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arseNal Oct 8, 2012 @ 7:23am
My return, projects, and question!
I fell in love with creating content back in 2008 and created my first tf2 map, models, and textures which culminated in ctf_bankjob. If anyone knows of the map, you know it had a bad server crashing bug that I was never able to correct. Sadly this was because of personal life situations and not my passion for creation. I am back into the swing of things (part time. Married with 2 kids now!) and I have some questions!!

I'm currently creating a model to release on the workshop but I need some insight! Is there a way to have a page for a project as it is in works? So you can receive feedback as you make it?

How long is the waiting period from he time you submit a finished project until Valve approves/denies your work?

Lastly, here are my current plans!

1) Model for TF:2 (in progress. No details, it's going to be amazing!)
2) Planning on an addition to the sentry gun. (We can submit that right?)
3) decompiling ctf_bankjob and fixing it. I will change some things in hopes of valve using it.
-I lost all of my original files for this map :(
4) sigh of relief!
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Pogo 53 Oct 8, 2012 @ 7:29am 
I'd recommend joining a community and posting your progress to get some opinions - the Mod Emporium at TF2 is probably the best place for responses. As for your map the forum at will help you out with critique and playtesting. Sentry gun additions are fine, though none have been added yet.

Valve generally don't deny work unless it breaches the rules or guidelines in some way in which case they will mark it as incompatible or remove it. Accept time is vary variable, some items are in 'limbo' for over a year before implementation (see the Beggars Bazooka) and some are a matter of days, like the Horrific Headsplitter.
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