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Free Skiier
ชุดสะสมโดย Ertz™
The Cordial Citizen's Cultivated Costume
ชุดสะสมโดย A trained chimpanzee
Three-piece Medic set done by me and also the socks were textured and made pretty and stuff by good item maker and all around cool guy Constructor. Go vote for the items or something I guess.
Tf2 Bot Overhaul
ชุดสะสมโดย Showin
This is a complete overhaul of the standard bots in Team Fortress 2! Support for new gamemodes, Weapon Randomizer, etc! You can download the full mod here. I will continue to update this mod as new maps are r
OverPovered's War Paints
ชุดสะสมโดย OverPovered
War paints that I have made
The Bill Moray Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย The Rare Aquatic Pyro
Ever wanted to own a talking Moray Eel? Now you can! Bill Moray is a Moray Eel with a personality! (and a wriggly body) Nomming on your head, Bill is a perfect barbecue buddy. Comes in 4 different styles, Bill Moray (Default), Jigglebones (Halloween), Mora
The Case of War Paint Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย |TvM| Fishy Uber Muffin
This collection is for all my War Paints that are inspired by Cases
The Dirty Worker
ชุดสะสมโดย Ducksink
A 50s mobster mafia set for the sniper, includes a weapon!
Handsome Mug
ชุดสะสมโดย Handsome Mug
Frontline Map Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย Team Frontline
This is the collection of maps for the Frontline! Community Project. The cosmetic items (and weapons) have been moved to a separate collection in order to reduce the size of both co
ชุดสะสมโดย Rotzlöffel
Don't be unkindly to a monster! It might protect you from evil monsters!
The Tropic Triggermann
ชุดสะสมโดย QuestionablyInsane
This is a set concepted by Extra Ram, made by Questionablyinsane and promoted by Deasdemona, This set is fun due it fitting both the Jungle Update and the Frontline Update because the set is based on the Australian Soldiers that fought in Kokoda Track cam
The Badlands Bandito
ชุดสะสมโดย JPRAS
An outlaw bandit cowboy set for pyro.
Dell in a Shell
ชุดสะสมโดย >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of items for Halloween 2014, based around the idea of the 'Turtle Engie'
Cloaking Spell Caster
ชุดสะสมโดย KaLS
A wizard set for the Spy made by a few friends and me. This set is for most part very flexible, allowing players to make nice combos with the parts.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Bonkin'
ชุดสะสมโดย Sparkwire
Live fast, die old
Pie_Savvy's 2018 Singles Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย Pie_Savvy
A collection of all my one off hats & miscs that I've made. Will feature all of my non-set items that needed a loving collection to call their home
Happy Farmer
ชุดสะสมโดย 💣VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Jacques the Ripper
ชุดสะสมโดย Rozzy
Taking the shortcut through that dark alley will cut both you and your journey time in half.
The Artillery Sentry
ชุดสะสมโดย Rotzlöffel
Vote now for the Sentry Artillery Kit! This set was created to fill the hole for the empty engineer PDA slot. Feel free to try the mod:
JZeeba's Smissmas 2016 Winter Items
ชุดสะสมโดย <<GT500>> JZeeba
A collection of winter-themed items that I've collaborated on :)
The Exterminator
ชุดสะสมโดย Zoey
The Warbreaker
ชุดสะสมโดย JPRAS
Soldier trench items
Boss Builder Styles
ชุดสะสมโดย QuestionablyInsane
Just a simple style set that swaps out the shirt of the jacket. Boss style has a dressshirt and tie. Bomber has a pocketed button up shirt and Beatnik is a turtleneck.
The KritzKast Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย Agro | KritzKast
KritzKast, the weekly TF2 podcast has brought pleasure to the ears of tens, possibly even thirty or so listeners since we started back in 2008. Now you have your chance to own a little bit of TF2's past present and future in a form that you already know an
Triplecrosser's Touch
ชุดสะสมโดย Big Bob
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" doesn't really apply when your job is betraying every single person you meet. "Keep everyone at the length of a stab motion away from you" would be a more accurate piece of advice. Models by Big Bob Te
XL Scout Set
ชุดสะสมโดย Ruskeydoo
Edit (29/9/2015): Re-uploaded for Halloween 2015. If you like what you see, please give the ones with pumpkins upvotes :) (I kept the old ones up so people's comments aren't lost) Shotgun Heavies of the world unite! Fat Scouts, now is our time! For t
Custom Unusual Effects
ชุดสะสมโดย JCapps (Read Profile Bio)
All unusual effects that I have made!
Armaments of Another Era
ชุดสะสมโดย Rozzy
A big set for a big mann.
Nordic Numbskull
ชุดสะสมโดย Merczy
Asguardian armor for soldier! *possible weapon coming soon*
The Classic Conagher
ชุดสะสมโดย Merczy
Ain't nothing wrong with the classics son.
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