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Squad Modding Workshop in its current state allows for custom maps to be added to the core Squad game and to be played on non-licensed servers.
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Squad Modding Weekly Roundup
Collection by rocode
Mod List for the Squad Modding Weekly Roundup community event. Please subscribe and download before the event starts!
Squad Россия - MODS - NORTHEUM.COM
Collection by Art
Моды сервера Россия #2 - NORTHEUM.COM
]NG[ Custom Server Maps/Mods
Collection by ]NG[Rammen4
ALL CUSTOM CONTENT IS BROKEN TILL MODDING 2.0 IS OUT RIP The NG Custom Server is now live! This collection contains everything you need to play We're currently running the Troopers mod 24/7 - We also run our bi-weekly custom events every Wednesday
Desmo's Playground Mod Collection
Collection by AngryMob
Required Mod Collection For Desmo's Playground Custom Servers. Subscribe to all to stay up to date. Favorite the collection to find it easily when needed. Visit us on discord! Desmo.gg/discord
Map Squad
Collection by FAR.STAN
Squad Modding Hub Official
Collection by rocode
29th Squad Mods
Collection by Robles [29th ID]
These are the mods used for Easy Company
Ger-Squad Mod Event
Collection by Lucifer
Gemeinsam mit den Server Partnern der GER-SQUAD-Community präsentieren wir euch das erste offizielle Mod-Event "Karkand & Peninsula". Date: SO, 13.05.2018 19.00 Uhr Mods: Strike at Karkand UND Samland Peninsula --> Beide Karten müsst ihr installiert ha
[FR] = [R A F] = Serveur VIP
Collection by [R A F] Palermo
Voici les cartes disponibles sur notre serveur custom réservé à nos membres VIP.
Level Gaming Official Map Pack
Collection by AN | Ac3ofNight
This is the official Level Gaming Map Pack for Modded Squad Nights and the competetive season. For any issues with the mod please contact the @Level Modding Team on Discord.
B&H Mod Collection
Collection by AMERICA!
B&H Dedicated Assets Mod List will be kept up to date with which mods we are using for our mod events.
Valhalla Modded Event
Collection by KingMeatuis
*WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* When you click to join the server you're going to see a white screen don't worry your game didn't crash just loading the mod! Mods in this list Agrabah Skorpo Karklan ForestAir Helicopters
Collection by Bill Nye
Future Squad
Collection by [RM]Chops111
This will be amazing
The Playground 2 Mod Collection
Collection by funieman04
Mods needed for The Playground 2
Bill's Mods
Collection by Bill Nye
It's my mods
FUBAR Party Pack
Collection by Smed
One stop shop for all FUBAR mods.
Collection by 队友被杀,边笑边刷
如需更新请留言 Dust2-KSK Dust2专用服/划水 Dust2体验服 Heli-E.M.A.M/划水 -(直升机
great maps
Collection by [Squad-Wiki-Con]DanielNL
Squad Atlantic Showdown
Collection by AN | Ac3ofNight
Ladies and Gentlemen we here at Level Gaming are proud to showcase for the Squad Atlantic Showdown modded maps so that everyone is on a blank slate. so get downloading and get prepping so we can show to the world who is better, NA or EU. Map Selection w
Collection by [ESPS] Napster653
BF2 Retro Night
Collection by Spam
The modpack required to participate in The Playground's Retro Night!
SR Clan Night Collection
Collection by Sign
A set of mods required to participate in the Smoking Rilfes Clan Night events.
Bomb Squad custom maps für Squad!>!
Collection by lippianer
Squad Private Collection
Collection by GandBeckz
Squad Private Collection for me and my friends
Collection by {NORCAL} Godless
VKT Practice Maps
Collection by Royvas
Level Gaming 40v40 Tournament Map Pack
Collection by AN | Ac3ofNight
This is the official map pack for the 40v40 LvL Gaming Season. You will need to download this to participate in the season. To make sure it downloads make sure that on the drive squad is saved in there is 35Gb or more of free storage and if it doesnt lo
Mumblerines events!
Collection by [Squad-Wiki-Con]DanielNL
Collection by Vorobey
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