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Opprett og send inn nye gjenstander (som hatter, våpen, emblem, støvler og mer) til vurdering for nye innslag i det faktiske spillet. Klikk her for å vite mer.
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The Treasure Sniper
Samling av Kaymon95
Treasure huntin's a good job, mate
Mundy Night Combat
Samling av voynich
There's only two things Mr.Mundy is proficient in: Killing everyone he meets, and the practice of Jarate.
Beastly Boston Bulldog
Samling av Sparkwire
"This boston terrier mascot outfit/hood/pants/gloves have been ripped off some big-mouthed guy's unconcious body, and is now being used as a halloween costume. Oh dont look at me like that, costumes are freakin expensive!"
The Poindexter
Samling av Wowza
Engie's a massive nerd.
Arms Race: Heavy VS Pyro
Samling av VernoGuy
This collections features Arms Race Entries for the Heavy and Pyro. Make sure to upvote all your favourites. Check out the contest website for more information at Also [url=
Kind'a Scary Halloween 2015
Samling av Vap
My little humble collection.
The Cinderin' Timberman 2012 Smissmas Pack
Samling av SgtR007
Pyro has been very naughty, indeed. Includes the Shooting Star (headgear), O 'Todesbaum (miscellaneous) and the Merry Axe-Mas (weapon).
Amateur Alchemist
Samling av RetroMike
Hey kid...wanna learn some magic?
The Crocodile Hunter
Samling av >>--The Heartsman--->
Become the ultimate killing machine.
Seeker of adventures
Samling av Chameleon
-Paintable -Bumpmap -3 LoDs -Team Colors
The Headmann
Samling av JPRAS
The Headmann is here, and he's looking to collect some heads!
ICS TF2 Maps collection
Samling av ICS ✅
This collection contains all the TF2 maps i've made myself or collaborated with. Check out more maps from ICS-BASE.NET If you want to support my journey in making maps, you can buy map stamps or filters f
The Teufort Toymaker
Samling av JPRAS
A set of 2 items for the Engineer based on toymakers.
The Pyrotechnic Heroic
Samling av Pie_Savvy
Perfect for finishing what you started.
Heavy's Coats
Samling av Svdl
One with Camo, one without.
Smissmas 2014 Collection
Samling av RetroMike
A gathering of winter items to warm the heart and your appendages.
Exaggerated Maps
Samling av Vector
This collection contains the ridiculously funny, overly-exaggerated & edited Valve maps in TF2. It will be updated when new maps are discovered in the TF2 Workshop. Now with cp_orange! If you're having trouble with loading maps, look in your
Gray Gauntlet
Samling av Zuko
A project pushing for new updates to a mode that deserves more updates. Aside from making australiums of every weapon in the game, we have a lot of fresh, cool ideas for the mode that we think will breath a whole new life into MvM. For more informati
Fragwürdig Doktor Set
Samling av [RMF]RIKUSYO
Bottle Bottom Glasses is paintable. Dental Trouble is facial flexed.
Workshop Wonderland 2015
Samling av void~
All the submissions to the Workshop Wonderland Community Showcase and Charity Event! Gaze upon the works of the TF2 contributor community from late October 2015 to late December 2015, and support your favorites!
The Carolingian Ruler
Samling av Ernest
"Take that Merovingians !"
A Handsome Devil
Samling av >>--The Heartsman--->
He'll be seeing you.
Heavy Helmsman
Samling av Kowalo
The Sea Saboteur
Samling av nano393
Spies have everything, weapons, gadgets, moms, and many ways to kill you. There is no way to hide from them. It's your oportunity to see how those backstabers can follow you anywhere.
The Terror that Saps in the Night
Samling av Ertz™
"Let's Get Dangerous." Hat with face mask and a coat made for spy
The Cordial Citizen's Cultivated Costume
Samling av A trained chimpanzee
Three-piece Medic set done by me and also the socks were textured and made pretty and stuff by good item maker and all around cool guy Constructor. Go vote for the items or something I guess.
Junkyard Dog
Samling av multitrip
a metal man
Sailing Scout
Samling av [gaussian blurs away]
Uberchain - Idea, concept art, thumbnail borders Py-Bun - Model, Texture, SFM Posters SFM Workshop page: Mods download:
Machine Burner
Samling av goldenjohnson
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