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Within Temptation concert mod
Collection by Sn@ke
Replaces the concert of "Midnight Riders" in "Dark Carnival" campaign for the concert Dutch symphonic rock band Within Temptation Мод,заменяющий концерт "Полуночных всадников" в кампании "Мрачный карнавал" на концерт голандской симфо-рок группы Within Tem
Ellis Skins by M@Ð$k!llz
Collection by Sir Fappy Fapington The Third
Skins that i made for Ellis.
Collection by Ducky
nothing much,
Tactical Armory Weapons: Skins / Sounds / Mods
Collection by serenity of suffering
A collection of weapons mods & skins that i use. Add / subcribe them all to make your Left For dead 2 experience that little bit different.
Hyde's suspenseful, precise and dramatic collection
Collection by Meekelis
A set of Left 4 Dead 2 workshop items that will get you deeply immersed in this game by changing and enhancing many of its core elements - GUI, sounds and music, weapons. This pack brings HD textures (common infected, poster portraits, skyboxes, blood
This is minecraft !
Collection by Devon Miles
This is MINECRAAAFT !!!!!!!! Best minecraft pack for L4D2 !
Mods Pack (Skins, Mods, Scripts) by Penta
Collection by Penta
Huge pack of mods for l4d2 :)...
Realistic Skins for L4D2
Collection by switcH
Realistic Skins for L4D2, hope you enjoy it :)
Left 4 Dead custom updates
Collection by Viper52
This work is not mine only for updates to the above game , its a good game i like playing this and custom work always looks good if its done great and these looks really good .
WE L4D2 Nao
Collection by El mago OGRO
Party Cows
Collection by fasoh
party dedededede cows dedededede
The Slack Pack (L4D2)
Collection by ⚡🍉OverlordTomala🍉⚡
Skins, sounds and maps used by The Guild Of Slackers. Who have been ruining gaming since 2004.
Made to Order
Collection by Iron_Giant
Workshop Items that my input has directly affected, or "made to order".
Left For Video games
Collection by Paladin Falkland
Wanna make your Left for dead 2 more fun? THIS IS IT! this collection contains cool mods from the workshop all credits goes to the creator's!
HD-IMPROVED Left 4 Dead 2 Models
Collection by bigg gigg kidd
Workshop items that improves the way L4D2 looks without changing gameplay in anyway.
Terminus Popular Custom campaigns
Collection by Terminus
Custom games for my mates
Blood Splatter Characters
Collection by Sombie
Includes all L4D and L4D2 Characters together and seperatley
Sailor Moon Song Mods
Collection by Cele Teddy
All song mods of Sailor Moon By Cele Teddy
chumba wumba
Collection by The Comedian
Collection by Sin_smile
The incredible Stank MOB
Collection by Foxi
Get Gud
Collection by Dr. Nowzaradan
go away
Collection by eXeLenT
Всё Моё!
Are you feeling it now, Left 4 Dead 2?
Collection by Spitfire
Touhou 4 project 2
Collection by 提不起劲骑士
Ehhhh.....have fun
Collection by 앱솔
Titanfall Weapon pack
Ay Gringo
Collection by Mr Dunbrody
L4D2 Collection
Collection by SeaBanananers
L4D2 SlySharp
Collection by Sly
K-Starr's Let's Build Collection
Collection by Keiro Starr|SHOCK THE SYSTEM
A Collection if maps that use the "Let's Build" Gamemode by Rimrook
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