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Mapas para la ciencia.
Bienvenido a Aperture Laboratories, hogar de la Iniciativa de Prueba Perpetua. Crea fácilmente, comparte y juega en cámaras de prueba autorizadas por y para la comunidad de Portal 2. ¡Pon de tu parte! ¡Contribuye a la ciencia!
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Cerdo's Chambers
Colección creada por Cerdo
Every chamber of this collection has one single object as main theme but does not only use them. It's meant to keep testing funny! I will continue to create chambers, when I've got feedback to the first one.
The GLaDOS´ chambers
Colección creada por <<Santi.GM>>
These chambers were created by GLaDOS, and you must make them, for science,monster.
Faith Plates Chambers
Colección creada por Mr.Sith Lord
Hi Guy's ! This is my unfinished collection of Faith plates test chambers all made by me. Hope you like'it :) More will come Let me know what you think of them. Thanks.
Blackerture Outbox
Colección creada por ZooC0d3
We start where science fails. Please enjoy this collection of maps - most are Easy or Medium difficulty. All are possible to complete and have been playtested many times. This collection also includes the new Blackerture mini-collection 'Chip Plant Gamm
Blue range
Colección creada por Aerdr
On this collection, you can find totally different kind of tests rooms !!
Warbear's creations
Colección creada por Warbear
The best of my first several maps. My maps aren't too hard, but hopefully you'll find them fun and enjoyable and that there are some interesting ideas.
Epic Chambers: Apurture Labratories
Colección creada por Gmaninsb
Epic series of chambers. Made from the Epic Chamber's assembly line! Some projects made from old relics. A mixture of hard and easy chambers. Perfect for your awesome needs! ----------------- 2012 Epic Chambers inc.
Saga : War of the turrets
Colección creada por Nozgaroth
Il s'agit d'une série faite pour rigoler, où l'intérêt principal réside dans la variation de "gameplay" et l'histoire. Ne vous attendez pas à trouver des salles très compliquées, ou un level design étudié et innovant. Juste un délire fait pour les amis, et
Colección creada por Bahhh
I like Muffins.
Colección creada por AkaGustav
Эта каллекция гавно!
Earth 11001
Colección creada por Seppo
A collection of 6 maps. Difficulty: Medium/Hard Enjoy!
Shady Records Test 313
Colección creada por Vito
We made you
Portal 2
Colección creada por Clayman
Моя первая коллекция.
12Tests About Zen
Colección creada por The Imaginator
12Tests about Zen is where meditation meets science. Challenge yourself in 12 one-room mind-teasers. This is the intended play order: 1 - Quadrants - There are four of them. 2 - Glass - If you climb over it, you can see what's on the other side.
Aidperture Testing Initiative
Colección creada por Daddle
A series of testing chambers made for the sole purpose of the enjoyment of the Sentient Cloud. Always available for all test subjects.
Science Everywhere
Colección creada por sorTa_cOOL
These test are not the most clever but they all each carry different themes!
Sicarius Barritus Map Pack
Colección creada por PizzaMan
Just a collection of maps I've made. Challenge ranges from medium to expert.
Портал 2 Мапс ,Токо для русских!
Colección creada por - Xx_Rok_xX -
Русское создание карты.
Immer wieder...
Colección creada por Kingston
Hier werden Die Fähigkeiten in einzelnen Themen getestet und ausgeprägt Es sind natürlich noch mehr Karten im Bau *image copyright by http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/video_games/portal/8008_portal.jpg
Colección creada por DroperJacksoN
are you CORE enough?
Colección creada por apoco
home the super jump series and all around fun maps! hope you guys enjoy :)
Checkered Chambers
Colección creada por Quantum Feline
A set of 6 test chambers all shaped the same, but with wildly different puzzles in each room.
Portal 2 Test Chambers: The Room Series
Colección creada por Zeca
A collection of test chambers where the exit is visible from the start. There is a main room, a cubicle where most of the test takes place. Some rooms are easy, other are a bit more challenging, have fun!
PineAppleGears Portal 2 Maps
Colección creada por Gin
The PineAppleGears Portal 2 Maps.
The Arsenic Catnip
Colección creada por UnrealCatnip
:33< Well hello there furrends~! These are my purrfect tests i have created over the past w33k! Have fun! *Image not created by me.*
Quantum Propulsion Laboratory
Colección creada por Spiff
A series of fun maps with medium difficulty level.
A helping of simple science and testing....
Colección creada por ^1RTP^7 H3llsy
Just testing out the builder and built these, Hoping you will try them and test......thanks for yout time
Colección creada por Poilichon
If you like labyrinths you'll love it.
Classical Mechanics as Viewed by Aperture Science
Colección creada por Vortebo
A series of three maps very loosely based off of Newton's laws of motion. In each of the three puzzles, the law they're named for probably comes into play at least once. They're all fairly easy, but I'm still rather fond of them.
Goon Testing Initiative
Colección creada por PnS.SXRX.Zardoz
Maps featured in videos from the Goon Testing Initiative.
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