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Character mods
request list for character mods
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Tony from Dominos Aug 18, 2013 @ 9:05pm 
FYI: If any of the following characters request mods already exist, please inform away!

Nemesis - Resident Evil 3 [Game]
This character immediately comes to mind for special infected mods, and would go great with the nemesis theme mod. Even a Tyrant mod would be great!

Hunter - Resident Evil 1 [Game] (PS1 Version)
While L4D's version of a 'Hunter' may not cause the same occasional instant decapitation when leaping at survivors, it should still suffice.

Licker - Resident Evil 2 [Game]
I'd prefer to see the smoker version of this, but either would do for me.

Xenomorph - ALIENS [Movie]
Somewhat surprised this hasn't been done yet, especially with the hunter/common infected versions available.

Gremlin - Gremlins [Movie]
Not enough jockey mods imo, so I'd like to see this one happen. Plus it'd just be hysterical (and creepy) watch them!

Predator - Predator [Movie]
Imagine the Predator cloaked when idle, and de-cloaked while it lunges at the Survivor who startled it. Maybe a maskless version as well?

Chucky - Child's Play [Movie]
Another one for the jockey. He could be flailing a kitchen knife or something while riding his subjects, so as to represent the damage inflicted during each tick.

Henrietta - Evil Dead 2 [Movie]
Aside from modding sound, you could pretty much start with the female boomer as a base to start with. When in her LOS, she could repeat "I'll swallow you're soul!".

R.J. McReady - The Thing [Movie]
Personally, when I think of horror movie survivors, this character ranks high on my list.

Barry Burton - Resident Evil 1 [Game] (Original Version)
Return of the beard! This just seems like an essential character mod to add to the overwhelming trend of resident evil mods

Ash - Evil Dead 1 [Movie]
I specified the first Evil Dead because let's face it... being one-handed wouldn't look very good when dual-wielding pistols (as if you'd ever dual wield pistols). xP

***I'm sure I could include MANY more ideas here, and maybe someday I will add more when I think of them. I DO NOT create mods myself, this is just a personal request list I felt like sharing. Feel free to add any of your own requests to this list!
DooKong Sep 3, 2013 @ 2:24am 
+1 nice list
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