Steam Greenlight
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PC Gamer Greenlight collection
ชุดสะสมโดย PC Gamer
Kickstarter Picks
ชุดสะสมโดย tyam
Games that were crowd-funded via Kickstarter. Note: As time goes on and more and more games start using both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain this list. Although I am heavily invested in the Kickstarter co
November 12th Batch of Greenlight Titles
ชุดสะสมโดย ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on November 12th, 2013 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in
Seal of Approval: For your Consideration
ชุดสะสมโดย Raketenziesel
333+ Steam Greenlight™ listed games which look promising and original. The listing is subjective and in no particular order — although I try to keep exceptional stuff on top — and it comes with no claims of completeness. Feel free to like and fave the
Wartinald's Greenlight Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย Wartinald
Hello! I'm using this collection to track all my favourite games from Steam Greenlight, I encourage you to vote and support all games that you see interesting!
Fighting Games and Beat 'Em Ups
ชุดสะสมโดย TheRealDealReece
A collection for anyone looking to find and discuss fighting games, beat em ups and just any combat centric games in general that are on greenlight. The background artwork I used is fan art by ronchan.
Steam Users With Taste
ชุดสะสมโดย Saxton Fail
Choosing the best of the best. A collection of Greenlight games we wouldn't mind adding to our robust Steam library... and actually play for more than 10 minutes. I've gone through more than 1,000 of these games (videos, screenshots) so you wont have t
Knight Greenlight Selection
ชุดสะสมโดย Knight
This is, simply, the list of games that called the attention of a person who have been playing all sort of games since more than 20 years and who seeks quality, originality and, above all, fun. Besides being a "veteran" gamer, I'm a member of the videog
Big Greenlight Collection of Games
ชุดสะสมโดย George the Crab-17
Collected all of the best/good games on the whole greenlight.
ชุดสะสมโดย Binco
整理用のお気に入りリスト ほぼ完成形の作品を別個で分類
Stanmons' hotlist
ชุดสะสมโดย stanmons
I like rogue-likes, 4x, fantasy-themed games, RPGs, beat'em up, turn-based strategy, board games, (economic) simulations and that sort, occasionally even a point and click adventures and platformers if they are appealing enough in theme, graphics and mecha
GoodShowSir's Greenlight Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย justinleego
ชุดสะสมโดย (SQT) Franco
Spiele die ich gerne mal im STeamshop hätte ;).
ชุดสะสมโดย binder
Games of note (to me) for whatever reason.
Awsome games
ชุดสะสมโดย 7H3OF8
Лучшие инди-игры
ชุดสะสมโดย Шпикибульбочки
Здесь самые лучшие инди-игры
!!! New games indie
ชุดสะสมโดย 💀K1llm1s7eR💀
orea games
ชุดสะสมโดย DOOM HAMMER
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