Portal 2
Testele comunităţii. Pentru ştiinţă.
Bun venit în Laboratoarele Aperture, sediul Programului Continuu de Testare. Creează, prezintă şi explorează cu uşurinţă camere de testare pentru şi create de comunitatea Portal 2. E rândul tău să contribui la cercetarea ştiinţifică!
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Conţine obiectul: "Crawler"
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Aperture Employee of the Moment Award
Colecţia lui Aperture Laboratories
The Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) is live! Even though most of you will be getting your first sweet taste of test chamber construction today, a lucky few of you have already been beta testing for the last couple of months. An unfair head start? You b
I'm Different!
Colecţia lui Meowser
The best of the best community created maps. ========================== SUBMIT YOUR TEST CHAMBER ========================== Want your map added? Send a message to david@theleggett.com with a link to your map or add a comment here. I play through lo
My Single Player Favorites
Colecţia lui wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good,
Pretty Entertaining Courses
Colecţia lui Faacto99
Its actually not bad
Mevious maps
Colecţia lui josepezdj
Awesome puzzles collection. A must-play map series.
Portal 3
Colecţia lui ThirdNorthcutt
My way of what I think Portal 3 should be.
Colecţia lui God-Father
Colecţia lui Gλm³r#¹ | א‎₀
Likewise, with "Fansy 4 Dead", this is a modpack for me and my fellow banditoes to use. But this time, for Portal 2! I made this to relieve hard drive space issues. Kinda like Fansy Maps for Gmod... This includes Singleplayer and Coop maps. Bee2mod-based m
Portal 3
Colecţia lui Jarsmin
它们合起来能成为一个传送门3! 这个合集就是一个持续更新的传送门3 my favourite puzzles in workshop.
Hipercollection 4 th3 Cake!!By Snedius
Colecţia lui eX(s) Snedius
Todos los mejores mapas para single y co-op.
Hard Maps
Colecţia lui aommaster
The hardest Portal 2 maps I have played. Puzzles requiring ninja-skills and insane timing don't count as hard puzzles. They are just annoying. Portal is a puzzle game, and timing should not be a critical element of the game. Also, if I die in puzzles wi
LONELy Dog's Portal 2 favorites
Colecţia lui LONELy Dog
Portal 2 En Güzel bölümleri
Colecţia lui Livcon
Portal 2 atolyesinde yapılan haritaların en güzellerini sizlere sunuyorum. Bu haritalarda ilginç tuzaklar ve çok güleceğiniz yerler olacaktır. Livcon
Colecţia lui DarKSkulL PT
Colecţia lui 9/11 or the Alamo pick one
Colecţia lui ilyxan89
My first collection
Colecţia lui jammin_salmon
This is my first collection.
Holzkohlen's Subcriptions
Colecţia lui Holzkohlen
Colecţia lui CNN News Reporter
Gay Portal 2 Collection
Colecţia lui Russian Patriotism
just downoad it. no questions
Mevious standalone maps
Colecţia lui EAT MY ENTIRE ASS
Mevious standalone maps
My favorite maps
Colecţia lui pusher71
There are my favorite maps in the steam workshop that I have ever played. I decided to combine them into one collection, which will be replenished with new maps.
Portal 2 Maps
Colecţia lui Jared
Favourite Portal 2 custom maps
Colecţia lui Icehydral
Fun Collection of portal 2 custom maps* made by amazing people. Hopefully you like this collection and try out some of them. I will keep updating the list for those who want more( currently there are only 2) *These are not my maps, I just mad
Sora's Fun Pack 1
Colecţia lui Sora Hjort
A collection of Maps I found fun, and had to unsubscribe to due to a limitation on how many maps you could have in the queue.
Mevious's puzzles
Colecţia lui MaxRaids
Just like the name.
Colecţia lui Euiamg
Coop stuff
Colecţia lui Tuttles
Colecţia lui Ithzalumbra
Colecţia lui The Gook of Juke
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