Killing Floor
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Whitelisted & Client Side mods [v1064]
Colección creada por Some Bitch Named Deltrese
If you enjoy playing normal vanilla Killing Floor and TWI's perk system, then here are some mutators that are okay to play with. Client side mods are modifications to a user's game, but only said player can see/hear these changes. These mods also allow
Weeaboo Floor
Colección creada por Caelux
A bunch of weeaboo/anime character skins for Killing Floor.
Aliens Killing Floor
Colección creada por WPC Mods
UPDATE: Ok, turns out SteamWorkshop is being a bitch. Use with the manual install. @Hinsonator; Thanks for giving folks the heads up. Complete collection for the WPC Aliens : KillingFloor MANUAL INSTALL HELP Having
Operation Y Collection
Colección creada por LLIePLLIeHb
Weapons and Custom Characters from the Russian modders - Forum topic TWI - Russian Game Community - Russian Game Community http://kill
Dead Space Collection
Colección creada por Hemi
Dead Space : Killing Floor SERVERPERKS OPTIONAL : YOU CAN USE YOUR NORMAL PERKS TOO OPTIONAL : ServerPerks (instructions : Non-Workshop
Vehicle Mod Complete Collection
Colección creada por Braindead
The complete package for the Vehicle Mod. Contains: 1 Gametype 15 maps Hours of fun Enjoy!
Weapon Pack - Killing Floor
Colección creada por Fire
This pack contains weapons which have been created by modders all in one place. Credits to go to the creators of the mods. Don't forget to rate and comment. Download Size of Pack: about 2.92 GB (2988.934 MB) Last updated: August 24 , 2015 Use the '
Designer Ultimate Biohazard
Colección creada por Mugen
Bienvenu dans mon Workshop / Welcome to My Workshop
Map Pack - Killing Floor
Colección creada por Fire
Maps released on the Steam Workshop for Killing Floor located in one single Map Pack. Credit goes to map maker. Don't forget to rate and comment! Download Size of Pack: about 17.98 GB (18412.224 MB) Last updated: August 24, 2015 Use the 'Subscribe t
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