Portal 2
Portal 2

Portal 2

Gemenskapsbanor. För vetenskapens skull.
Välkommen till Aperture Laboratories, hem för Perpetual Testing Initiative. Skapa, dela och spela testkammare skapade av och för Portal 2-gemenskapen med enkelhet. Gör din del! Bidra till Vetenskapen!
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Samling av CosmicD
You are a test subject in the Aperture Science lab who winds up in another "puzzling" situation. You are also in a race against an ever wicked "test dungeon master" trying to make life hard and success a relative term. What's up with GLaDOS anyway ? Has
Samling av Gλm³r#¹ | א‎₀
Likewise, with "Fansy 4 Dead", this is a modpack for me and my fellow banditoes to use. But this time, for Portal 2! I made this to relieve hard drive space issues. Kinda like Fansy Maps for Gmod... This includes Singleplayer and Coop maps. Bee2mod-based m
Perpetual Testing #1
Samling av scipioafricanus
A few rooms selected for use with the Perpetual Testing Initiative.
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