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RamRod May 8, 2014 @ 3:42am
Open world survival and rouge like/lite/hardcore
1st ill clear up that it dose not have to be "open world" for survial. But im thinking of "open world survial " that has a emphasis on the survival aspect(eat, sleep, drink ect). And for rouge like while i enjoy the binding of issac and nuclear throne im thinking of more adventure games with rouge like-hardcore features(like project zombiod and Diablo/terraria clones with hardcore option)

I feel like i have played alot of the note worthy survial games that can fall into these genres but none that really give you that sense of survival. And not many that combat/game mechanics. And since greenlight the amount of pixal-voxel games that have the "survival" and/or "rouge-like" tag is too much. Theres some real gems(and ill leave a few good games at the end)
but most miss the mark for me.

And while 9/10 of the games that have the rouge like title are not technically "rougelike"(turn based 1st person perma death dungeon crawler). Some are barly "rouge-lite"(perma death but carry over something on death).. But i want Hardcore games. Real perma death and theres not many games like that i can think of that have that. and if you take away games that have a softcore, medi-core hardcore options the list gets really small

Anyway, some of the survial games i will recommend

Project Zombiod.
While i have not put in the hours like i have with some other games
Its still a great survival AND hardcore game. Be warned its still in early access and you can get bored as theres really no "end game"..But just for the immersive/intense experance it takes to get to that "iv done it all now what" stage ill recomend this game 1st.

7 Days To Die.
As a survial game its got all the right tools. To me can feel more like a open world write your own adventure game. you can play for awhile not paying any attation to hunger, notice its low equiped one of the many stacks of food and right click 4 times. now you dont have to worry about food till it flashes or you want to mine(because having under 50% hunger makes you mine slower)

Dont Starve:
If you are at all interested in survival games you really owe it to yourself to pick it up. i wont write to much because ill just assume if you dont own it you know of it

Some rougelike's/lite/hardcore

Project Zombiod.
Yeah i said it twice. only because its one of the only game that has perma death. no save, no children to carry on your legacy, no meat effefy. Your dead. yes you can go into the game folder and copy the game save out and use that if you die. The point is the game was desiged around perma death being the only option. not an adventure game with a perma death option put after hardmode

Sir you are being hunted.
I got this game when it was 1st relesed for early access on steam. At 1st the game left a bad taste in its mouth with just how broken it was. Thinking "god ♥♥♥♥ing damm did i just buy another bs early acess game" But over time, with constant updates and listing to the people this is now a pritty solid game. recently out of early access as well. while i still have my own stupidly high standeds when it comes to these sorts of games. I would still recomend this. randomly generated, 1st person, stealth, loot, all that good stuff

Binding of Issac.
If im going to use it to compare games too i better list it here.What is the binding of issac? For me it was like smoking. At 1st i didnt care one way or the other(is this it? whats the big deal)
Then before you know it your determand to unlock more of these awsome and unique powerups, finishing the game just to find out its not really finished. Im assuming most people know of this game as well. But if you dont. Its a fun twin stick shooter with random levels and loot, a unique setting and your attack are your tears(mostly)

Well....With all that said and done how do you feel about the current selection of open world survival and/or rouge like/lite/hardcore games?Any recommendations from current games or games to come?(im personly excited for H1Z1)

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C0untzer0 May 8, 2014 @ 3:46am 
I'm not sure which is funnier, your constant mis-spelling or the fact that you think this is somehow relevant here.
C0untzer0 May 8, 2014 @ 3:50am 
After re-reading it, it's definitely the spelling.
"rouge light" is some kind of pink blusher, right?
RamRod May 8, 2014 @ 4:21am 
Originally posted by C0untzer0:
After re-reading it, it's definitely the spelling.
"rouge light" is some kind of pink blusher, right?
Its like a rogue-lite but mis-spelt because the irony of mis-spelling what you're talking about is funny? I know my spellings poor and its late but thats bad even for me.

And besides the little rant im looking for survival or "rouge light" games. Posting here in hopes someone will point me to a game to greenlight and watch. Or straight up recommend a game
whomst'd've's May 9, 2014 @ 8:59am 
Originally posted by C0untzer0:
I'm not sure which is funnier, your constant mis-spelling or the fact that you think this is somehow relevant here.
Keep in note mister that everyone on steam ain't from a english speaking country and that you should respect everyones spelling no matter how bad it is. You do not know if that person has a desease that makes it hard for him/her to spell. Please remember this for later.
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