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Statistics for cargo stations and cargo truck monitoring

New in 1.3: Cargo introspection for vehicles: trains and ships. Resource pie chart and total amount of goods!

New in 1.2: Fine-grained resource monitoring. Separate charts for import, export, and local cargo traffic. Counter reset button (for the daring ones!). Switching between data for the last month and current data (dynamic values).

Wondering if your cargo stations are being useful at all? No time to spend counting trucks coming and going? This mod will help (probably).

Service info panel now displays incoming and outgoing trucks per month for each cargo station (and harbor!), similarly to metro stations and other public transport.

Tested for compatibility with:
Game expansions
Traffic Manager: PE
Extended Building Info
Network Extensions

Although it should work with literally everything.

Using Harmony[] for detouring CargoTruckAI.

Source code on GitHub[]. Pull requests are appreciated.

Development is at a hiatus until September. Thanks for your continued support, guys!
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Jul 20 @ 2:46pm
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Dr. Nya
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benzoll Aug 18 @ 1:06am 
Exactly, with mod after of v1.8 editors game no work.
In game, yes.
Dr. Nya  [author] Aug 17 @ 9:46pm 
Lexandro, good to know, I'll fix it ASAP (can't do anything in the next week or two though :[ )
AoD_lexandro Aug 15 @ 7:37pm 
Small issue with the mod, it causes my in game editors to hang on loading. Apart from that it works flawlessly. Atm I just disable it when I need to use them. Still rocks though :)
AoD_lexandro Aug 15 @ 12:01am 
Dude, you rock! Been looking for this info since day 1 CS. Just this minute found the mod. Awesome work.
Darkangel Aug 13 @ 6:01am 
omg trains have it too ...utterly brilliant mod! 10/10
Darkangel Aug 13 @ 5:59am 
Brilliant mod, probably the best mod atm as you now have pie chart on the boats as well. I mean wtf didnt the vanilla game have this from the start this is what we always needed to see to help get our imports down by getting our industries to supply to our own commercials instead of imnporting. This helps greatly in showing wtf is going on. Now since you are such a brilliant modder is it then also possible to show a pie chart of what each train is carrying or is this implimented as in my island map i dont have trains?
benzoll Aug 10 @ 10:51pm 
v 1.3: improving mod, good job
thx ¡
Darkangel Aug 9 @ 3:59am 
I've now rico'd certain industry some extractors and some processors so when i see the darker ones are less exported and more of the raw material is exported it means i dont have enough processors to manufactor the raw products into a useable form for generic industry to use so in that case i place more processors of that particular raw material.
Dr. Nya  [author] Aug 8 @ 6:07am 
Darkangel, the thing is it might be exporting by car/ship outside, while using trains for intermediate pathfinding. You can try looking at the status of the trucks that go inside the station, if any of them have "Exporting <something>" in it. At the moment I have no reliable way of telling if it's the final stretch of the path, so local train traffic carrying import/export products still counts as import/export (nor do I think that counting that as local cargo is better).

As for the boat cargo mod, there isn't one that I know of. But it makes another nice feature request :) should be quite easy to do, if I have time.
Darkangel Aug 8 @ 5:35am 
Ah thanks for saying the darker colours are the processors and lighter are extractors. Im playing on Archepelo, some disaster pack map with about 20 islands so its good to see this in an island with no outside road or train connection what it is exporting etc. Btw sometimes it says its exporting but in fact its just delivering to my other island with its own local commercial rather than exporting to outside connection. Is there also a mod that i can see what each cargo boat is carrying ie a pie chart for the different resourses each cargo BOAT carries?