intel, 25...
Medikit Expansion
Created by RealityMachina
Adds a one-use revive charge (organic only), and a robotics-only heal (one charge) to medikits and nanomedikits.

Meant to help keep Geth and Hunter-Killer Droids from my mods alive in the field. Though I guess you could use it to help SPARKs if you want...
Reaction Fire Suppression [WotC & Vanilla]
Created by RealityMachina
A rebuild of Suppressive Reaction Fire, it uses the OnPostTemplatesCreated system, and more closely resembles suppression rather than having flashbang-like effects.

Scalable Blast Padding [WotC Compatible]
Created by RealityMachina
This mod uses OnPostTemplatesCreated() to have Blast Padding (or Formidable, if you're using LWS' Perk Pack) scale with tech of the armour, ala how Shredder scales with the tech of weapons.

By default wearing plated armour gives you an additional armour...
Genji Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Now he's got more blades than your body can handle.

Genji Shimada has gone AWOL from the Overwatch cell after finding out his brother, Hanzo, has been reported missing. XCOM has been requested to track him down, before he does some...
Unblockable Flamethrowers
Created by RealityMachina
Flamethrowers are no longer inhibited by low cover. High cover will still block them.

In addition:
XCOM flamethrowers will now apply a small burning effect on any target they hit.

Purifiers will now always hit anything in range inste...
Advent Names
Created by RealityMachina
All ADVENT you kill will now have proper names used when you kill them.

(Also applies the proper names of the Chosen in the field.)...
SPARK Launchers Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Tired of being shot at from beyond LOS by enemies? Now you can deliver the same pain to ADVENT, with Heavy Launchers of your own! (Fits into the utility slot, Metal over Flesh adds this if you don't have another mod that adds a utility slot to SPARKs)

Enemy Within Polish Voice Pack
Created by RealityMachina
Brings back the Polish voices from Enemy Within. Should also alter the configuration for Polish soldiers so they get these voices when generated....
Playable XCOM 2 Aliens
Created by RealityMachina
The actual aliens from XCOM are available to you!

Well, Vipers, Mutons, Andromedons, and Sectoids anyway.

All aliens featured have their own classes and equipment for them. Equipment is gained by building the medium armor schematic...
Allies Unknown Redux: The Liberated
Created by RealityMachina
Makes cosmetic changes to the Spectres so they're a more XCOM-esque faction called the Liberated.

Nothing substantial is changed, it's just cosmetic text and a leader image changes only....
Item Durability
Created by RealityMachina
That's right, everybody's favourite* mechanic from Long War is back, to get you to be more diverse in your loadouts.

* - definition at use may vary from conventional usage

The Basics
Any non-infinite items that XCOM produces now have some f...
Cross Weapon Training
Created by RealityMachina
Who needs to stick to your default weapons all the time? Let your soldiers experiment.

The Basics
This mod adds two new slots to the Training Center.

These slots will enable a soldier of a proper class (ie Templars can stay home) to learn o...
ETC Weaponry for WotC
Created by RealityMachina
Provides a Tier 1.5, to complement the Tier 2.5 weapon packs ported to War of the Chosen.

Uses Mr Kablamm0fish's EU/EW Tier 1 Weaponry pack for a Tier 1.5 for normal soldier weapons, and adds in a kitbashed version of the AR for a SMG equivalent. Has +1...
Created by RealityMachina
Everybody personalizes as the Commander tells them to, no more.

In other words, normal, non-hero soldiers (+ any alien soldiers that use human cosmetics), upon equipping kevlar, plated, spider, whatever armours, will now auto default t...
Core Room Slots
Created by RealityMachina
Adds staffing slots to various parts of the Avenger, available from the start in some way.

Currently adds:

Two engineer slots to Research. Engineers in these slots will provide +2 power to the Avenger's power systems.
(You may ne...
Mark Zero Augments
Created by RealityMachina
Because XCOM needs something more affordable in the early days.

Provides 4 seperate "Mark Zero" augs available from the start (partially using the look of the EW prosthetics), buildable for 25 supplies in Engineering:

Augmented E...
Created by RealityMachina
You used them as EWRs, but surely you didn't think only XCOM could make use of those designs?


