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Sanocon Aug 14, 2014 @ 11:45pm
Star Fox Mod (Roadblock due to xedmod, help)
So I am a fan of Strike Suit Zero, I am also a fan of Starfox. So I ended up thinking, why not put these 2 together? This thought came on and off until I saw a fan trailer of the origanal starfox but in modern graphics. I'll post a link below.

After compairing SS0 to the video, the way the post effects looked were almost the same.
So I think its time to actualy get this space party started! Some things to note, I am new to XedMod and my 3d modeling is ok at best...

So what do you folks think? I have a prototype Arwing done, but it's not as good as i want it to be. I'll do a few touchups before posting it.


UpDate!!!!!: So the arwing is praticaly done. I might do some more detail via a normal map. However this project has a bit of a setback, Xedmod is not starting SS0 properly, by looking at tutorials it's supposed to just boot the game and run the level, but it just boots up like I'm starting the game normaly. I have Windows 8.1 so that might be the problom.
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