Portal 2
Testele comunităţii. Pentru ştiinţă.
Bun venit în Laboratoarele Aperture, sediul Programului Continuu de Testare. Creează, prezintă şi explorează cu uşurinţă camere de testare pentru şi create de comunitatea Portal 2. E rândul tău să contribui la cercetarea ştiinţifică!
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Colecţia lui red elgyem medabot pyro
Portal 2 Whoops
Colecţia lui MissMuffin
Portal 2
Co-op Collection
Colecţia lui McCall
Colecţia lui Δυμοωκα
Portal 2 - SCM Collection
Colecţia lui Sockol
Airstrafe maps
Colecţia lui Marco oo
Collection of airstrafe maps because gig says so
Track Aether Bravo - Test 2/7 & Variants
Colecţia lui Intense [] Last
This is a collection of variants of my map 'Track Aether Bravo - Test 2/7' along with the original itself.
PortalStorm4000's Best Maps
Colecţia lui PortalStorm4000
A variety of maps that range from easy to medium and don't completely suck. They also were made by me.
Dank Duck tests!
Colecţia lui TMk
Duck forced me to create these tests. Yes, I am Duck's slave...
Weird Little Games
Colecţia lui Jakob
Games that have nothing to do with Portal. These are just experimental, abstract and short maps trying to show you something new.. (no particular order) Here are my personal favourites :)
$RR - Portal 2 map collection - Passcode
Colecţia lui $RR
My second collection of my maps, this time made in the Portal 2 PeTi puzzle editor This is my full list of all ,,new'' logical puzzles i have published at steam workshop! No ninja movement, some of my earlier maps had it so i j
More Portals
Colecţia lui mcnicls
A collection of some Portal 2 puzzles with "intresting" concepts, such as parkour but also having more known concepts (like cube on button).
Gels Series
Colecţia lui Zorxon
"Gels" is a series of underground themed maps containing various gel puzzles. The maps can be played in any order, though - due to the puzzles building on each other - I recommend playing them in order. The difficulty overall is kept at a medium level,
Challenge Chambers
Colecţia lui Zooma46
Challenge Chambers frequently ... regularly ... occasionally expanding large variety of themes guaranteed family friendly warning: not guaranteed
Tipapro Portal 2
Colecţia lui tipapro
Colecţia lui Marvel0505
You are a worker at a secretive labratory who suddenly wakes up with no memories. You need to escape to find out what happened to you!
Angry Chambers
Colecţia lui Akari Akaza
Angry Chambers
Tests von einfach zu schwer
Colecţia lui Lookoda
Tests von einfach zu schwer Wie man iner überschrift sieht sind einfache un schwere Tests in er Kollektion drinen sie sin nach er Reienfolge angeortned.
Companion Cube
Colecţia lui Zep935
Sneak into a Portal Security track to rescue your friendly Companion Cube. Along the journey, you must piece your way through corridors of lasers, rooms full of locks, rescue your Companion, and escape the Portal Security track. But something goes unexpect
Colecţia lui XerioZ
A collection of maps I am making titled TYF.
Aperture Adventure Series
Colecţia lui aleximine
Contains the Aperture Adventure series
5X5 Series
Colecţia lui funman4356
This is a series of Portal 2 puzzles that consist of a start and end room and a puzzle in the center that fits in only a 5X5X5 area. GOOD LUCK!
Escape From Basement
Colecţia lui Wangon | SDK
Collection of Easy maps for Portal 2. Escape From Basement :D
Jerry's Portal2
Colecţia lui 咸鱼般的Jerry
从易到难,持续更新中(大概)。在评论区告诉我你的想法吧,喜欢的话可以订阅收藏一下~ Easy to difficult.I will update for free time,maybe.So tell me your mind and subscribe it if you like.
The Aperture Archives
Colecţia lui Airsoft
Wheatley had found a bunch of unused test chambers that GLaDOS stockpiled in an enclosed wing. Now, GLaDOS has employed you to test these old test chambers that were sealed off after Chell escaped. Can you beat Aperture's Archives? This is my first te
AQ Science
Colecţia lui AlBerTiKo AQ
Welcome to AQ Science, an ongoing Aperture Science division. We use science and technology to create revolutions and masses for everyday life. We have designed masses that will be like a human more, who are called subjects. We pass them through certain tes
The Quasar starter pack
Colecţia lui Mr Quasar
Arcanum's Challenge
Colecţia lui arcanorj
Can you beat this serie of Challenges?
Portal 2
Colecţia lui Ghost House Productions ©
Portal 2 Co-op maps
New World Testing Initiative
Colecţia lui TheSpaceKraken
The New World Testing Initiative is a set of puzzles that starts off fairly easy, but progressively gets harder as you go through them.
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