ADVENT Synthoids start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Advanced Synthoids aroudn Force Level 11, and Elite Synthoids star...
Salarian Engineers
Created by RealityMachina
Wanted drones back? Wanted drones back to an enemy that specializes in reacting very hard to enemy fire directed at it? No? Too bad, this mod does it anyway.

Salarian Technicians start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Sa...
Asari Adepts
Created by RealityMachina
It uses Asari as enemies and lets me use my biotic class powers for enemies, it's a double win (for me, XCOM gets to suffer some more here.)

Asari Biotics start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Asari Adepts at For...
Turian Striker
Created by RealityMachina
They shoot you a lot on reaction fire, then they learn how to shoot you a lot during their normal turns too.

Turian Fighters start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Turian Strikers at Force Level 11, and Turian Soldiers s...
Starting Traits
Created by RealityMachina
Soldiers now have a chance of spawning with already active traits, to make getting new ones a bit more flavourful.

By default, it's a 20% chance to spawn with a negative or positive trait (split evenly across the 20%) for a new soldier.

For reward so...
Allies Unknown Redux Species: Sangheili
Created by RealityMachina
Wort wort wort! The Sangheilis have fought against tyrants in their past, and they're willing to help others fight the tyrants of today.

Sangheilis come with Damaged Active Camo, enabling them to get Shadowstep for a turn. Cooldow...
More Mission SITREPs
Created by RealityMachina
Enables SITREPs for nearly everything.

Council, Resistance Ops, Retaliations, Landed UFOs, and Alien Facility missions now all have a chance of getting SITREPs when they spawn.

Council and Resistance Ops have a 25% chance to spawn with a sitrep. They...
Sabotage Covert Action Rebalance
Created by RealityMachina
Switches the uniqueness of Remove Avatar Project Progress and Gain Facility Lead covert actions.

More specifically:

Facility Lead is now repeatable, and can be spawned by multiple factions at a time.

Sabotage can now only be done onc...
Raider Faction: Phantoms
Created by RealityMachina
"When we lost my second all those years ago, there were some that took it as a sign that my leadership, our entire strategy of hiding and working from the cold, to try to kick the aliens off our planet, was the wrong method. A hyper aggressive approach
Raider Faction: Marauders
Created by RealityMachina
"Unfortunately, the liberation process doesn't always go well. There are those of us who get filled with a rage against the world, wishing to damn it for the fate it has given them..." - Betos

Marauders are ex-ADVENT that didn't quite go throug...
Raider Faction: Bandits
Created by RealityMachina
"As much as there has been people willing to fight back against ADVENT, there's also been people seeing the post-invasion chaos as a way to live like kings. Ex-military units, civilians who got lucky when they found a weapon cache, even resistance peop
Raider Faction: Cult of Jariah
Created by RealityMachina
"Jariah was a good woman once. Someone I could even call my sister. When I thought her lost to the aliens, I mourned her. When she came back, started spreading her heresies....well, I won't particularly mind XCOM eradicating as many of her followers as
Rebellious MOCX
Created by RealityMachina
Lets MOCX squads have a chance of spawning into a mission on their own team, instead onto the aliens. This team is not shared with the raider factions, so you can have a five way firefight if the dice rolls right!

Does not affect the story missio...
Renegade Rulers
Created by RealityMachina
Rulers are now placed on eTeam_One, making them enemies to absolutely everybody else.

Note that this means you can now complete missions while a ruler is still on the map, as long as everybody else is dead.

Does not react to actions from the Lost, be...
More Effective Blast Padding
Created by RealityMachina
Makes explosions from cars and other destructible objects (think gas tanks) be affected by blast padding.

Should work in any situation except when loading into a tactical mission (you will need to complete the mission before it'll take effect.)...
Sangheili Spec Ops
Created by RealityMachina
Because one disappearing enemy wasn't annoying enough.

Sangheili Minors start appearing as leaders around Force Level 6. They upgrade to Sangheili Spec Ops at Force Level 13, and Sangheili Zealots start appearing as leaders around Forc...
Shadow Concealment Nerf
Created by RealityMachina
Nerfs Reaper's Shadow concealment via adding an extra "ability" (or two) to Shadow.

By default, if a Reaper ends their turn being flanked by a hostile, activated enemy, they will be revealed.

