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Macross S
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Macross S

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*I am recruiting people to create a mode with me. I am recruiting people who can do 3D modeling of ships and aircrafts.

-The most important recruitment conditions are those who are able to communicate consistently and consistently, and are capable of modeling ships and fighters.

-It is better if you have affection for the Macross series.

*Please If you find bug or problem. Remain message at the comment or forum. ASAP I fix the problem

This mod adds species, empire, civics, namelists, loading screens, portraits. You can play with TV anime macross factions.

I welcome your concerns and advice. I hope this mode will add variety within the game, fill in the deficiencies, and have a satisfactory balance. If you want to advie, please use Bugs, problems, suggetion part.

Include SDF Macorss~Macross Delta series
Empire & species : Zentradi, UNS, Windermere, Uncultured Zentradi, Supervision army-Barota Fleet
civics : start with zentradi, spritia vampire, mind controled servant
traits : 2 species traits, 5 admiral traits, 3 general traits, 5 governor traits
name lists : Zentradi, UNS, Windermere, SABF
loading screens : 15 Macross loading screens added
portraits : 79 UNS portraits & 23 Zentradi portraits & 11 Windermere portraits & 8 Barota portraits&Vanilla Like Zentradi
ascension perks : 5 acension perks
Tradtions : 4 Tradition trees
Stratigic Resource : Fold Quartz
tech : 18 techs
army : 3 armies
building : 6 buildings
edicts : 12 edicts
Components : 30 components
Weapon : 39 weapons
Ship : 16 Ships
Observation Mission : 2 Missions

It is first upload and I will update more things. For example, spaceships(macross battleship&City ships), weapon(ex)macross cannon, valkiri fighter), more army(It is ready now), more civics, and original events. If you subscribe this mod. you can be satisfied. <- You play with macross BGM too.

*Tip : If you want to play this mod with other mod(Like gundam mod), I recommend change the Sol' s name like Solar or Sun...etc. It can be help when you multiplay

Also If you want Stand Alone weapon & components

You use this mod

Just want Portraits and Namelist


2018.10. 28

Ver. 2.1.0

1. New ships and New components, and Weapons.

(1) New ship
-Now you can build battleroid at shipyard. They are cheap and weak hull and armor but the have very speedy and critical damage. They don't occupy fleet cap and they have special slot-pilot. Pilot effect Ship exp, firerate, evasion.
-UNS, Zentradi, Anti UNS(Widneremer and Barota) has 6, 4, 2 type of battleroid.
-Each battleroid has special weapon for battleroid and 3 type of pilot(Private, Veteran, Ace)

(2) New Components and weapons
-9 type pilots, 20 weapons and components add for battleroid
-5 type of Strikecraft for battleship and flag ships. Now Zentradi and Anti UNS doesn't use VF-1, but they could use zentradi battleroids and SV series.

2. Balance Patch&Fix bug

(1) Components
-All strikecrafts have about 200 dps.
-Other weapons are a little stronger than last tech vanilla weapons.
-Zentradi mothership's ships are equalized status

(2) Ships
-Zentradi mothership's hull nerf, Gepernich Flagship hull berf
-Sigur-Valens Protoculture titan cannon icon change

(3) Strategic Resource
-Fold Quartz Nerf : interstellar speed - 400%->200%, Ship speed -200%->150%

(4) Some text Fix

(5) Army
-Defensive mercenary upkeep 5 energy->3 energy



Ver 2.1.1

(1) Fix Text Problem

(2) Ground Ship yard also decrease build time and cost of all macross mod ships.



Ver 2.1.2

Fix some components Texts



Ver 2.1.3

Change Techtree. Now Each faction's flag ship needs vajura biology tech, because when you can't compleate change aura part-none and you don't change it gives save problem. So I change prerequsite research.



Ver 2.1.4

Change barota's bombardment : Kidnapping. It is similar to old one. But it doesn't have pop limit.



Ver 2.2.0

1. New portraits : Zentradi Vanilla Similar portrait. It is more similar than before anime-like portrait

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blitzcat  [author] Oct 18 @ 11:08pm 
@JDS_mirai //But If you want to see that, I update 2.1.0 update. It might be last week of october.
blitzcat  [author] Oct 18 @ 6:36pm 
@JDS_mirai Sorry. I don't have enough skill to build 3d model, so rent original game ship model(like dreadnougtht, Space citadel...etc)
JDS_Mirai Oct 18 @ 5:28am 
Do you have pictures of the new ships?
Newpace Aug 21 @ 1:23am 
감사합니다. 이제 해볼게요
noru Aug 20 @ 5:38pm 
다른 전통 모드를 지워야겠네요. 감사합니다.
blitzcat  [author] Aug 20 @ 7:25am 
noru Aug 20 @ 5:58am 
업데이트 됬는데 이 모드랑 다른 전통 추가 모드 서로 충돌하나요?
pingship Jul 17 @ 1:12am 
재미있게 게임하고있습니다 감사합니다 :)
pingship Jul 17 @ 1:11am 
아 호환성 패치 해주신이후 항모계열 빼고는 정상작동 합니다. SDF의 경우 설계 단계에서 모델링이 안보이긴 하는데 이건 제 문제일거같구요
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옹.. 그렇군요 해당 모드 빼도 동일해서 질문드려도 봤습니다.
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