Portal 2
Mapas para la ciencia.
Bienvenido a Aperture Laboratories, hogar de la Iniciativa de Prueba Perpetua. Crea fácilmente, comparte y juega en cámaras de prueba autorizadas por y para la comunidad de Portal 2. ¡Pon de tu parte! ¡Contribuye a la ciencia!
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My coop maps
Colección creada por Fireghost
Angry Turret's Test Chambers
Colección creada por Angry Turret
This is the collection of test chambers made by me. Think with (or without) portals, explore, fight evil mechanical "bosses" and don't let turrets hurt you. Good luck and have fun.
Maeh's Super Duper Adventure
Colección creada por maehvin.
Hallo Jungs.
Portal 1 Maps
Colección creada por Black Eyeliner \m/
A collection of Portal-1-Themed maps.
Mim's Co-Op
Colección creada por MimPlays
Saki's Portal 2 Map Collection
Colección creada por Saki
A collection of maps to be played through by the creator Saki
Rubix Volumes
Colección creada por CrosNest.tv
This is a collection of Portal 2 levels under the Rubix Volumes collection. All files are located in the same area to ensure faster installation. If there are any suggestions for level edits, please leave comments on my profile or feel free to start a disc
co-op maar niet co-op (co-op but not really co-op)
Colección creada por spons
this is a collection of portal chambers that are designed to be played for one person, but an additional person can join to laugh at the other's expense
Portal: Ad Infinitum
Colección creada por peef
SSG's Escape Rooms
Colección creada por SuperSniperGuy
Try and escape the rooms. Most of them have timers, switches, complicated jumps or "bring an item".
Test Chamber Series
Colección creada por Zozz017
Aaronix's Co-op Test Course
Colección creada por Aaronix
These are my test chambers that I designed for fun.
Paper's Trash Maps from When He Was 11 Years Old
Colección creada por Paper
This is a series of crappy puzzles I made when I first got Portal 2 and Steam. I was probably 10 or 11 at the time. For some reason, my first instinct was to make a numbered series that randomly gained a story and narration around the 8th or 9th puzzle.
Colección creada por -_|S.V|_-Shpycrab
FRC in Portal
Colección creada por младшая сестра
Редактор в Портал 2 - будто бы продолжение мыслей. Его сложно сравнивать с редакторами Fable или даже со всем знакомым WorldEditor-ом. Но творчество в любом виде - это хорошо, и, хотя я не могу писать от всех, FRC творило, творит и будет творить. Даж
Yet Another Coop Chamber Collection
Colección creada por Paozao
This is a collection with all Coop maps that i created on Portal 2.
Hanky's Intermediate Logic Puzzles
Colección creada por HankyMueller
A collection of fairly challenging chambers from me. Should be suited for anyone from medium-high skill level.
Portal 2 Test Chambers that Make You Think
Colección creada por Maddie
These are cooperative test chambers we have played that caused us to pause and try to think through solutions. Some of them we had to come back to later.
Dom's Doom House Collection
Colección creada por Dr. Bubonic
Oh shit it's the Doom House.
Portal 1 Chambers
Colección creada por kmwsky1
Portal 1 Chambers
zirmlock portal maps
Colección creada por ZirmLock
My levels
Colección creada por LegoMax1010
The Logical Knot (Abyss)
Colección creada por RedSilencer
My Maps
Colección creada por RubyWolf222
All my maps in one place
Onsen Test Chamber
Colección creada por Onsen UI
my test chambers. 10 and 20 are quite difficult. glhf
Portal 2
Colección creada por Ghost House Productions ©
Portal 2 Co-op maps
New World Testing Initiative
Colección creada por TheSpaceKraken
The New World Testing Initiative is a set of puzzles that starts off fairly easy, but progressively gets harder as you go through them.
Science enrichment cubes
Colección creada por Cloudperry
My science enrichment cube map series.
Portal 2 SPT Challange
Colección creada por Zone Trooper
Special Testchamber Collection
Hedare - Complete Collection
Colección creada por hedare
This Collection contains all of my Portal 2 test chambers and will get updated every time I upload a new one.
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