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Cabbie Oct 6, 2012 @ 1:16pm
Starting character levels in custom dungeons
I would like to see custom dungeons show what level of characters/party i should begin with. It would be awesome if they were setup like modules, for example "this dungeon is for lvl 10-20 characters" etc.

Or should i just be starting most of the custom dungeons that are now on the workshop with my imported characters from the end of the original game?

The reason im posting this is because i started playing the GoldLust custom dungeon, which is pretty darn cool btw, with brand new lvl 1 characters. All was fine and challenging until i got to the third floor and i run into one of those huge troll guys with the maces from the final level of the original game! My guys are only lvl 3-4 at this point and its impossible to beat this guy. Also there is a ton of heavy armor items right away on the first floor, which obviouly my guys cant use for long while.

Im not criticizing this guys dungeon, in fact i think its very cool. My point is I probably should have started with a higher level party had i known that it would be difficult pretty quickly. I see people are already trying to recreate D&D modules, so why not add the level requirements the same way? I love this dungeon crawler and would love to see that implemented!

please post your thoughts...
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Terravallis Oct 27, 2012 @ 3:49am 
I agree with you. I would love to keep lvling my original team, but it seems that most dungeons is only for lvl 1 Chars?
Ofonix Oct 28, 2012 @ 2:47pm 
how do u import character? cause i can't
LD-SK 2 Feb 11, 2013 @ 1:41am 
I've put it into the Dungeon description, so anyone who looks at my dungeon can see
"Suitable for any party lvl1+"

Also, it's very easy to adjust the starting level by doing
for j in 1,10 do -- here, 10 = which level you want the heroes to be at (minimum) for i in 1,4 do if party:getChampion(i):getLevel() < 10 then party:getChampion(i):levelUp() -- increase level, give skill points. end end end

So, if they import higher level party, nothing happens, but if they are under-leveled, they will auto-level-up on start.
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