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Testele comunităţii. Pentru ştiinţă.
Bun venit în Laboratoarele Aperture, sediul Programului Continuu de Testare. Creează, prezintă şi explorează cu uşurinţă camere de testare pentru şi create de comunitatea Portal 2. E rândul tău să contribui la cercetarea ştiinţifică!
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INCOM Technologies Hand-Held Einstine-Rosen Bridge Generator Project Testing
Colecţia lui VestedGamr
Welcome to INCOM Technologies' Experimental Technology and Research Division, and thank you for volunteering for our Hand-Held Einstine-Rosen Bridge Generator Project's testing phase. Your specimen has been processed, and we are now ready to begin the test
Chel's High Flying Adventures
Colecţia lui Gurdmungus
This is a collection specifically made for fast paced portal shooting. THIS COLLECTION IS NOT FOR SCRUBS. I created these maps because I was sick of the slow paced puzzle solving levels that only involved lasers and cubes. You are being watched. The
Piece Of Cake - My easy maps
Colecţia lui .sheridan .vespo
I foudn it easier to create hard maps, than easy ones. That is why I decided to make this collection exclusively dedicated to easy maps. Unskilled players or players with little experience should all be able to master these.
Colecţia lui ResidentEvil92
The 3 chambers found here are: 1. Death of a Turret 2. Hi 3. Brave Mr. Cube It is highly recommended that you start in this order. They get progressively harder, but no ninja skills are required. The first chamber is the longest and will re
Quzo make House
Colecţia lui Qunew
터렛과 함께.
Revenant Portals
Colecţia lui B4RevenantGamer
A small colestion of potal maps
Colecţia lui (Z | F) lueki [GER]
Colecţia lui bretts
This is a soon be collection of levels. The theme of these levels are escaping from prison......l.l
Crazy chamber collection
Colecţia lui (commie team)Komadant Bucenski
Lumina Rose Propulsion Gel Testing
Colecţia lui
A series of 6 chambers based around Propulsion Gel. Easy to moderately easy chambers. There is a Companion Cube hidden in one of the chambers. Please note that by Easy, and Moderately Easy I mean that the solution doesn't require an unusual mechanic,
Colecţia lui Gemini
the tests for the bosses........
Scarlet's Test Chamber
Colecţia lui Handsome Samuel
This Is a series of my Test Chamber,It call "Scarlet's Test Chamber". Any test have a Introduction about that Test what use and need to Carefully In That Test. In my Test,have Fun Mode Test,Serious Mode Test and so on... Any test have different Diff
The Four
Colecţia lui lf qt 3.14
It is always revolved around four cubes
Colecţia lui Soundstorm
Komplizierte und einfache Test Kammern, so das man sich ausgewogen beschäftigt fühlt
Donut World - COOP
Colecţia lui Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Coop - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
Colecţia lui Solid Jim
Compact, brief and simple - but there may be more to these tests than meets the eye. Possibly.
Colecţia lui Solid Jim
These maps aren't particularly lengthy when you know what you're doing, but you may find yourself needing to re-examine the way some testing elements interact. It is effectively a "best-of" selection of my test chambers (in my opinion; yours may of cour
Colecţia lui Solid Jim
Congratulations, test subject! You have been selected to participate in mandatory non-automated scheduled maintenance of this test chamber. Human-assisted monitoring is an important facet of the scheduled maintenance program: although each chamber has buil
Colecţia lui Tŏχic
Colecţia lui Clericopter
A trio of test chambers focusing on the intricate mating rituals between gel and excursion funnels.
Portal Maps
Colecţia lui knkyfrdmn
Custom test chambers. Crafted by me. For SCIENCE!
Think With Fewer Portals
Colecţia lui DeWayne Mann
All maps are designed to use a minimal amount of portals. Most of them can be done with no portals at all; a few don't even allow portals.
Test Chambers by Ric666
Colecţia lui Ric666
A collection of my test chambers. Some may be a bit long but hopefully fun. Hope you enjoy & please leave any comments below or at this topic: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2701865 Thx :)
Wheatley Laboratories
Colecţia lui KalumBaruZ
Это коллекция моих работ. Пусть они не проффесиональны , но я думаю вам должно понравиться) И так, я хочу показать вам какой стала бы лаборатория , если бы ей управлял Уитли.
FesTech Collection
Colecţia lui Fesevoa
Test Chambers designed and built by the FesTech Corporation(c) 2077.
Carol's Co-op Conundrums
Colecţia lui carol
A collection of my co-op maps.More will be added as I make them so please sfollow me, ubscribe and make the list a favourite to receive updates. "Cage and Stair" - a simple idea but timers are used to force coordintaed play and there is an awkward (AKA
PeTI Test Cycle 01: Handheld Portal Device
Colecţia lui TestSubject069
Hello [Subject Name Here], And welcome to the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative. You have been self-selected by our team to engage in the most thrilling contribution to Science in the entire history of the multiverse! This collection of suprem
PeTI Test Cycle 02: Thermal Discouragement Beam
Colecţia lui TestSubject069
Dear [Subject Name Here], Hello again! This is Cave Johnson from Earth 1, and man! Greg's multiple universe theorem is moving along perfectly! Well, perfectly for us at least, who cares what's going on at your end. The point is that you've passed through
PeTI Test Cycle 03: Military Grade Sentry Turrets
Colecţia lui TestSubject069
Dear [Subject Name Here], Greetings non-Earth 1-lings! We've decided that your current level of testing gusto isn't spiffy enough so we've decided to throw in our Military Grade Sentry Turrets into the mix. That's right! You lucky bastards get to tango wi
PeTI Test Cycle 04: Aerial Faith Plate
Colecţia lui TestSubject069
Dear [Subject Name Here], Oh, it's you. Good for you! I've got bigger problems than having to deal with some monstrous nightmare from the fifth die-mension here! Now, if you're in the mood to score some brownie points with the ole' boss down on Earth 1 I
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