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Ogma Aug 13, 2013 @ 11:36pm
Survival Horror and Sorcery
Greetings Steam Community,

No TL;DR: A TL;DR wouldn't properly capture the idea and no one is making you read this. If you don't wish to read this for any reason, don't. I won't hold it against you. We can still be friends. Though, if I've posted this in the wrong section, anyone feel free to point me in the right direction. :)

I virtually never post on any forum, being content to sit back and just enjoy a product, or pick and choose from various items that make it past the crucible that is production. However, lately I've been harboring a strong desire for what likely doesn't exist, and after talking with a friend, was convinced I should make a request for someone to produce this game in these forums.

The concept for this game is really simple. A particular sub-genre known as Sword-and-Sorcery got really popular in the mid-sixties thanks to writers like Michael Moorcock and Fritz Leiber, and this inspired much of what we know as modern fantasy, heroic or otherwise. Well, I've been a huge fan of classic survival horror and sword-and-sorcery for some time, and I would really love a game that blends the best of these elements. This is the kind of game that would explore the basic theme, "magic has a price."

If there were any RPG elements at all, I'd want them to be very light. The way I imagined this, is that a player would acquire various spells as they progressed throughout the game (Not too many, I wasn't thinking anything more than the number of weapons one would typically find in a standard survival-horror game.) and that these spells would be costly to use, but effective, kind of like the shotgun or grenade launcher from the original Resident Evil. I would expect things like black magic (Witch-sight to see in dark places using up magic power that could be used to fight. This would take the place of a flashlight.), necromancy (Maybe take the life force of some otherwise friendly characters?), pyromancy (All kinds of good stuff here. Using existing as kind of "cameras" to see out of, and good old-fashioned roasting of nasties), and other such renaissance-style magic to be hallmarks.

I've also never bought knives hurting things like zombies with slashes to the chest or arms. What I can buy is a silver dagger with sky-blue runes and a pallid aura proving a potent but risky weapon against such creatures. Or an obsidian blade hungry for the blood of friends and kin. (Think Elric's runeblade Stormbringer.) Or something of that nature. You get the idea. Anyway. After all these suggestions I probably sound like I'm trying to do the developers' jobs for them, but I have one more suggestion; the game should be set in modern-day, the present. The most important part, is that this game should be freaking terrifying. If possible, I'd like to consider Cry of Fear and Amnesia as relaxing compared to this.

If someone does decide to take up this project, I'm not greedy. I don't want anything like royalties, or credit, or whatever. I just want to see something like this made, and I don't think EA, Activision, or their ilk have the vision and the love for the pasttime of gaming required to pull something like this off. I'd make this myself, but all I could do is write the story for it, and conceptualize mechanics. I'm not a programmer or a developer, so I'm putting this idea in the hands of a community that could make it all actually happen. And if this idea totally gets ignored or ridiculed...meh. Oh well. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

Also, if someone wants to try their hand at creating a really good science fiction action-rpg, that would be awesome. Restricted Area has too many bugs.
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C0untzer0 Aug 14, 2013 @ 12:31am 
Well you clearly know what you want, although surely you missed Howard and DuCamp from your list. This forum isn't really for that kind of thing, though. (You're sailing dangerously close to "soliciting" territory) perhaps a small move to the requet a game sub-forum would help?
Also, you'd find more willing collaborators at an indie programmers forum (Every major language or devkit has at least one)
Ogma Aug 14, 2013 @ 12:45am 
Howard as in Robert E. Howard, Conan the Cimmerian? Yeah, he's another big one. Never heard of DuCamp though. Maybe I should go a-digging. Thanks for your help. Would it be better to just delete this post and re-post it in the request a game subforum, or should I ask a mod to do it?
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