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DuDE|StanGe Nov 22, 2012 @ 8:15am
Eurogamer took a look at Greenlight (Is it working?)
Eurogamer took a closer look at Greenlight after 3 Month. Some very interesting interviews with indie devs that uses Greenlight and some infos on the Valve side of things. Its worth a read.
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HeliaXDemoN Nov 22, 2012 @ 9:17am 
For the games that has greenlite, yes.
For the rest ~850 games that not near to launch for the next mouths or years, no.

DuDE|StanGe Nov 22, 2012 @ 9:33am 
but only because there are 850 in here does that mean all of them have to come to steam? i don´t think so.
It's Liz! Nov 22, 2012 @ 1:46pm 
Originally posted by HeliaXDemoN:
For the games that has greenlite, yes.
For the rest ~850 games that not near to launch for the next mouths or years, no.


However will we deal without another 100 top down zombie shooters and Slender clones never coming to Greenlight? I am very broken up about this.
TOP-Proto Nov 22, 2012 @ 8:52pm 
Its a good article.

I have been frustrated with the system because if you cannot draw the PR that greenlight demands for you to be in the top 100, it seems like your not on the list to get greenlit.

CPI for example are trying to be careful with our marketing, because we know their are some groups who will demand AAA quality no matter what.

We are trying to stay inside the indie category with the exception of the greenlight community who are looking for new games anyway.

We felt the difference in the stream community versus a traditional indie community straight away with knowledge such as alpha/beta/concept and even greenlit being totally mis-interpreted by some of the steam community, the expectations of the communities also being totally different. For example a steam community expects a game at LEAST 90+% complete where an indie community has no such expectation.

It is extremely discouraging for developers to watch themselves fall further from the top 100, after very successful media campaigns (in the eyes of indie communities but not in steam communities for example) - Although we should be concentrating on making and completing your game than watching greenlight stats anyway :)

I think theirs some serious legroom for Steam to become the croudsource of online games though. Right now Steam are asking people to vote where they would like to spend their money, and I think they could get far better results by finding an amicable solution where people can vote with their money.

croudsources generally do this by offering the donators the ability to "donate in a tier and receive the game"

Steam could very well offer a few tiers.

1. Normal Vote - as it is now.
2. Vote and donate to the developers (different donation tiers too including a tier to pre-order the game)

This bridges the gap between the developers and steam community. It helps new developers, Especially when it comes to working out demand for their game(s) . It allows the steam community contribute to games they want released and feel in control over what games they want released. If the demand is there and the community hits the target required they should get the game they want greenlit and gearing up for the release of the game they want.

With a croudsourced system in place you could still keep the "top 100 lets look for some games to greenlight" and also have a secondary more automated system "game x has recieved $100,000 (disclaimer - just a number picked from the top of my head!) in donations, the developers campaign was they needed ... I don't know $70,000 to complete their game or improve its quality - greenlight them and get the game released"

In all fairness though, greenlight is your own system in place.

I think theirs a good group of the development community and even some of the steam community who are "fingers crossed" that you guys look at croudsourcing in the near future though.

meantime CPI is not in the top 100, can we be looked at for a greenlight?? :)
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