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Portal 2 Mapping Contest
Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you interested in getting your maps exposure? Do you revel at the opportunity to test your wit against fellow mapmakers and win fabulous prizes? Than I have the mapping contest for you!

Nowadays on the workshop you’ll find tests overflowing with mechanics and elements, your job will be to trim the excess and create an elegantly simple test. As a matter of fact, you’re only allowed to use one testing element. Not only that, you can only have a maximum of three cubes, and five connections.

The winner of this contest will win any ten euro game on steam of their choice! The stakes are high ladies and gentlemen, there’s no silver or bronze medals here!

To all contestants I offer the opportunity for me to personally rate and review your chambers. Submit early and I can offer feedback and advice to give you a leg up in the competition. This service is available only once, although kudos to the contestants who offer each other feedback, that’s showing real sportsmanship.

The Deadline is April 7nth by midnight . Since I’m bad with deadlines I might be lenient, if you submit late though, I make no promises of accepting it.

Alright, Now for a more comprehensive listing of the rules just to avoid confusion.

Only ONE type of test element allowed.

Things that are testing elements, you can only use one type of these. If you have two things from this list in your chamber it's breaking the rules. Lightbridges, Funnels, Lasers, Faithplates, Lasergrids, Speed Gel, Bounce Gel, Conversion Gel. Also to clarify again, you can use one type of test element but you can have multiple of it. For example, having two lasers in a test would be acceptable, if you had a laser and a lightbridge that would break the rules.

Things like piston platforms, elevators, grating, glass, turrets, acid, laser receivers, cleansing gel, angled panels, emancipation grills and any type of cube can be used freely, there are no restrictions on combining these.

Only five connections, and three cubes allowed.

BeeMod and hammer chambers are allowed, just remember that things like pneumatic vents, energy pellets and crushers ARE test elements.

If your chamber doesn’t follow these rules, it will not be accepted, so please, if you have any questions ask them!

Here’s the criteria I’ll be judging your tests on.

Design- how functional is it? Is the chamber broken or are there places you can get stuck on? How cleverly did you use the mechanics?

Creativity- Is the chamber new and exciting? Or just a rehash of the campaign puzzles.

Puzzles- is the puzzle engaging and interesting to solve, not just a boring procedure of doing extremely easy tasks.

Aesthetic- How does the chamber look, is it spaced and lit well?

Alright I think that covers everything, any questions go ahead and ask them. Have fun and best of luck to you all!
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one question

does a paintgun count as a testing element?
Difficult... as the paintgun uses two types of gel. Alright, I'll say yes, but that counts as your single mechanic if you want to use it. Just to spice things up a bit.
LibreOffice 4 Mar 25, 2014 @ 3:01pm 

Is "five connections" are only for the exit door (for completing the puzzle) or for all elements on the map?
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No that applies to every thing on the map, you are only allowed to make five connections
greykarel 15 Mar 27, 2014 @ 2:27pm 
1. Will you count this as 1 or 4 connections?
2. What about challenging when you rate a map?
1. Sorry to say, that would be four connections, as there are four individual panels being activated. Maybe if you used a track platform you could accomplish that in one connection?

2. Part of the criteria will be challenge, that falls under the category puzzles.

Best of luck in the contest!
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LibreOffice 4 Mar 29, 2014 @ 4:51pm 
Okay, we are not allowed to use more than 3 cubes, but there's no restriction of how many cube/sphere button on the map, right?
levitatingspleen 17 Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:34pm 
Well no, except keep in mind that only five connections are allowed, so anymore than five buttons would be redundant.

Good luck!
After receiving some feedback from contestants I have decided to officially extend the deadline to april 7th midnight. This should hopefully give everybody some more time to polish refine playtest etc

Ok here is my entry

no elements sept a radio

(resub to map if any problems with sky I have fixed this in an update
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ChristianH 7 Apr 7, 2014 @ 1:54am 
Do fizzlers count as test elements?
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