The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

寻找并安装您喜欢的模组已经比以前更简单了。模组制作者也很享受这种直接将模组上传至 Steam 的流水线过程。点击这里以了解更多。
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Races I Use
合集创建者 Darthsirius89
These are the races I use. They all seem to function just fine together.
Yogitus Mods
合集创建者 Yogitus
The set of mods I use while streaming Skyrim.
SpSp Visuals Only
合集创建者 Spaceman Spliff
No gameplay changes only visual upgrades. Bloodier blood, mountainous mountains, icier ice, the water is wetter, darker darkness, and a scottish gold pound skin for gold coins.
Cusco Mods Basicos
合集创建者 Churrico Negro
Esta la Sangre mas realista y los cuerpos explotan sangres cuando les das y si los arrastras dejan charcos pequeños. El mapa tienes los caminos marcados y se ven, muy recomendable. Un limpiador de armaduras magicas pa quitarles los encantamientos.
My handy mod collection
合集创建者 Orion
Made this to have a quick list over my subscribed mods, to make sharing with friends easier. I have no problems with these mods to date. Your milage may vary, *not my problem*. Have fun.
Crysis Cat Pack
合集创建者 »LLF« Crysis Cat ● ω ●
Gameover Bacon Bundle
合集创建者 Pomosa
A skyrim bundle made to the honor of all those who put bacon amongst the gods. it does not add (so many) game-changing factors, mostly graphic and bug-fixes, along with mods that are generally awesome and realistic to the game.
Dune's Mods
合集创建者 DUNE
For Noah
Skyrim game improvements and content
合集创建者 Magpie
A handful of mods that add content, improve the general gameplay and have no conflicts that I have experienced. I also reccomend checking skyrim nexus for: Deadly combat, Monster mod (monster collectables), and perhaps some other bits im forgetting.
MausuZ's Fav Mods
合集创建者 Parallel Penguins
Just a selection of my favourite mods.
合集创建者 HanOnkel
Enhance your Skyrim experience
合集创建者 『BushMeister』
This is a collection of mods that will make your Skyrim playthrough a lot better! Also if you like the collection, please rate it? thanks.
Skyrim has infinite quests
合集创建者 FalkenT
合集创建者 Intigracy
SKyrim "How it should have been released" (high end gpu needed)
合集创建者 GameOfChairs
Things I've gathered from other collections, none of the work is my own. Recommend to anyone with a high end gpu that can keep up. My gtx 570 runs 30-80 fps everywhere
合集创建者 Koliki Boliki
This bow has magic properties
The Armoury
合集创建者 TheHoodedMoose
This collection will contain lore friendly armour sets and weapons.
合集创建者 Spartacus the 2
合集创建者 lampenlampen
Meine Kollektion
1o4's Mod Pack
合集创建者 1o4
Here's a mod pack for people who love the vanilla Skyrim and didnt want to completely change the game too much, But have a better more polished version of the game. Enjoy 1o4
Skrim mods
合集创建者 Vexum[MG2]
la collection du clan ushiwa
合集创建者 Kisuke
Armor mod collection
合集创建者 ElPolloLoco
Whiteyzz ultimate fun and make skyrim hard pack!
合集创建者 Whitie
makes the game look better and harder gameplay
合集创建者 Ohsnapitsdon
Mods used during my show all should work together as seen on youtube in my videos. Have fun and enjoy ^^ I did not create any of these mods. All the mods in this collection will visually enhance your game as well as make it harder.
The Essentials: Stuff you need
合集创建者 Fabledhero
Just a short list of the only mods that have made it past the first 10 minutes of use and made a permenant home in my game.
Realistic World
合集创建者 Layorn
A quick set of visual improvement mods: realistics nature (water, stones and snow); fix towers look and feel: WhiteRun and Riften; add Dovakin's Hideout and some interest artefacts (Dwemer pistol).
mikes game favorites
合集创建者 mjmdotcom
mods that enhance gameplay without OP, mannequin mod should be disabled before doing the murder quest in windhelm and restared once its finished as it will cause a ctd when entering the house there. other than this I have had no problems running these toge
Homes & Decorations
合集创建者 SkyrimFiend
Collection of House Mods and Decoration Mods that I really enjoy
Jamie's Skyrim Mods
合集创建者 Jasamo
Some fun, some graphical, some others - all the mods I've chosen to start my new game of Skyrim with.
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