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Furax Apr 15 @ 10:02am
Hi Community
Hello, i 'm an actually facerig user on twitch and i have some question to share with you. Hope to find some good people to help me to progress on my reflexions.

1) is there any accessories to download to pimp our avatar and if yes where can i find it plz?^^

2) Is it possible to record a moovie with multiple avatars one after one to make a small movie to play on my obs when streaming?

3) Someone have a gremlins 2 d or 3 d avatar to share with me? LF that since a long time...

Anyway thanks to reading me


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david_facerig  [developer] 2 Apr 16 @ 8:52am 
Hi, I've answered to your first question on the other thread that you made. Now, for the other two questions:

2. Yes, you can record a movie with multiple avatars, just add more avatars by clicking on that + sign that appears on the lower UI. However, if you plan to record it using the "Record Performance" option, know that the avatars (if there are more people in front of the camera), upon exporting the performance, the avatars will follow just the id:0 person, so make sure that you record the video with OBS if you plan on controlling more avatars with more persons being tracked.

3. I don't know if anyone made a Gremlins avatar and did not share it on the Workshop.
Furax Apr 17 @ 5:20pm 
Ok thanks for the answers! ;)
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