Total War: SHOGUN 2
Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

Mil batallas, mil victorias, pero ¿son tuyas?
Crea, descubre y descarga escenarios de batallas históricas, mapas multijugador y los mods más populares y logrados. También puedes probar el editor de Total War TEd para realizar y subir tus propias creaciones. Haz clic aquí para saber más.
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Sim City [Vanilla]
Colección creada por macelharen
a nice, laid back campaign for vanilla shogun 2. means this mod is for use with Shogun 2: Total War's Sengoku Jidai campaign. My playstyle was once described as "sim city" during a LAN game for Age of Empires II decades ago. Haven't changed...
Shogun 2 - Collection
Colección creada por [ROT]oHuSqYo
This Collection consists of some of the most amazing and refined Mod's for Shogun - Sengoku. I have assembled this collection for those that want to get the best Content and multiplayer Mod experience with friends. Note that there are many more mods that c
extra dlc for shogun
Colección creada por [-|-409th-|-] soulsilver
Simple Tweaks
Colección creada por Venne
A collection of tweaks to improve the game in various, yet simple ways.
Shogun 2. FotS Multiplayer
Colección creada por Hitman
NamedomRan's WW1 Collection
Colección creada por NamedomRan
A collection of WW1 themed maps and a few mods.
nick and djorn git it awn
Colección creada por hokyintribe
"The Honma Clan/Sado Island Collection"
Colección creada por Torva Messor
"The collection is based on the Honma Clan and Sado Island which is where they lived. The Honma Clan ended in the 1600s after being taken over by the Usegi Clan".
란유리노 쇼군 모드2
Colección creada por ganderf
My Shogun 2 Mods
Colección creada por KaWaiiSoCKs
For Friends
Colección creada por snowgeese
Shogun 2 Interesting Ideas
Colección creada por Bruce_R
The Shogun 2 mods I don't mind.
Kollektion Total War - SHOGUN 2
Colección creada por Pyromaniac
For the lulz
Ōtomo Clan Help
Colección creada por Wyn
This is a collection of mods to help gameplay while playing as my favourite faction; the Ōtomo clan. This group of mods should work together well and allow you to progress with the campaign with a little more help. If you want to see some more mods in this
Colección creada por sdhdxgj
shogun 2 modification addons mix collection from steam, just some mods, maps, and historical battles that i am trying it out, hope it will enhance game play. did not test every mod and its function its working corectly?
Colección creada por snoopy_ngong_ngang
toczoł colection
Colección creada por drago123
SlapDick's FOTS List
Colección creada por SlapDickMcRunFast
Personal list of fav's.
Colección creada por Devil Warrior
es ist ein reines gemetzel mit blood
Colección creada por Devil Warrior
es ist die beste kollektion
Bey's multiplayer mods
Colección creada por Ertekin
Head to Head Campaign Essentials
Colección creada por Bleu
For personal use.
Jaiden's ashigaru fun time
Colección creada por Jaiden
peasants ftw
Super Happy Funtime ACAP
Colección creada por Aetran
A personal pack for a friend
Colección creada por wsnumb
More Playable Total War
nando bram
Colección creada por hobbitpower99
just for fun
Colección creada por Ad Nelson
Merc's Stash
Colección creada por Prophet Of Merci
Collection Of "Total War: Shogun 2- Fall of the Samurai" Mods that are compatible with one another, and greatly imrpoves gameplay involving an increase to the number of units in game. Also includes a new vioce over to the battle adviser, the "SHAMFUR DISPR
Expanded Gameplay
Colección creada por Qwertronix
Hand-picked mods that enhance normal gameplay, add new features and content, or otherwise make the game experience feel more "complete". I personally play and test these, with the exception of the "Construct Specialty Buildings" mod, where I use my own
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