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Need a designer (graphics) for final version of a game concept.
Hello anyone out there.
As a part of "Der Stratege", an online strategy game magazine, we need someone who can made graphics for our game concept "Course of War". We don't want to made anything public here in this thread but we have big plans about it.

It is still a lot of work to do but this work never will be done without someone who helps us with the designs. It is important that you can speak german or english!

For more detail send me a privat message and/or invite me as a friend here at steam.
For more information about our magazine visit "" or
"" (english).

Some general things about the game concept:

"Course of War" should be a high end strategy game. The concept isn't finished in content yet but we already have many new ideas how tu publish a big and new strategy game.
When this game will be developed it definitly will be one of the biggest strategy games ever.

It all started as a study with the question how will the perfect strategy game maybe look when it's developed.
Because we have so many positive feedback about the ideas we had we decide to create an article about it but maybe we become this game to be developed?
First we didn't thought that this is possible but there was more positive feedback as aspected.
Many people maybe think that some of our ideas aren't necessary but oen aspect of this project
is to give every detail the same priority. In this case it means that we don't want to cancel any of our ideas.
We know that this means a long development time but we have a unique business model for it.
The only thing missed in our concept team is someone who can create genius designs for icons, backgrounds and concept arts.

If you mean you can join our team pls invite me as a friend and send me a message.
A work sample would be fantastic.

We can't pay anything because we are volunteers (at the moment) but this can change when
we can get this game become developed.
There are some other positive aspects there volunteer work can have but this will be part of a personal talk with me via skype if possible.

We hope that we can invite you in our team soon!

Best Regards,

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Footloose / Tobi Nov 23, 2013 @ 8:22am 
Footloose / Tobi Nov 23, 2013 @ 11:08am 
We can promise you lots of innovative ideas!
We all in our team look forward to publish the concept here on steam.
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