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Colecţia lui YoGi Ono
About the future can be speculated till eternity. I like to think of the future as a cyberpunk world.
The best Greenlight Games
Colecţia lui Yazorius
Savoir choisir de bons jeux à suivre n'est pas toujours évident dans la quantité des productions proposées. Le monde amateur ayant envahi Steam, nous avons dorénavant droit à des réalisations de tout niveau, tant des projets qui ne méritent guère d'attenti
May 14th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Colecţia lui ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on May 14th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in gaug
Noir - Dark Themed Games
Colecţia lui MrvKrt
Attention: This collection includes "noir" and dark themed games with their noir breeze. Would you like to live 1940's and 1950's? Do you like noir breeze? Are you looking for noir themed games on Greenlight or Steam? You're in the right page. Welc
Colecţia lui Binco
整理用のお気に入りリスト ほぼ完成形の作品を別個で分類
I'm so gonna buy it!
Colecţia lui lunchweek
I'm so gonna buy it!
The Best of Greenlight
Colecţia lui BadJackDaniels
Coleção com os melhores games do Steam Greenlight.
Knight Greenlight Selection
Colecţia lui Knight
This is, simply, the list of games that called the attention of a person who have been playing all sort of games since more than 20 years and who seeks quality, originality and, above all, fun. Besides being a "veteran" gamer, I'm a member of the videog
Interesting projects
Colecţia lui Coprophil
games i'm waiting for
Colecţia lui red elgyem medabot pyro
waiting for them
Colecţia lui RadKit
Stuff I like on greenlight!
Big Greenlight Collection of Games
Colecţia lui George the Crab-17
Collected all of the best/good games on the whole greenlight.
Ion Industries Corporation - Colection Games - www.wantedsteam.clan.su
Colecţia lui CoCo
Все самое лучшее для лучших...
PixelProspector's Greenlight Picks
Colecţia lui PixelProspector
All the games in this collection are also shown with screenshots on pinterest http://pinterest.com/pixelprospector/greenlight-picks/ I've also created a new collection and video that showcases "55 Fresh Indie Games In 5 Minutes" (that are all on Greenl
AdventuresPlanet.it: le migliori avventure su Greenlight
Colecţia lui Adrian_Biz
Le migliori avventure presenti su Steam Greenlight, selezionate dalla community e dallo staff di AdventuresPlanet.it! Se vuoi contribuire alla selezione, inviaci i titoli che vorresti vedere nella nostra collezione attraverso il nostro forum o at
League of extraordinary Games
Colecţia lui ☠✠☩ Mr.Nekator ☩✠☠
A collection of (hopefully) formidable, upcoming games from the strategy/RPG/(Action)-adventure section. -------------------------------------- due to the now easier way to add games this collection should always be more or less at an up to date leve
It's Adventure Time
Colecţia lui Mr Delabee
A guide to adventure games trying to get onto Steam via Steam Greenlight. Let adventure games take you on that adventure of a lifetime. It's Adventure Time!
Seal of Approval: For your Consideration
Colecţia lui Raketenziesel
333+ Steam Greenlight™ listed games which look promising and original. The listing is subjective and in no particular order — although I try to keep exceptional stuff on top — and it comes with no claims of completeness. Feel free to like and fave the
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