Portal 2
Mapas para la ciencia.
Bienvenido a Aperture Laboratories, hogar de la Iniciativa de Prueba Perpetua. Crea fácilmente, comparte y juega en cámaras de prueba autorizadas por y para la comunidad de Portal 2. ¡Pon de tu parte! ¡Contribuye a la ciencia!
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Portal 2 - SCM Collection
Colección creada por Sockol
Wheatley UnderGround
Colección creada por Super Destination 5
The Underground Wheatley test chambers story
Testing Testchamber
Colección creada por Tormunds
An adventure for Portal 2. You are a Aperture Science Worker and you need to make sure that the TestChambers work and can be pass through.
Aperture Chronicles
Colección creada por Neptune
Alternate Portal 2 storyline, no story I can think of, read the description of the first map!
Voids Chambers
Colección creada por chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
Portal 2 Dioramas
Colección creada por SpriteYeti
A collection of Portal 2 Diorama maps, includes Star Ship Enterprise, Star Wars AT-AT, a Pirate Ship and a Steam Engine.
Portal 2 Whoops
Colección creada por MissMuffin
Portal 2
Taco's Chambers of Fun!
Colección creada por TacoMageCat [moat.gg]
These are in my "chambers of fun" series. They tend to have gel, easter eggs, and cubes.
Cube and fizzler
Colección creada por quaternary
Cube, button, fizzler. Occasionally some other element, but mostly those three.
cool stuff 2.0
Colección creada por quaternary
My favorites from my collection. Because who wants to look through 190 maps to find the good ones? There's some maps which are also in the older cool stuff collection, and some that aren't. I changed my opinions on which old maps I really really like an
Fun Lab
Colección creada por YukiSyn
Labs 4 Fun & Reflection
The Idiotic Boss
Colección creada por TheEpicWaffleMan12
Wheatley's taken over Aperture, and he's making his signature mark... by somehow screwing things up, and making tests that include a lot of death and pain. Good luck. Created with BEE2.4 Difficulty: Varies
Уровни из Портала 2
Colección creada por ZOOM3331
Это мои и уровни друзей из игры Портал 2(Можете присоеденятся :3)
So close, yet so far away
Colección creada por machalvan
The full So close-series.
My Chambers
Colección creada por Funklord
Test Chambers I've created using the in-game editor and the BEE2 mod
My Own Portal 2 Maps
Colección creada por Tehuniverse
This is a collection of my very own maps for Portal 2 that I have created over the several years I have owned the game. Some are very challenging, and some are mediocre, but I hope you try them all!
Yet Another Test Chambers Series[INCOMPLETE]
Colección creada por FunGamePlays[RUS]
Yet Another Test Chambers Series - is map pack for Portal 2. This is my first serious map project. It includes a various testchambers(or not) with various styles.
More Portals
Colección creada por mcnicls
A collection of some Portal 2 puzzles with "intresting" concepts, such as parkour but also having more known concepts (like cube on button).
Gels Series
Colección creada por Zorxon
"Gels" is a series of underground themed maps containing various gel puzzles. The maps can be played in any order, though - due to the puzzles building on each other - I recommend playing them in order. The difficulty overall is kept at a medium level,
Tipapro Portal 2
Colección creada por tipapro
My First Level: Collection
Colección creada por Dragon4k
This is a collection from my first levels! ;)
Aperture Adventure Series
Colección creada por aleximine
Contains the Aperture Adventure series
Tests von einfach zu schwer
Colección creada por Lookoda
Tests von einfach zu schwer Wie man iner überschrift sieht sind einfache un schwere Tests in er Kollektion drinen sie sin nach er Reienfolge angeortned.
Companion Cube
Colección creada por Zep935
Sneak into a Portal Security track to rescue your friendly Companion Cube. Along the journey, you must piece your way through corridors of lasers, rooms full of locks, rescue your Companion, and escape the Portal Security track. But something goes unexpect
5X5 Series
Colección creada por funman4356
This is a series of Portal 2 puzzles that consist of a start and end room and a puzzle in the center that fits in only a 5X5X5 area. GOOD LUCK!
Playlist #4
Colección creada por Sinister_64_
Colección creada por DriemLaif
My collection of Coop-Maps and Chambers
Colección creada por Marvel0505
You are a worker at a secretive labratory who suddenly wakes up with no memories. You need to escape to find out what happened to you!
Portal Still Alive
Colección creada por surely
A remake of the challenge chambers from Portal: Still Alive on the Xbox Live Arcade
Colección creada por XerioZ
A collection of maps I am making titled TYF.
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