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Dreamer Feb 4, 2013 @ 12:32pm
Dota 2 Market Discussion. [D2MD]
Greetings fellow traders,

Currently, there is a myriad of websites and chat rooms dedicated to dota 2 trading (the majority of them being very spamtastic). However, I feel as if there isn't yet a real platform to discuss the actual trading process in real time. The integral part of trading is having this foresight to be able to make predictions as to what will happen to the market in the foreseeable future.

Hence, this is my feeble attempt at uniting the brightest minds of the trading community so that we may profit together.

For now, anyone will be allowed to join, so please invite all of your friends and join the chat!

A few basic rules before we begin:

1) Strictly English only.
2) Please keep trading to a minimum. We are here to discuss the market itself, and not trading.
3) Do not flame each other, keep the arguing to a minimum.
4) Do not spam the chat – use common sense.
5) If you are interested in becoming an admin, talk to Wub Wub.
6) Please be polite, manners are always appreciated.
7) Have fun, and best of luck!

Since we're a new group, this is a promotional event to encourage people to participate and join our group. Its also a head start that we're looking to have for our group, so please take a look at this fun and rewarding event!

This competition is simple! All group members are allowed to join, and players who meet the most of the following Criteria will win:

1- Quality Discussions on the group about trading
2- Quality Contributions to the group discussions (posting)
3- The amount of new members invited and the amount of Publicity given to the group

The judging will be done by the admins as well as myself, in the most fair manner such that the players would get their fruition for their contributions to the group!


1st Place: LOCKJAW



Consolation Prizes x 7: 1 Golden Greevil each

(Many will likely receive admin and mod powers in the process)

Best of luck and happy trading!

Join at

- Wub Wub
Date Posted: Feb 4, 2013 @ 12:32pm
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