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(UPDATE 2) TF2 Weapon Ideas!
This new rocketlauncher is gonna have a more rockets in one mag.
Up to 6 rockets can be fired and also faster firing speed.
The downside? Less ammo and less damage to targets on the ground.

+ 50% clip size
+ 75% projectile speed
- 25% max secondary ammo on wearer
- 25% damage on targets on the ground

This is mainly for taking out sentries and getting into combat with 4 rockets left. :)

~ Pyro's new primary:

Saw this somewhere on the forums and I thought it was an awesome idea. It's like a flaregun but it fires toxic acid. A great weapon since the Wraith Wrap, Plutonidome, Hazmat Headcase and Area 451 would suit this weapon perfectly!

The stats for this weapon would be:

No afterburn damage, but would make players wet. A great upgrade for the Neon Annihilator since alot of people isn't using it. This could give a effect almost like the Jarate, the target's screen will become green for a few seconds. When you rightklick on someone in your team, this you'll also be able to heal all negative stats - Jarate, Bleeding, Afterburn, you name it.

No afterburn damage.
Make enemy target wet.
ALTFIRE: Heals all negative statuses on teammates

does this weapon need another up/downgrade? Tell me!

~ Medic's new primary and melee:

- Primary: So aloooot of TF2players seems to want a ammo supplygun for medic, but putting it secondary as replacement for medigun would be stupid. So why not primary slot?

This gun will work alot like Crusader's Crossbow, only one shot fired at once. It will give the target more ammo.

Teammates get ammo (a medium ammopack) on hit.

- Melee: Medic's melee's are waaay to outdated. Why not a new cool gun that'll crit targets?
So this new melee weapon for Medic is gonna crit all targets, but only when medic got 100% ubercharge. Do you dare to get in combat and melee or could it kill you and make you waste your ubercharge?

Critical hit when Übercharge is full

~ A new spyknife!

When you backstab someone, in the kill icon to the top right it will look like the one you killed melee'd you to death! (maybe disguising as the person you just backstabbed, like the Eternal Reward?)
The downsides with this knife is that you can only backstab. Only instakills in the back, no other damage done.

Kill type: Fake Death
Upon a successful backstab against a human target, you rapidly disguise as your victim
Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs
Can only backstab

Upon a successful backstab against a human target, the killicon will display that the person you backstabbed killed you with his melee weapon.

Leave feedback! Thanks for reading.

NAME IDEAS (just something I thought of while I'm writing this, don't judge. Please leave suggestion!)

New Rocket Launcher: MotiWrecker
Medic's new primary: Pocket's Provider
Medic's new melee: Surgeon's Scalpell of Courage
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Why didn't you post here: ?

Already did, but not the updated version. Didn't get any response tho :(
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