The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim Reloaded: Czech Mage
Samling av PetasCzech
Collection to enhance vanilla experience, without addons which affect language, due the czech localization. Focused to Female Mages. Skyrim SKSE needed! More mods recommended from Skyrim Nexus:
Enhanced Leveling Mods
Samling av pdcruiser
Personally, I don't have time to invest in extensive leveling at the normal pace. These are a variety of mods that affect the rate of leveling in Skyrim. They are not to be used together; rather, pick one and enjoy. *These are all vanilla compatible. I
Basic Skyrim Mods
Samling av MasterSpike
My first and Favorite collection of Skyrim Mods. All The Mods Should Work Together. Adds 25 New Mods.
Simply Better Skyrim
Samling av Boots
Ever encountered annoying glitches and graphics? Or perhaps wondered why certain common sense things weren’t included in the original game? Fret no more! This collection of mods made by various authors aims to solve those problems, not by adding new
Gorgeous, beautiful Skyrim (up to Dawnguard)
Samling av Zephyrghost
Collection of the various mods that are not only compatible with each other, but exponentially increase the aesthetic quality of Skyrim, creating a very immersive experience. The mods below do not clash with one another, and is compatible with hearthfi
Samling av Married Butts
Butts' collection
Arnold's Sexy Mods
Samling av 6 Million Jews
It's like playing in a kiddy pool
Samling av Because Im Batman
how it should look onlys
ultimate Skyrim
Samling av roomspins
Let's face it the vanilla skyrim is only the blue prints of a great game . What makes skyrim the awesome game it is, is the Mod community. Bethesda knows this thats why every Elder Schrolls game released is broken and unfinished at launch, then fixed and i
Samling av amblackdragonII
xSaMsoN Collection
Samling av Samson
My Collection :3
New Races
Samling av Royal Chaos Magician
Here are some new races i have found.
Better Skyrim
Samling av Royal Chaos Magician
For a better Skyrim.^^
Samling av Halogenium
New Places and Quests
Samling av Royal Chaos Magician
There are lots of new places for Skyrim.
Ro's Sky
Samling av Kiravel
Biscuits Skyrim Collection
Samling av Biscuits101
Improved graphics and mechanics while keeping the base game (+DLC) as it was intended.
Skyrim collection
Samling av [KOD]Ꮆangϟtachu☣
Just a collection of skyrim stuff that I like. Nothing more.
To Check Out Later
Samling av Tir Toran
These are mods that look awesome and ones that I don't want to forget, but don't want to install on my current playthroughs (or have requirements I've yet to complete).
Meine Kollektion
Samling av Kurei
Забавные штуки
Разные забавные и сбалансированные моды, делающие игру интереснее.
Armoury of Unforgiving Death
Samling av Death
Danny's Skyrim Collection
Samling av powertripper1993
Just things i want
Skyrim MODS
Samling av masterrs
Lista modów bez których nie ma po co grać w Skyrima.
Personal Collection
Samling av Nuklear Opshun
Work in progress I plan on making base collection for basic gameplay emersion and minor gameplay second one more drastically changes it and will be sepearte list that i use Skyrim script extender is needed 1.use automatic
Tainted Fire's Nifty and Nice
Samling av BentoBlue
A bunch of mods that I think make Skyrim more fun. There are large changes and addons; as well as nifty little features that improve your experience. Includes many mods that go well with mages. Because that is my primary playstyle. Be warned that oth
Samling av Izaac
I like my things to be pretty
Samling av Fishizzle
This is my own personal favorites for skyrim. I wanted a collection that had everything I like together and if you don't like it, you can go shoot yourself in the knee with an arrow. As for the collection itself, I picked things that made it purdy and thin
Samling av LaYeeR's
Matte's Mod Collections
Samling av Matte The Absolute Madman
Useful graphics, UI, audio mods etc. Some mods will need high performance PC. Read instructions carefully.
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