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Mapas comunitários. Pela ciência.
Bem-vindo(a) aos Laboratórios da Aperture, o lar da Iniciativa de Testes Perpétuos. Cria, partilha e experimenta facilmente câmaras de teste criadas pela e para a comunidade do Portal 2. Faz a tua parte! Contribui para a Ciência!
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Before GLaDOS
Coleção por Quentin Marical
Coleção por Private
a list of all PHYSIK WITH PORTALS chambers
Sulleneye's Portal 2 Addons
Coleção por Sulleneye
Spiderweb: The Collection
Coleção por 7GE4
A family of maps based on similar logic principles to their prototype, Spiderweb.
Simple Chambers
Coleção por jankkhvej
Simple Chambers Do you know those moments when you download a portal2 custom map, only to get stuck a fev minutes later? This has happened to me multiple times, and I hate when this hapens, so using the fact that i make decent portal2 maps, i
Coleção por 7GE4
Testing chambers that are based on multiple separate rooms, each with its own puzzle elements. For single-room puzzles, check out Monoliths .
JDubb's Portal Maps
Coleção por JDubb
This links all my portal maps together, therefor you don't have to search the workshop for my stuff. I mostly have "Abandoned" series maps, but if you suggest a certain map, I will build it (In the "Overgrown" visual). Also, If you're newer to th
Portal 2 - Great (Tested) CO-OP Maps
Coleção por cypto²
Nyskrte's Co-operative Nightmares
Coleção por Nyskrte
Title is self-explanatory.
Wheatley's Reprisal The Collection
Coleção por Skyferret
A collection of 6 Wheatley themed maps. These maps include test chambers, moving test chambers and BTS themes. Some include factory and underground. Bottomless pits and water for you to fall into. But try not too because that's what Wheatley would want. Me
Single player maps portal 2 for co-op
Coleção por zheka_100500
Single player maps portal 2 for co-op
ALLOS Aperture - Short Maps
Coleção por Anachronistic ALLOS
A collection of my shorter maps, just to have them organized into one place.
Introduction to the Workshop
Coleção por RedSilencer
A collection of well-designed, easy-to-medium puzzles. This collection serves as an entry point for players who are new to the workshop or for aspiring map makers who need some inspiration. These levels have been created over time and are made by recogn
The Inqusition
Coleção por srs bsnss
Set after the awakening of GLaDOS, you are taken through a testing track involving the Matter Inquisition Field - a yellow fizzler that blocks portal shots, and destroys cubes, but doesn't close portals. The puzzles gradually get more difficult as you make
re:Escape From Aperture
Coleção por Anachronistic ALLOS
A remake of my classic series Escape From Aperture, made to look moreso proper than it did before. You are a test subject named Mark Bendest, and you must Escape from Aperture! I spent a long time remaking the Escape from Aperture series as my last
Coleção por Enderlux
https://i.imgur.com/X2wFy4X.png Support me If you like my maps, consider supporting me on patreon: //i.imgur.com/L6zSY4F.png Click here to visit my patreon page! http://i
Diversity Mappack
Coleção por ColorCubeMan
A mappack containing 4 tests in which the player will solve some GLaDOS chambers, escape from her facility and explore the old Aperture Science.
Gelocity Time Trial
Coleção por Radix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel and your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time.
INTO THE MULTIVERSE (an incomplete adventure)
Coleção por Blappeture Executive NO.1
The enrichment centre has worked hard to build the first ever Multiverse Device. However, you are but a mere test subject and are not privy to its sensitive machinery. So it was only natural that when you walked past security and pressed a few buttons when
Minecraft in Portal 2
Coleção por Timoteeei
These maps is my fancy of mixing two great games: Minecraft and Portal 2 Thanks to Geneosis and Dackie_Murphy for the inspiration :3 Check this maps "Minecraft : Crafting System" by Geneosis and "Portal Creeper (Minecraft)" by Duckie Murphy
12 Angry Tests
Coleção por CaretCaret
Part 1: Once Upon a Time… Part 2: Lasers Are a Girl’s Best Friend Part 3: Don’t Eat the Paint Part 4: A Bridge Too Far Part 5: You Put the Fun in Funnel Part 6: A House Divided Part 7: Revenge of the Turret About the map pack: This map pack cons
Designed for Danger Campaign
Coleção por Puddy
|| ABOUT || Designed for Danger (www.designedfordanger.com) is a Portal 2 Campaign that offers eight new levels and 1 to 2 hours of play time. In the campaign, you assume the role of Chell during an early part of Portal 2. This time however, things
Prison Escape (RE-LOADED)
Coleção por BuddyRoach
This is the completely re-made versions of the original flawed Prison Escape Collection I made before. This time, I've ironed out the wrinkles and added some detail to the design.
Aperture Employee of the Moment Award
Coleção por Aperture Laboratories
The Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) is live! Even though most of you will be getting your first sweet taste of test chamber construction today, a lucky few of you have already been beta testing for the last couple of months. An unfair head start? You b
Killing Machine
Coleção por Tmast98
Play as a human found at the end of the Co-op Campaign as Glados attempts to make you into a killing machine..... WARNING: This series contains many spoilers to the end of the Co-op Capaign, and the end of the first DLC, if you do not want these endi
COSMOGONY - The Complete Collection
Coleção por Dʀey
Cosmogony is a 6 part map pack taking place during GLaDOS activation in the Enrichment Center. You are some of the few survivors of the neurotoxin disaster and with some help, you try to find a way out of Aperture. The map pack features custom content, a s
Moonbase Luna-C
Coleção por Catsy
Somewhere in the Multiverse, in another Aperture not too different from ours, an intern working on the Conversion Gel project had a stroke of inspiration: if moon rock is such a great portal conductor, why not open a portal on the Moon and get it ourselves
Coleção por BanJaxe
Set after the events of Portal 2. New Aperture has been left to Decay. The chambers are broken, find your own way out.
Above Aperture
Coleção por La Petite Magicienne
The 12 Days of Aperture
Coleção por |KART| Ezekel
The FCR team proudly presents 'The 12 Days of Aperture'. Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXdKiqJP5Dc Pomeran's Trailer: http://youtu.be/GCd9b68eRbg With Maps From: Pomeran - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085942034/myw
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