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[Idea/Request] Jak 3 Workshop Items for TF2
Since the game and collection aren't on Steam it isn't likely we'd get promotional weapons but I'd like to see someone make some weapons skins and maybe other things. Examples would be replacing the scattergun with the red gun mod the Scatter Gun (no joke intended) or Maybe make the rocket launcher a new skin that makes it look like the Plasmite RPG.

Heres a list of the weapon modules from Jak 3:

Red Mods: Scatter Gun, Wave Concussor, Plasmite RPG
Yellow Mods: Blaster, Beam Reflexor, Gyro Burster
Blue Mods: Vulcan Fury, Arc Wielder, Needle Lazor
Dark Mods: Peace Maker, Mass Inverter, Super Nova

Aside from help I'd like to hear your thoughts about this idea.

If you need pictures the link at the bottom will take you to the wiki page of the Morph Gun. All tweleve mods are displayed at the bottom of the article.


Note: Obviously if this is done the models may need to be simplified to fit the TF2 art style better.
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Pogo 53 Oct 7, 2012 @ 12:08pm 
Maybe some pictures would help
TheGreatDerpHawk Oct 7, 2012 @ 1:56pm 
Done. The URL to the wiki page with pictures is there now.
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