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Don't Starve

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yarheeguy Jan 22, 2014 @ 10:45am
custom character ideas.
hay gamers of don't starve

i just thought of some ideas for this great game so here is a list of custom characters that can be alsome for this game

Clementine (walking dead): can be alsome that a zombie survivor little girl can be in maxwell's world

honeydew(yogscast) : can be intresting what a little red dawrf can do in maxwell's world

ellis, nick or francis (left 4 dead): be also good if a l4d survivor can do in maxwell's world

chell(portal): since she a test subject is for sciance i think she can do sciance things in maxwell world

gordan freemen (half-life): i would imangne what the freemen can do in maxwells world

these are just idea that maybe ya can make for don't starve, and if ya do one of them i may play as him/her when i go on don't starve.
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Legandarynep Jan 22, 2014 @ 3:15pm 
I had an idea of my own, if anyone knows what the show Soul Eater is, my character would be Crona, if he was never found by Makka. He would have low Sanity, but starts with a demon sword (Ragnarok). Thaks!
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