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Rafał Polito Aug 10, 2015 @ 5:10am
Release notes


  • Packages - You can share your custom assets using a new package feature. First, create a new asset collection. Next, assign your assets to the just created collection using option Add To from the context menu. When your new collection is ready, you can share it with the Share As Package option. To use collections of other users, browse Dying Light Workshop for asset packages. All of them are tagged as ‘Package’. Choose packages you want to subscribe, then go back to the Dying Light Developer Tools application and select Manage Packages from the Packages category in the Assets window. Select packages you want to use and press the Import Package button.

  • Audio Import - Adding custom audio assets requires the OGG audio file format. Copy all your OGG audio files directly to your project's data directory. If you have your Dying Light Developer Tools application already running, use Refresh File System[/i[from the[i]Refresh menu. Before you use your new audio assets, create an audio bank. To do so, use the Build Audio Bank option from the Validate And Build menu. Your custom audio is now ready!

  • Sharp terrain block connections when raising/lowering terrain fixed
  • Mesh hooks hierarchy issues fixed
  • Malfunctioning scripts for custom items, blueprints, and weapons fixed
  • Non-night Zombie screams and HUD notification "Night is Coming" fixed
  • Wrong counting tangents for mirrored UVs fixed




  • CO-OP and PvP - support to custom maps. You can enable co-op and PvP by using quest phase ‘pvp’, controlled with a script in data\scripts\challenges\CoopChallengesParams.scr. There is an example in the file under ‘auto_pvp’.

  • Fixed tall grass disappearing when using brushes.
  • Improved terrain texture blending.
  • Fixed forcing time and weather in the level attributes – parameters m_ForceDaytimeLook and m_ForceWeather

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AJanik_Techland  [developer] May 19, 2016 @ 6:29am 
Dev Note for the developer tools buggy update

The Buggy

To use buggy make sure to add all buggy-related scripts and preset files which are present in example map. Those scripts are located in:
  • /Dying Light Developer Tools/Template/data/presets
  • /Dying Light Developer Tools/Template/data/scripts/vehicles

Driver Skills

To enable all player’s driver skills on specific map add “SkillsDriver()” part to "default_player_setup.scr" file and use it in "main()" script part.
It’s already set in the "Example map", so use it as reference.

Mesh Visibility Params

While working on The Following DLC some meshes were modified. That’s why some assets may be invisible (e.g. bush_a.msh). To reenable them, remove “<map_name>_meshvisibilityparams.scr” file. “<map_name>” is the name of your map.

Tiny Objects

Grass, rocks, flowers… just Tiny Objects, got fixed. Unfortunately some essential files got changed due to missing assets. To reenable all of them copy the “<map_name>_foliage.scr” file from template files (DW\Data\Maps\_template_files\$MAPNAME$_foliage.scr). Moreover you have to change DensityMap parameter, inside this script, for every layer. Just replace “$MAPNAME$” with your map’s name.

Existing maps won’t get these changes by default. "Example map" is configured properly though.
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