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Kickstarter Picks
合集创建者 tyam
Games that were crowd-funded via Kickstarter. Note: As time goes on and more and more games start using both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain this list. Although I am heavily invested in the Kickstarter co
Seal of Approval: For your Consideration
合集创建者 Raketenziesel
333+ Steam Greenlight™ listed games which look promising and original. The listing is subjective and in no particular order — although I try to keep exceptional stuff on top — and it comes with no claims of completeness. Feel free to like and fave the
RTS Greenlight games
合集创建者 Cloud
I'm putting this together because way to many games are listing themselves as strategy. It's hard to find games that are actually strategy especially if they're part of a subgenre of strategy like RTS. The goal is to list all the RTS games on greenlight
Opium Pulses Picks
合集创建者 SlipSlot
This is a collection of greenlight titles picked by the Opium Pulses gaming community. Our selection is picked based on games from developers who have worked directly with Opium Pulses or games published by ourselves. We'll also add occasional personal
合集创建者 ayo
Böngéssz a játéknapló kedvenceiből!
best games XD
合集创建者 christian94.dodig
best games...... need to play :D
Recommended by PC RPG Community ~ PC RPG Közösség
合集创建者 HeyJoe[HUN]PC RPG Community
Every RPGames on PC, what`s looks promising. Fantasy. sci-fi, retro, adventure & in action style as well. Also prefer Single-palyer or Co-op mode instead of Multiplayer/MMO. ;) PS: I have 1 more collection: Recommended by PC & Laptop Gamers ~ PC és Lap
Dilly likes 'em old! ... School. Uhh. Old-school.
合集创建者 DillyTodds
Did you like ye olde NES/SNES/Genesis games? I did. I still do, in fact. So I tend to like the more retro-styles of games - especially retro games that aren't afraid to take a new approach or bring a different perspective to established, tried-and-true med
Games I Want Collection!
合集创建者 Schutn
All the greenlight games I want to have on Steam.
Awesome Greenlight Games!
合集创建者 Rascal Randall
Da Collection of Promising Things
合集创建者 [OC] Creed Karsh't Slaughtah
合集创建者 bryan_theking_05
Elsword greenligth
My Favorites
合集创建者 YCChen
The best games
Awesome game
合集创建者 Goracyi
Faverate greenlits
合集创建者 Nigga With a Rocket Launcher
This collection is about my faverate games that i want to be released
合集创建者 TOG | Belrather Brock
Games I want!
Strategy and phenomic rare gameplay games
合集创建者 [Agent "P."]
Rare games that are mostly not produced for the masses (like all those 3D-shooters -way too many on the market). Games that have concepts where aren't many available on the market.
Games I need
合集创建者 Johnny 5
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