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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Joker Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:14pm
can i get some help
my game crashes when i start it up help :(
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jjb-54 1 Feb 4, 2014 @ 7:10am 
. o O ( it is vague information post week - yup - it is....)

Wow .... okay ... a little more information would have been helpful.

1st. Was it working prior to this, CTD event?
... or is this a clean install and it won't work?

If it is a clean install - then try this:

Open the Skyrim Icon and see:






Do you have:

HIGH REZ 1/3 - 2/3 - 3/3 Checked?
..... >> If so UNCHECK AND DELETE!

Does it work? If so then do NOT use the High Rez Mods - for most - (not all, some can use them and they work fine) - but other's find they are crap and will/can CTD the game.

It doesn't work? : - (

2nd. What DLC's do you have?

1st. Dawnguard?
2nd Hearthfire?
3rd. Dragonborn?

NOTE: > They must be loaded in this specific order. <

Now turn OFF - (*UNCHECK*) ALL you mods.

NOTE: DLC's are >NOT< Mods - Leave those turned on!

Play game - does it work?

If NO - : - ( ... Then the problem is the Saved Game is corrupted .... or the Skyrim Game is corrupted .. (If yes - it does work .. by pass the instructions untill you get to # 3 ..)

So let's try the 'easy peasy' path first ... sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

. o O ( you might want your drink of choice on ice right now - or that hot cup of coffee)

Go To:

<drive>:\My Games\Skyrim

Create a directory: \holding in this folder.

Move >ALL< Files & Folders into this HOLDING directory. Do not COPY - MOVE THEM. So the only thing you see is:

<drive letter\:\My Games\Skyrim\holding

You see NO other files - folders or anything....

Does the game work? *Yes, the game totally starts over from the beginning.*

Does the game work? If yes --- Then then your saved game was corrupted and you have to start over ... ah ... but wait ..... you still have some work ahead of you! This is NOT over dude....

Alduin is after your computer and you are going to have to put up a fight .. and the power of your Thu'um is not going to win this battle .. you have to use brains ... and some finger work on the keyboard ....

>> But on the perchance that the game still does not work .... : -(

Then you have to totally scrub the game (UNINSTALL) and re-install it from scratch.

... Now the perchance that something above worked and we've narrowed it down to Aludin attacking your mods .....

3rd. To find which Mod Alduin attacked with Draugers ....

Again make sure you Turned OFF all MODS ... NOTE: DLC's are >NOT - NOT< Mods. Do NOT turn those off.

Then play the game. Does it work?

Then you have one or more mods that Aludin sent Draugers too and now are not friendly with each other.

What to do:

First make a list of the mods you have and go to their thread/forums and read;

First - the Description to see if the Creator posted any known bugs / conflicts and/or needed requirements.

... Do they require a DLC that you do not have?
... Will they clearly NOT work w/a given DLC(s) that you have?
... Do they require a 2nd Party MOD: SKSE - SkyUI - SkyRE - Unlimited Bookshelf - Cloud Storage?

. o O ( Thank the 9 I have copy/paste some of these answers in my Note Folder.)

... Read the posts from the users to see if any have experienced similar or semi-similar problems / issues .....

Okay - Done reading? Is your hair line a little thinner??? Is your face starting to look like a drauger?? DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!! Alduin cannot win - Skyrim depends on you Dovahkiin!!

Now turn on the first mod at the top of your list - Play the game ... for a good 5 minutes or so ... use fast travel and go to all the Holds and a couple of other places and walk around a bit too....

If it works ... Woo Hoo .... Alduin, you day is a little closer ...

Then turn on the next mod ... play as stated above ... Repeat until we find the mod(s) that Aludin infected with Draugers .... (NOTE: There could be more than one mod at play here .... )

When the game CTD's (Crashes To Desktop) you've found the first Mod that is Drauger Infected. Turn it off - leave it off and make note of it. Then turn on the next and continue the search and destroy Mission!

Alduin you WILL be defeated ....

When you finally found the one, or more mods that were at play - you should be good to go!

The End ....

THUD .. oh don't worry - I just smacked down another drauger.
sp0ckrates 76 Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:09pm 
On the Skyrim splash screen, select Data.

Clear the check box for every mod and select OK.

After the mods update, start the game.

If it does not crash, one of the mods is the cause. Try restarting the game, selecting Data, and selecting one check box. Continue until the game crashes. The last check box selected is the mod that is causing the crash. One possible cause: The mod requires a DLC you have not installed, such as Dawnguard or Dragonborn.
Joker Feb 4, 2014 @ 3:29pm 
i deleted all mods and it worked so its good
Juggalo Nr One Feb 10, 2014 @ 7:48am 
ok so i do that!

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