Portal 2
恒久的試験構想の拠点、Aperture Laboratoriesへようこそ。Portal2のコミュニティーによる、コミュニティーのためのテストチャンバーを、気軽に作り、共有し、プレイしてください。あなたの役目を果たしてください! 科学に貢献しましょう!
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Random Shit for Portal 2
コレクション作成者 Daddies’ Cummies
The Aperture Escape Full
コレクション作成者 EXTERMINATE1857
These are all of the aperture escape maps.
ÈThe Cyphersly CollectionÈ
コレクション作成者 MrParadoxxx666*
It's not often that the creator has a chance to access such an easy to use level editor; so when the opportunity arose to flex in a portal level creator, our edgy based test subject just had to contribute. Puzzles are set to coop but can all easily be done
This is the maps that I quite like
コレクション作成者 Trinitrotoluene
read the title
Grand's Puzzle Hell Adventure
コレクション作成者 grand
i saw a bunch of maps and thought, "yeah, i want to suffer through that"
Portal Maps
コレクション作成者 GoIceLin
Expanding Science
コレクション作成者 King
After the events of The Prototypes and The Prototypes 2. Johnny Toast (No purposeful resemblance to any TV, Movie, Book, etc. character) goes Behind The Scenes to be safe from GLaDOS' testing
Atom's Best Tests
コレクション作成者 Atom
These are my best test chambers so far. Hope you enjoy these maps :)
Toute mes salles portal
コレクション作成者 Whoogi
Voici la collection ou je mettrais toute mes créations de salle sur Portal 2 amusez vous bien.
Franken to the Rescue (FTTR)
コレクション作成者 daloboy
You will need your franken friend to get it done!
Turret Academy
コレクション作成者 daloboy
These maps are tutorials for turrets.
Trial by Fire #3 - Connect Four
コレクション作成者 HankyMueller
A collection of puzzles that have been entered into Trial by Fire #3.
Portal 2 Co-Op Maps
コレクション作成者 2BuckChuck
Portal 2 Co-Op maps!
octopus series
コレクション作成者 eeeee48
hard set of portal 2 maps (WIP)
Your Challenge Level Pack
コレクション作成者 DCwhiskey
A collection of all the "Your Challenge" levels, download and enjoy. (Levels are added to this collection constantly, keep check for newer levels.)
My Tests
コレクション作成者 EXTERMINATE1857
This contains all of my portal 2 tests. (certain ones use the bee mod). they take place before "the aperture escape"
Medium Maps
コレクション作成者 Mλrtin200HUN
Portal 2 Co-op Levels
コレクション作成者 Trainbrain16
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