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Numantian Games  [developer] 1 Nov 20, 2018 @ 4:08am
Version Changes: Last Version Published V.0.10.11
Version 0.10.11
  • New ZXCode Function IsInfected(NameID) Returns true if all entities with that ID are infected.
  • New ZXCode Variable: TotalHours Returns the total game colony hours = Day * 24 + Hour..
  • New ZXCode Symbol: StoneHouse: (Was missing)
  • Improvement for Notifications: {ZXCode} can be included in the notifications.
  • Improvement for Generators: Added more generators IDs.
  • Improvement for Generators: Unit generators with same ID works as normally (units are generated in all generatos with the same ID).
  • Improvement for Custom Description: ZXCode enabled for the description.
  • Fixed bug:Build Limit check.
  • Fixed bug with Log function.

Version 0.10.10
  • New Script Action: Display Notification: Displays a game notification that it is shown on the top left part of the screen like the ones of the game: 'Tent completed.'.
  • New ZXCode function: Log(message): For debugging, it writes the message in the game log: Example: Log("My Variable current value is {@MyVariable}.");
  • New ZXCode function: CountBonus(EntityType): Returns the number of entities bonus remaining of the selected type.
  • Improvement: Event notification message can have {ZXCode} expressions and also supports multilanguage.
  • Improvement: Texts with wrong {ZXCode} expressions embebbed are displayed with a window message error.
  • Bug Fixed: Stop Sound Action.
  • Bug Fixed: Neutral units counted for the army buttons on the right GUI.

Version 0.10.9
  • New Section: Custom Commands: Now you can configure a custom command for the command center. See the guide for more info.
  • Map Event Feature: Added new property to set a custom condition with ZXCode to trigger the event.
  • Fixed Random Crashes: when using JPG images.

Version 0.10.8
  • Map Event Improvements]: Added new property "Center Camera" on the area when the event is triggered.
  • Map Event Improvements]: Added new property "Activity Noise" to add activity noise when the event is triggered.
  • [GUI Improvement]: Expanded interface for events & scripts.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Market could buy/sell resources when disabled.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Issue with leaving entities NameID empty and Custom Name filled.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Issue with NameIDs and IsDead function.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Issue with structures activating neutral entities.

Version 0.10.7
  • [New Feature for Entities]: New parameter for Infected: Cells Away From Command Center: the entity will stay away from the command center this number of cells. Use it for the Giant so it does not attack the command center too early.
  • [New Feature for Scripts]: Loops. Two new actions: Loop and Exit Loop. The Loop execute indefinitely their children actions until a Exit Loop action is executed. Useful to create complex menus with Back / Exit options, or dialog systems.
  • [New Feature ZXCode]: Now you can include ZXCode expressions in the game texts (window messages, options...). To do that just use the code inside {} characters. Example: "Your number of walls is: {Count(Wall)}."
  • [New Feature for Messages]: Now you can select the type of animation used when displaying window messages.
  • [GUI Improvement]: Assets files references (custom sounds or images) not found display an error.
  • [GUI Improvement]: Entities on the map can be copied with [CTRL+C] and pasted on the map cursor position with [CTRL+V].
  • [Improvement]: Infected outside of the playable area will god directly to a valid position.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Events trigguering and notifications bug when ZXCode conditions were set.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Energy map could fail near mountains.

Version 0.10.6
  • [Improvement]: If an event has a condition and it is set to be notified to the player, then the condition will be evaluated when the event is notified instead of when it is triggered. This solves the problem of events notified but not triggered.
  • [Improvement]: All entities have the option to be displayed on the minimap. Also it they have a Custom Name and Description will be used in the tooltip displayed to the player.
  • [Improvement]: User Variables can now be also Boolean that can be true or false.
  • [Bug Fixed]: User variables get their initial value after save/load a game.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Map theme selection for manual maps.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Custom descriptions for neutra entities.

Version 0.10.5
  • [GUI Improvement]: The Editor asks you to save changes if the project has been modified when closing the application or loading a new project.
  • [GUI Improvement]: You can delete entities faster just by moving the mouse while pressed [ALT + Left Button].
  • [GUI Improvement]: You can create entities faster just by moving the mouse while pressed [ALT + Left Control].
  • [New Feature]: Steam Workshop ID can be reset. It can be useful if you duplicate your project and want to update to a different workshop item id.
  • [Bug Fixed]: PNGs extension when uploading a new preview image.

Version 0.10.4
  • [New Feature]: Entities now can have custom names and descriptions that will be shown in the game GUI when they are selected. You can now enhance your story with named heroes with their own biography, or setting interesting names for the doom buildings.
  • [New Feature]: New ZXCode Function: CountDeads(EntityType) that returns the number of entities dead or destroyed of the type selected.
  • [Bug Fixed]: New project could override the last project saved when pressed Save.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Infected buildings graphics glitch.

Version 0.10.3
  • [Performance]: Improved performance when loading and updating the map after painting.
  • [New Feature]: Neutral entities when join now can execute a custom script. See the property: Script on Join when editing neutral entities.
  • [Bug Fixed]: When stating a game, the camera no longer goes beyond the playable area. It happened when the Command Center was placed at the bounds of the map.

Version 0.10.2
  • [New Feature]: Custom conditions and user variables managing with ZXCode language (see the guide for more info).
  • [New Feature]: Sound clips (Fun, Sad, Positive...) are finally included, enjoy! And more coming soon.
  • [GUI Improvement]: Building limit is displayed now on the map.
  • [GUI Improvement]: Neutra units has green health life instead of red.
  • [GUI Improvement]: New button Clear Map to reset the map to the default state.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Snow falling was missing in Highlands themes for manual maps.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Fixed missing entities bug when reloading saves of custom levels.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Fixed duplicated infected entities when saving.
    IMPORTANT: We recommend to delete all infected and place them again and save.

Version 0.10.1
  • [New Feature]: New Script Action: Play Sound.
  • [New Feature]: New Parameters for Entities: Life (%): Life percentage of the entity when the game starts.
  • [New Feature]: New Parameters for Entities: Infected: (For buildings), If true, the building will start the game infected.
  • [New Feature]: New Parameters for Entities: Generate Infected units?: (For buildings infected). If true, the infected will emerge from this building when the game starts as it would have been just infected. It only applies for infected buildings.
  • [New Feature]: New Parameters for Entities: Display icon on Minimap: If true, an icon will be displayed on the minimap to show the entity position (like the infected giants).
  • [Bug Fixed]: Fixed bug when loading save games from custom levels.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Fixed crash when events defined with empty generators.
  • [Bug Fixed]: Fixed bug when giving/removing resources to the colony.

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