The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The PC Gamer Skyrim Mod Collection: New Content
Автор(и) колекції Pentadact
These are our picks for the best new content the community has added to Skyrim: gorgeous locations, spectacular spells, interesting features. We prefer stuff that isn't wildly unbalanced or an outright cheat, but this pack certainly makes Skyrim a diffe
Автор(и) колекції TheHyde
Are you looking for some REAL real estate? If so, check out this great collection of mods that deals with getting cool new player houses, abodes, lairs, and hideouts, as well as improving existing ones! Remember kids, home is where the daedra heart is! :D
My Cool Collection Of Mods For Skyrim
Автор(и) колекції KrypTo 3000
A bunch of skyrim mods that i thought were really cool and wanted to share this collection with others. Credits go to the respective owners
Автор(и) колекції G20
Dwemer, the dwarves of Tamriel, long since gone, but not forgotton, their magnificent architecture still dominates many landscapes, their techniology, weapons, armor and magics are still being used, and much more yet to be discovered. This is a collecti
Мини-Моды на Скайрим
Автор(и) колекції Husky | Fox In Wonderland
Здесь я собираю различные модификации на The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Не такие, вроде шлема курицы или скина человека-паука), а хорошие, графические моды, также на новые локации, новых животных и всего в таком плане. Ниже в ко
Ultimate Mod Pack |150+ Mods!|
Автор(и) колекції Ob'yekt 155
Requires all the expansions and SKSE. I've gathered all the greatest mods that I could find, and then put them into a neat little bundle with a ribbon on top. 179 |compatible| mods in total, enjoy. Thanks to PCGamer for their wallpaper/background: ht
Best Skyrim Mods (workshop and nexus)
Автор(и) колекції Docter How
LAST UPDATE; October 20th, 2013 This is a Collection of what I believe are the best Skyrim mods available on the workshop. The picture is a screenshot by me using these mods, except no ENB. Please rate this collection depending on if you like the
Сборная солянка [RUS]
Автор(и) колекції Dracozyabrische[rus]
ДАННАЯ СБОРКА ПРЕСЛЕДУЕТ СЛЕДУЮЩИЕ ЦЕЛИ: - совместимость самих модов между собой и сейвами игрока. - возможность запустить старые (без модов) сохранения в режиме "как есть\как получится." без фатальных вылетов игры. - собрать макс кол-во русских мод
The Best Skyrim Mods By UraNuS
Автор(и) колекції UraNuS
My List of The Best Skyrim Addons!! Organized by sections... [The Most Important!] [HUDs & Viwers] [Race and Class] [Weapons & Magic] [Characters & Armors] [Utilities & Tools] [Houses & Towns] [Horses & Followers] [Creatures & Gameplay] Enjo
Skyrim Hilarity
Автор(и) колекції Dert Jarlin
A collection of ridiculous and insane skyrim mods to make your run-of-the-mill game experience a bit more interesting. It will most likely also break your game, so these are not for the serious gamers nor the faint of heart. For the full experience, dow
Graphics and Game
Автор(и) колекції rafcio.s
After this set of modes will have a nicer world Skyrim, interesting gameplay, cool music, and various smaller additions which increase the attractiveness of the game, and most importantly we do not slow down the graphics. I play on a laptop with 9600GS 51
ShadowSlayer's Collection
Автор(и) колекції ShadowSlayer
Just a collection of mods I think are neat to have
Essential Skyrim Modifications
Автор(и) колекції Nebenwirkung
This is my first collection of Skyrim modifications (110+). Basically it is some kind of massive overhaul with some of my favorite mods, they take everything from texture details and the soundtrack to survivabilty, gameplay and items... All of them wor
How Skyrim Should Be
Автор(и) колекції ThotVaccine
This is a collection of mods that i recommend to friends and believe should have been in the game to start with. Enjoy!
My TES:V Skyrim Collection
Автор(и) колекції ◢◤Baтц_26◢◤
Bu koleksiyon benim atölyeden beğenip TES:V Skyrim modlarını içerir. This collection includes my favourite TES:V Skyrim mods from Steam Workshop.
Houses Collection
Автор(и) колекції Ragnrok
Collection of great Skyrim Houses mods. Ranging from little huts to massive castles!
The Skyrim Enhancement Project
Автор(и) колекції Chicken Sandwich
This is a collection of my current mods. The goal: To enhance skyrim's vanilla feel without becoming too over powered, or too silly. We want mods that are lore friendly, largely are not over powered, and do not detract from the vanilla experience.
All Around Pack
Автор(и) колекції Mr. Piggles
This is a pack that covers alot of the modding aspects of Skyrim. You get a big selection of HD texture mods, 3 horse mods, 5 house mods, and alot of weopon/armor mods. (There's a bonus mod pair in here for you MineCraft fans.)
Civilizing Skyrim
Автор(и) колекції sgtwinkler
A pack of fully compatible mods that expand Skyrim's population and building count, making it a more civilized world to live in. Figuring prominently in these buildings are houses built in honor of the Dovahkiin, of course. Expand life in Skyrim to a mor
Bacon's Mods
Автор(и) колекції Bacon Overlord®
Critic's Collection
Автор(и) колекції =AJSA= The Critic
Just a Collection!
My favorite mods for content
Автор(и) колекції sgtwinkler
All of my favorite mods that add content, gameplay time, characters, and items to the game.
Mikhanator's Skyrim Collection
Автор(и) колекції mikha
A collection of mods to enhance my personal world of Skyrim, creating a much more heighted enjoyable experience! ===== *All DLC's are required for the full experience; some mods require the DLC* ===== A big shoutout to those who created the mod
Автор(и) колекції jessmeister0070
Exhilaration of the Senses: Total Immersion Collection
Автор(и) колекції MonkeyFucker69
Exhilaration of the Senses (or "EotS" for short) is a Collection of modifications REQUIRED for loyal gamers to have their MINDS BLOWN! NOTE: YOUR COMPUTER WILL MOST LIKELEY NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT IF IT IS NOT AT LEAST AN "AMD8" VIDEO CARD. IF YOU HAVE
Peral's Skyrim
Автор(и) колекції hOLDtHEdOOR
this a few mods i found to run smothly together, focused mainly around female adventures as well as a few lore friendly weapons and enviromental mods. ty to all those that contributed. CBF curvey can be subbed for the slim, just if ur going to makea child,
Skyrim Sexy HD Nature and Characters
Автор(и) колекції Khellus
A mass collection of mods that improve the immersiveness of skyrim while improving the Characters meshes and textures.
My Favourite Skyrim Mods that Work Together
Автор(и) колекції ^6Ligma
These are all of the best Skyrim mods (in my opinion) which do the following: - Improves the games (graphically and mechanically) - Adds more buildings - Adds new homes - Adds new NPCs - Adds new commands - Adds new abilities - Adds new magic - Add
No lore breaks and also HD!!!
Автор(и) колекції Shoosher
Don't you hate it when stuff looks so boring in Skyrim and the story gets boring and mods obliterate the lore Bethesda has painstakingly worked to produce? I know I do, so before I sound like a cheesy 50's spokesperson any more you should download this cra
Skyrim revamped
Автор(и) колекції Ragna
MOD IT Until it Crashes
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