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swarƒega Nov 30, 2012 @ 2:02am
Voting figures compared to last year
I would be interested in seeing the voting figures for this year compared to last years.

This year's saxxy event has been much more low key than in 2011. Last year the in game menu was changed along with the music. There were regular announcements too. This year apart from the initial announcement of the event, there's been virtually nothing and by the time I got round to viewing the videos I find there's only 12 to choose from and viewing the videos has been blocked. Just look at the thread reply numbers in this forum, very low.

Bare in mind there are a lot of people who do not read the TF2 blog so there are probably a large number who are not even aware this event is happening.
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Krampus Nov 30, 2012 @ 2:57am 
Its not our trouble,I bet this same amount of people who dont aware of this saxxy awards,is the same amount of people who dont know TF2 has a story or think Saxxy awards is just for TF2,think about the talents which got missed because the too famous ones,or because some stupid people who dont read the rules...
Also next year Im gonna do the unofficial Crankys awards,its gonna be better than this saxxy awards,I said so!
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