Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

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test Apr 21, 2013 @ 11:20am
New skill tree : Sleeper
base passive : I love "sleep".
give sleeping eye patch(eyesight --, hp regen +)
hidden passive : oversleeping without eating.
if you sleep twice without enough interval(3-turn) and without eating,
you suffer from terrible debuff.

level1 : you should sleep when you feel tired.
character pass 7turn(because i sleep 7 hours) and gain full H.P

level2 : Let's sleep together.
make someone sleep(pass 7-turn and gain full H.P)

level3 : sleeper can sleep at any time.
7-turn effective(h.p regen ++, m.p ++, sight --,
burliness,nimbleness,caddishness,stubborness --
Savvy, Sagacity + )

level4 : sleeper notes his dreams.(Sagacity +, haywire +)
passive : after sleep, buff or debuff or nothing.

level5 : sleeper often feel confusion because he dreams without recognizing "it is dream"
gives you an 7 chance on hitting an enemy or being hit to cast Blinding flash

level6 : Oh! my fu*king alarm clock.
you can use while sleeping, Get up instantly with x/7 h.p regen.
and buffs the character with an Empowered form, Berserker rage, Burliness for 24 turn.
after 24 turn, sleep(nightmare) for 24 + x turn.
After 24+x turn sleep, make half h.p is your maximum h.p,&Curse of weakness& Lingering Dullness& curse of the mind for 48 turn
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