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Procedurally generated games
Coleção por class101
This collection includes all the procedurally generated games present in Greenlight. At the creation 1600 titles were reviewed and 170 procedurally generated titles were identified. The list receives regular updates. There are many of these titles in
Coleção por Mirasein
Juegos próximos de GL.
Tiffany's Notable Greenlight Picks!
Coleção por CeissaDesiste
These are the games I have voted for on Greenlight! I write a weekly series called Tiffany's Notable Greenlight Picks, these games may also have been featured on that list. My weekly article features games that are still waiting to be greenlit. You can fin
Ion Industries Corporation - Colection Games -
Coleção por CoCo
Все самое лучшее для лучших...
Games to Keep an Eye on
Coleção por Protector of Sneks
Personal Collection of Games which seem worth keeping an eye on.
Stylized 3D
Coleção por ND
Good-looking 3D games that don't try to be realistic. The aim of this collection is to promote interesting art styles in 3D games on Greenlight, because super serious realism only is BORING. No requests, please.
Coleção por ayo
Böngéssz a játéknapló kedvenceiből!
My Fav Greenlight games
Coleção por Grognard_87
A list of games from Greenlight that are both released and un-released that I believe look really cool and have a lot of potential. This is only opinion based and if you have a game suggestion to add to the list I'll be more than welcome to consider it.
Honorable Mentions
Coleção por AlainTheFrench
Sometimes in gaming history, the great lights of creativity shine flawlessly in special and gifted minds, spawning works of art that take away our breath and bring hours, days or even years of fun, terror, joy and pleasure. This collection aims to select t
Coleção por /) L I E N K I Y
Awesome Games
Coleção por Kamilla
Greenlight games that you should know about
Coleção por bandwidthoracle
This is the Citizen Kane of Steam Greenlight game lists.
Frank's Mac Games To Watch
Coleção por Franky
Hey all! So, after many years of being a dedicated PC and console gamer, I've forgone all my gaming rigs and machines in favor of... a Macbook. I know, I know. Sacrilege. The fact is, where I'm at in my life now, I've only a need for my mobile iDevices and
Coleção por Binco
整理用のお気に入りリスト ほぼ完成形の作品を別個で分類
My Cool Collection Of Greenlight Games (Upcoming, Etc...)
Coleção por KrypTo 3000
my favorite indie games here on greenlight that i wanted to put together in a collection to make it easier for my friends and others to find the ones that i like easier credit for these games go to their respective creators/developers.
Coleção por H3LLxR4Z3R
This collection is an extesive list of the games that (in my opinion) are the most promising to be great indie titles. I've carefully combed through ALL of the Greenlight games up to 5:44 PM 7 Nov. 2013 and MORE will be added to this collection soon.
Favorite Greenlight Titles
Coleção por Nocturne
Games I am looking forward to purchase/play.
Games I Would like to Beta and probably own
Coleção por APadrevics
See the title
Games that are cool
Coleção por ABlindPoet
Cool stuff for cool people
Interesting projects
Coleção por Coprophil
Favourite games
Coleção por Shapaka
Possible Games from Greenlight
Coleção por osandmano
Games that will possibly be worth playing in my opinion.
Jeux favoris
Coleção por Taykou
Game I should get
Coleção por PhuGamer4life
Game in Greenlight that really I should get when it's coming out
Ozymanius' Favorite Games from Greenlight
Coleção por Ozymanius
Some amazing games I have seen on Greenlight and REALLY want to see make it on (Some may already be on).
Yanni's Indie Bundle to Watch !
Coleção por YannEA
Greenlight Gunna Plays
Coleção por steelmagnum01
A collection of Greenlight community games I intend to play..
Awesome game
Coleção por Goracyi
Greenlight Games
Coleção por florian.lauroesch
Alle coolen Greenlight-Spiele, die ich finden kann!
Coleção por aesopn
What game i like
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