In addition, any hostile, non-movement a...
Raider Faction: Rogue XCOM Operatives
Created by RealityMachina
"Commander, we're getting some weird signals from the upcoming drop point. It's using frequencies and encryptions I haven't seen since the old days, yet it's not the one us and the Resistance have been using. I don't know if we're going meet friends or
MEC Troopers
Created by RealityMachina
Charge into the fray as a MEC Warrior, take all the shots as a Jaeger, or become an unflinching wall as a Titan.

If you played Enemy WIthin, you'll get the general gist of how you'll get MEC Troopers with this mod: after researching and building the re...
Krogan Champions
Created by RealityMachina
Prepare for the pain.

Krogan Grunts start appearing as leaders at Force Level 6. Krogan Warriors appear at Force Level 11. Krogan Champions appear at Force Level 16. These enemies can only appear as leader of pods.

They use Advent...
Pyrrhic Victories
Created by RealityMachina
Allow for missions to be considered successful, even if you had to evac or otherwise lose all operatives in a mission. The game will also properly track victories and losses under this system, and shouldn't play the wrong music or use the wrong UI elements...
Lightweight Strategy Overhaul
Created by RealityMachina
Adds a continental heat system with varying consequences, along with an haven adviser system.

The Basics
Every continent gets its own "Resistance Command".

These can be staffed with a soldier, engineer, or scientist, with the benefits chang...
TLE Animsets For Everybody
Created by RealityMachina
Adds the new TLE animsets to all custom soldier types that can use them. Basically for Allies Unknown and similar mods, so stuff like the new attitudes or new photobooth poses will actually appear on them.

This does not edit what specific poses are avai...
Raider Faction Bases
Created by RealityMachina
Raider Faction Bases is a metamod meant to help the various raider faction mods you may install (by default, supporting the ones I've made) appear more frequently throughout your campaign.

Bases are generated upon either campaign s...
Phantom Evac
Created by RealityMachina
Inspired by Phantom Doctrine, Phantom Evac lets your soldiers evacuate unconscious soldiers without needing to carry them...as long as you get to the evac zone first.


The mod adds in a secondary ability to the standard Evac ability...
Medikit Expansion Redux
Created by RealityMachina
This redux mod brought to you by me not wanting to install the old 90GB SDK just so I can try updating that mod to fix reported issues with you.


Adds a one-use revive charge (organic only), and a robotics-only heal (one charge) to medik...
Fulton Nerf
Created by RealityMachina
Yeah arc throwers do make fultons pretty overpowered, don't they?

Adds in a 40% HP or less requirement for Fulton evacuations on hostile units. This will always succeed for bleeding out or dead units (since they have 0 HP in those...
Chryssalid Mutations
Created by RealityMachina
Allows chryssalids to gain special abilities depending on who their cocoon was made out of.

Chryssalid Cocoons now generate Chryssalids with special attributes or perks when applicable. For now, this includes the following scenar...
Crit Chance Change Redux
Created by RealityMachina
Ports over xylthixlm's mod for crit changes. Did this as a personal thing, but as the change only requires XModbase which they ported over to WotC, I'm releasing this publicly until told otherwise.

To use the original mod description:

This mod makes ...
Raider Faction: Heretic Geth
Created by RealityMachina
"A legion of hostile robots? Just what we needed." - Central Officer Bradford

Meet the not so friendly Geth, or the Heretics as they've been called by the others. Their goals on Earth are unknown, but they are definitely hostile to everybody el...
MOCX Class: Zealot
Created by RealityMachina
Adds a MOCX equivalent to Templars. Effectively a demonstration mod of how to make this kind of thing on your own with the backend changes I did to the MOCX Initiative mod.

Their skillset is...well, basically take a look at what a standard Templar has a...
Operation Parallels - The Doom Slayer Mod
Created by RealityMachina
"Commander, we're getting a transmission from the Templars, it concerns an informant of theirs who says he has an extremely high priority mission for us..."

Operation Parallels is basically two mini mods combined into one.

First: the actual Op...
Improved Rocket Targeting
Created by RealityMachina
Improves Rocket Launcher Targeting in conjunction with recent changes done by the X2WotCCommunityHighlander (although it's not a requirement)

Basically, if you've used Spark Rocket Launchers ever or normal rocket launchers post highlander update, you've...