Portal 2
Portal 2
歡迎來到光圈科技實驗中心,對於實驗精神努力不懈者的歸屬。輕鬆創造、分享並遊玩由《傳送門 2》社群設計的測驗室。想像力就是您的創造力!為科學盡一份心力吧!
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Let's start the test
收藏者 -ТОУН-
Just fun levels!!1!
Community Mods
收藏者 lmbogart
Portal 2 Community Mods
End Of Aperture: Series
收藏者 ZeekyLawn79
End Of Aperture is Portal 2 custom series takes place in Aperture Science, 27 years after Chell escaped the facility.
The Bender's MapPack
收藏者 Black Jack And Whǿres
Very simple levels, I know. But still there's something about them that I like. Maybe because I'm a Creator ? :D
The Deceiving tests
收藏者 Apache
Endless Possibilities
收藏者 King
In this series, you play as a female test subject named Poppy as she travels through a new testing track. Place in Timeline: After Portal 1 (Expanding Science), Before Portal 2
Portal 2 Coop Maps
收藏者 Laetificat
Collection of some really awesome coop map series Credit for all maps goes to their respective creator
old chamber
收藏者 james gamer v4.0
srs bsnss + BEN77 = Map Collection
收藏者 [ n/a ]
Had so many of these guys' maps favorited that I decided to put them in a collection together.
收藏者 [ n/a ]
These are my favorite singleplayer one-off maps.
收藏者 [ n/a ]
These are my favoirte single player map collections. Maps that are made in a series and don't stand alone.
portal 2 mods
收藏者 B4conBoyZ_Yt
Meming around at the speed of sound
收藏者 Logan |
Gel Master
The Maxdragonn Parable
收藏者 KazerLight
We're doomed. He's powerful. A surreal and absurd series about a mad chair called Max.
Mapa inscritos mais não são criados por mim
收藏者 Lendario Guilmon
Muito divertido esses mapas e alguns são bens faceis e outros dificeis parabens ára todos os criadores de mapas até para os que eu ainda não joguei
Trap Detectors
收藏者 TChapman500
Maps that have trap detectors built into them. They'll provide a way out in the event that you trap yourself.
收藏者 TChapman500
Maps designed to show off a specific feature.
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