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Jul 16, 2017 @ 11:56am
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Statistics for cargo stations and cargo truck monitoring

New in 1.4: Localizations (EN, DE and RU currently, translation pull requests are welcome yay, useless stuff!). Weekly values are used now instead of monthly ones (use the toggle in options to restore the original behaviour). That pesky editor mode crash is fixed, too!

New in 1.3: Cargo introspection for vehicles: trains and ships. Resource pie chart and total amount of goods!

New in 1.2: Fine-grained resource monitoring. Separate charts for import, export, and local cargo traffic. Counter reset button (for the daring ones!). Switching between data for the last month and current data (dynamic values).

Wondering if your cargo stations are being useful at all? No time to spend counting trucks coming and going? This mod will help (probably).

Service info panel now displays incoming and outgoing trucks per month for each cargo station (and harbor!), similarly to metro stations and other public transport.

Tested for compatibility with:
Game expansions
Traffic Manager: PE
Extended Building Info
Network Extensions

Although it should work with literally everything.

Using Harmony[] for detouring CargoTruckAI.

Source code on GitHub[]. Pull requests are appreciated.
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Sep 30, 2017 @ 7:19pm
PINNED: Bug Reports
Dr. Nya
Feb 11 @ 10:08am
Suggestion: Add year, aside month
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Darkangel May 27 @ 12:07am 
Ps i couldnt see the cargo info on the boats when i recently clicked on it is that the update or just because it was an outside boat coming in with none of my cargo hubs built yet?
Dr. Nya  [author] May 25 @ 1:09am 
Yes, that's mostly right. I'll do something about that.
Darkangel May 24 @ 2:38am 
ok so just to conclude this is ALL about trucks and definitely not about trains but not even about boats either ie cargo ships with sent and received? So its only trucks sent and received then? If so cant you ever make a stat with what the trains are doing as well? & if ships arent included then please include a seperate ship stat which is dif from trucks send and received stat just to see if trains are better able to transport goods than trucks and if so i can ban trucks on the cargo area with 'traffic manager pres edition' but if trains are useless then i can either ban them on that line or cut all imports and exports from trains with 'outer connections mod' that can change the default imports and exports of 20 for road rail and ship to higher or lower values and down to zero if you dont want any imports or exports and only trade with your other local produce once you reach a megopolis and city is fully self functioning.
Dr. Nya  [author] May 23 @ 12:53pm 
> now you say ships are the received stat and the trucks are the sent stat
Not exactly. "Sent" (shortened from "trucks sent last month" in the building panel, actually) is cargo volume measured using trucks coming out of the station, while "Received" is measured in the same way by counting trucks coming in . Therefore, trains aren't quite in the picture.

This metric works fine when Cargo Stations / Harbors are considered (since all transactions include cargo trucks coming either in or out), but I didn't really think about Hubs - I'm not quite sure if I even had the Mass Transit expansion while developing the initial concept.
Darkangel May 22 @ 3:18am 
ps you also really have to look hard at the colors as well because a farm extractor will be a lighter yellow than a farm processor and i find that i usually export more light colored farm extractors and import more processors. I first couldnt work out why my farms werent delivering to my generic industry that were crying out for the yellow farms in the stat view. However as this game is fundamentally flawed with its long pathfinding anyway as i explained previously, even when i zone more farm area in places where there is no raw material of fertile land {so i make sure i get processors only}, i notice this stupid game will still export the darker yellow processor color and import the same dark yellow color from either outside import or one of my other LOCAL ship docks from another industry area or I will just get a lot of pink generic imports or locals to give to my coms and totally ignore my gen ind all because i had more farm/forest/ore/oil extractors than processors!
Darkangel May 22 @ 3:01am 
Thanks Doc. first time ive heard that trains arent in these stats omg I always thought the opposite that sent was the ships and received was the trucks but now you say ships are the received stat and the trucks are the sent stat and to hell with any stat that concerns trains whatsoever, ergo we really arent getting the full knowledge of what is happening in any cargo station (except cargo hub? with only the ship and truck) because trains are really like the middle man between the trucks and the ships. I dont blame you as i can bet you moders are bound by the heavy restrictions that skylines has on imports/ exports. *This is why simcity triumphs all over skylines particularly with the whole import export scenareo not to mention the pathfinding of a truck extractor that delivers to its processor at the other side of an 81 tile map whereas simciy is more logical ie they deliver to their closest processor before even thinking of driving miles to get to a similar processor.
Dr. Nya  [author] May 21 @ 4:00pm 
Sorry for the absence, I'm still unable to develop the mod further at this time, but I can give a little bit of useful information:

Local means inter-city freight traffic, i.e. cargo taking shortcuts between industry and commercial
districts using your conveniently placed cargo stations. Import/Export should be self-explanatory.

Sent means cargo units sent out in the form of trucks, Received is the opposite. The important thing here is that train cargo isn't counted: truck cargo is. This brings us to the topic of Cargo Hubs: since there are both ships and trains present, it is possible to avoid cargo entirely reaching trucks . Cargo transferred from trains to ships is not counted as of yet, I think.

Express Cargo Station thing requires more research.
mackay_tt May 20 @ 1:49pm 
Darkangel thanks for responding. After a train or ship arrives and unloads, many full trucks will spawn, leave the station/harbor and deliver their cargoes to commercial buildings or other train stations. After several trucks have arrived with cargo (then returned empty to their owner) a new train/ship will spawn at the station and depart with its load for a destination. I have been assuming that it is these parting trains/ships cargoes that are being tallied.
I have noticed that the "Express Cargo Station" by EarthwormDan reports no statistics for either Received or Sent so maybe this is an artifact of the station ? I am using the default cargo hub for the harbor. I will try using different stations to see if I get different results and report back.
Darkangel May 20 @ 2:52am 
Mackay it sounds like your trains or ships arent delivering to that dock and thus only trucks come in but leave empty handed. ?!
Darkangel May 20 @ 2:48am 
hey mak thanks for replying even mackay and others find the local list confusing. Maybe if this stat list was more detailed ie separating trucks trains and ships and what sent and recieved means as distict from export import, as it seems you are perplexed as to what that local list means too. :)