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gloops1 Feb 6, 2014 @ 3:59am
Managing Your Mods
Hi there guys! I have just had a mod related post on nexus. I noted some comments with regard to trying to get mods to work. I have some 75 mods installed in my game and whilst a good chunk of them are ok, there are some that haven't 'kicked in' for some reason. My mods are divided into those installed from the 'Workshop' and those from Nexus.

I just wondered if any you had any tips on this problem all gents' ??? ^o)
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jjb-54 1 Feb 6, 2014 @ 6:23am 
What do you mean - " ... there are some that haven't 'kicked in' for some reason..." ??

Since that phrase is rather vague ... I'll offer a couple of ideas....


Nexus Mods - did you use NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) to install them?
... If so, did you follow through on all the steps?


1st - Download and you'll see the progress at the bottom of the NMM Window.
2nd - When it says COMPLETED, you have to go to the mod and activate it.


Steam Mod - again did you follow through with all the steps.

- Subscribe.
- Open Skyrim Launch Window and allow the Sync to be completed?
- Make sure they are activated by being CHECKED?


- Read the requirements of all the mods?

Meaning - read ALL of the descriptions and note what the mod needs to work.

... Needs SKSE and/or SkyUI and/or Unlimited Bookshelves and/or Cloud Storage as examples of what to look for.

Since you did not say the game CTD's (Crash To Desktop) I'm not going to post the required DLC or will not work with DLC - because those are very very quick CTD's ...


You give the suggestion in your post that you 'break / segregate' your mods. I would suggest that that also could be your problem.


This will load most MODS in the order that they should be in .. .if you have your mods loaded in some quirky order one mod might over-ride the function of another mod. You cannot segregate them (if, like your post suggests) in a Nexus / Skyrim order ....

Happy Hunting Dovahkiin - happy hunting.
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