Portal 2
歡迎來到光圈科技實驗中心,對於實驗精神努力不懈者的歸屬。輕鬆創造、分享並遊玩由《傳送門 2》社群設計的測驗室。想像力就是您的創造力!為科學盡一份心力吧!
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Good Test
收藏者 Niko
Пак карт созданных в Puzzle Creator лично мною.
Asylum Coop
收藏者 Exren
Exren -RC
Portal 2.1 Episode One
收藏者 Hexapig
Portal 2.1 allows the player, a robot of Aperture Science design, to complete several test chambers while discovering what has become of GLaDOS, Wheatley and the other characters since Portal 2. In Wheatley's moon testing facility, built out of space debri
DemoPans Portal 2 workshop submissions!
收藏者 The Demopan of Panshire
All of my Workshop submissions, compact into one little collection! You can download all of my maps, but in the 'Co-Operative Operation' ones, you should play them in order to what there title suggests.
The simple collection
收藏者 BAD_LUCK.inc
All my simple test chambers
The Radikle contest
收藏者 giggs
Custom map and minigame for a contest with Radek and Tikle
收藏者 Nobody Suspects a Thing
with your partner in science, go through a set of courses with gels, cubes, lazer emmiters, and more!
Cooperative Conundrums
收藏者 metal sonic's son
The first 8 co-op maps I've created, collected together for downloading convenience.
Portal 2 maps by the Douche!!
收藏者 Im Just A Dave
Portal 2 maps I made long ago!! Now I can't solve some... Can you?
Derrame cerebral
收藏者 Mr Lemon
Next Gen Testing
收藏者 Ashkanar
A short series (19) of Test Chambers to explore different aspects of puzzle layout. Difficulty varies from easy to tricky and is meant to be Fun to play.
Osar's tests
收藏者 Osariusz
My tests. This is great tests, and you have to play in it!
收藏者 Eror 404
Salles de test
收藏者 False
Une série de tests solo par La Tranche De Pain.
A Cube and Her Button
收藏者 [Re-Animator]
Put the cube on the button. I believe that sentece sums this little collection of test chambers up quite well. Of course, nothing is that simple. Here, you will have to think outside the cube and find clever and outlandish ways to solve these puzzles.
Portal Coop mups
收藏者 3pic Sexy Calvin
for special coop buds
portal 101 parts
收藏者 Thegood Choiseworlds ŦĦŞ
Levels created by Bengaminvlog.com and Thegood Choiseworlds inc. 2015.
More Tests for Since!
收藏者 Reybunny
Tests for the Since!
Tricky stuffs i made
收藏者 Bone Daddy
Ah yes.. these are my tricky test chambers. I made them because I was bored. I hope you enjoy.
Portal 2: Remasters
收藏者 Hellraiser
A collection of maps that were originally created by others, which I have then recreated from scratch in Hammer. The tests themselves are unchanged. But as these are pure recreations, without using the original map in any way, cosmetics are most likely
A lot of maps
收藏者 Quberry
The surprise
收藏者 viklo
The surprise 1 & 2
Cooperative Themed Puzzles
收藏者 TheSkeletalPsycho
A collection of cooperative puzzles themed around one testing element each.
Random Test Chambers
收藏者 Depressed Fusion
(Ingore The image XD) Bored of Steam and want to play portal? But dont want to play the portal story? Play my random Test Chambers! Loads of fun! -Rankz
MechaSlinky Collection 01
收藏者 MechaSlinky
Ten test chambers that start off simple and progressively continue to be simple. Or maybe they get more complex and difficult. Who can say? I suppose I can, actually. Let me start over. The MechaSlinky Collection is a mix of various kinds of test chambe
Test Subject of the 80's
收藏者 TheBossCDA
Play as one of the test subjects present at Aperture Science in the 80's! Test the many of the Aperture Science testing apperatus before they get released on store shelves! Get paid sixty bucks! All these qualities and more are present when you si
Meine Karten
收藏者 holZone
Danjoresque's Chambers
收藏者 Danjoresque
"Co-op Test" map pack
收藏者 Steelman
All "Co-op Test" maps from Steelman is here Please, rate and play!
Fighting with Portals Initiative
收藏者 Apple Mecha
This is a collection of puzzles that utilizes sentry turrets, and also serves as the first puzzles I have created. I very much hope you enjoy them. This collection will be continually updated in the future.
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