Portal 2
Portal 2
歡迎來到光圈科技實驗中心,對於實驗精神努力不懈者的歸屬。輕鬆創造、分享並遊玩由《傳送門 2》社群設計的測驗室。想像力就是您的創造力!為科學盡一份心力吧!
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Important Choices
收藏者 HJOW
There are some switches, or buttons. You can turn on, or press them which make your path correctly. Also, there are some switches (or buttons) you must not touch. So, you should see everything and make a dicision. I uproad testrooms with self-test.
La collection Portal 2 des "Workshopers"!
收藏者 opino72
FR : Ceci est la collection regroupant toute les salles de test de Portal2 et les collections de salles de test de Portal 2 des membres du groupe "Les Workshopers" "(LW[FR_EN_ES])" : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Les_Workshopers EN : This is the co
P01 Coop Test Chambers
收藏者 Michael P01
These are the P01 cooperative test chambers. play them all with a friend. Achievements: Still in the game: Make it through test chamber 8 without you, your partner or your cubes dieing. Hidden Friend: Find the hidden companion cube in test chamber 1
Parallel Universe Cooperative Testing
收藏者 Thunder
Hello and Welcome While making those other apertures pay for test chamber construction, we've decided to start planning Co-op test chambers. What we are expecting to accomplish with these tests is still unknown. But do not worry! All data is going to be
收藏者 Yeezy
Made2build's Test Masterpeices
收藏者 Thyther
This collection contains ten tests that build off eachother, teaching the vitals similar to the main game, then branches off to difficult puzzles.
Entrance to awesomeness
收藏者 Bender_The_Great
A colection of tests for all dificulty levels. Enjoy!
Jigglypuff's Chambers
收藏者 DirkNiblick
My collection of test chambers. These chambers subscribe to the notion of making the problem solving "fun". Exploring the environment and putting the pieces together for that "ah ha" moment when you realize you figured it out.
[SP]The Companioncube
收藏者 Tschilkroete
These are my first story based Portal 2 maps!
Pika's tests
收藏者 Hey, Pika!
Here I'll put my creations, hope you enjoy them :D
Concept Items
收藏者 Nucleareal
Test Chamber Concepts of mine
The Butters Pack
收藏者 Butters Stotch
A collection of simple but challenging tests that you will find simply challenging. Note that this collection is mandatory for all employees grade 7-A. Meals will not be provided but you may bring a sack lunch. All liquids must be stored in a covered conta
收藏者 KoreańskiKrólDyskotek
Portal 2.5
收藏者 Tasty_Pizza
Новая серия карт Portal 2, которая даст ключ к информации о Portal 3, а так же дате выхода. The new series of maps of Portal 2 , which will give the key to information about Portal 3 , as well as the release date. Дополнительная информация: http://vk.com
Can you do it again?
收藏者 LPChip
This collection features maps that will make you solve a puzzle to press a button. The magic lies in changing the puzzle and let you do it again. Can you solve the same puzzle again once it has changed slightly?
Perpetual Testing Initiative - Tony
收藏者 TonyKane
Such an original title and image, I know (that was sarcasm, by the way). These are just a few puzzles I'm making. I'm starting with just buttons and portals and I'm going to work in more of the other testing elements as I go. Let me know what you think!
Test Track 01: Rebooted
收藏者 TheDarkBomber
(UNFINISHED) The story for this are in the descriptions. There are more maps to come, so please stand by! :)
All singleplayer maps by LPChip
收藏者 LPChip
These are all the maps I've made
Wheatley Knows
收藏者 WulfMaan
Wheatley Knows...
Star Wars Death Star Hammered Edition
收藏者 JAZ
In story order below, may wish to play "Approach" last as it is much more difficult than the others. Star Wars JAZSABER ACADEMY = learn to use the prototype fizzler lightsabers I made - It is a PortalJedi training course survive the whole course to gradua
收藏者 Gigopler
A series of maps in no particular order that aren't very long, but only allow the player to place one portal and manipulate the location of the other portal using testing elements.
Maps by oO______Oo
收藏者 Woah
ThinkingWithPortals.com Maps
收藏者 wildgoosespeeder
Before the Portal 2 Workshop was a thing, the only way to play custom maps was to download *.bsp files (map files Source Engine games use such as Portal 2) from designated website members that created them in Hammer and use the "map" command in console to
Track Aether Bravo - The Velocity Testing Initiative
收藏者 Intense [] Last
Track Aether Bravo is a testing initiative involving elements that involve velocity, mass and mobility: Flinging, Faith Plates, Gels and Funnels. As test subject (Later Nobel prize winner) Marquis Andrews, beat these 8 test chambers to get to your surprise
Hammer Series
收藏者 dire.fcs
Hammer maps (original & remakes).
Where's the Instructions?
收藏者 camerson1313
This is a collection of some of my best single player tests. They are not simple, mindless tests like the ones that make up 90% 99% of the workshop. These offer challenges with varying difficulty to everyone, and each one is unique in som
Portal 2 Co-op Levels
收藏者 Trainbrain16
Tiny Testing Initiative
收藏者 costellokalani
All the Tiny chambers in a not so tiny collection! Tiny Science! These chambers are the smallest space you can fit in a level. I know that you can make a 1 x 1 x 1 room but that's not very interesting, also keeping the observation room is cool
收藏者 Joe Schmo
A series about you. And Rick. Having an adventure.
Hazardous Operations Course
收藏者 JacobBadshot
THe Hazardous Operations Course, simple as that. You complete tasks that are ,in one way or another, hazardous to your health.
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