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Potential Games
收藏者 ⎛⎝LUFFY⎠⎞
Games that is potentially fun. Could be the next big hit or one that worth the money and time.
Downloadable Contentment: Looking Forward
收藏者 Rayne Shepard
This is a collection of games that I want to keep an eye out for and hopefully write about.
Greenlight Favoriten von Endzeitkind
收藏者 Endzeitkind
Eine Kollektion von Greenlight Titeln, die Endzeitkind gerne auf Steam sehen würde! (
Awesome :)
收藏者 BranacleBoy
Games that look really good :)
GoodShowSir's Greenlight Collection
收藏者 justinleego
Greenlight stuff
收藏者 Lumynah Nexus "Glacial Fire"
name says it all
Toner's Top Ten Greenlight picks
收藏者 Toner
A list of Toner's top ten favorite Greenlight entries. If any of them get chosen, they'll be replaced with others. Please check these games out!
Indie Watch Llist
收藏者 ShekaGotU
List of indie games that are currently in development or completed that I am following and hope to be greenlit on steam.
收藏者 Fishy Noodle
All my hype
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